Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never go back to
Please relink me and spread it out for me.
I'll explain what happened later.
This blog is still under "construction"
Wait til I get back to Malaysia, Jane will help me with it.

Please relink me now or click follow.
Take away the link "" is my baby, I don't want to do this.
I've got no choice.
That domain kinda got "stolen" by asshole company.
I will buy it back someday.

Relink and remove


SewFeng :) said...

suport you as usual.. 有小强打不死的精神,与他们对敌! 加油! <3

Ms.Juneesx said...

No worries, your supporters will follow you no matter which domain you use. :)

Support always <3

♥Mickey said...

Chillax, we still supporting you. ;)

Kairyuzai said...

rilex~~we will alwayz support u! Relinked already =)

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