Friday, December 31, 2010



Wow, lovin' my top :)

I'm blogging on my bed now with my eyes burning.
Drinking 100 plus and eating something that tortures my taste bud.
Jane called "Sleeping?"
"No, fever."
"What's up?"
"I found you the Ricoh camera you want!"
Oh yeah, my best friend rulez!

Went for a school trip today to KLCC.
We had to get there ourselves.
I was late for half an hour.
Jane was late for one hour.
Jianie was late for one and a half hour.

And both of them live 5minutes away, dope!
I think I caught a cold because I stood under the rain to take pictures.
Jane, Javene and Jac.

I dont really take care of my skin and it's getting worse.
So, I finally think that I need to do something and Jane never stopped pushing me.
Babe Jianie introduced me a cream, got if from pharmacy today.
I'm going to do a test.
If it works, I'll let you all know.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Got all the pretty colourful lenses from
Barbie Eyeslands

我好朋友-琪要逗我笑,她很煩惱? 啊哈。

Photography class 開始了。
我真的不會用 DSLR,煩惱。
看看上面,對比太大,太壞 (too bad)。

Edited : (很多人叫我小愛) 什麼小愛的,真的有夠後悔,自己都起雞皮疙瘩,惡心死 。



我還能相信些什麼 當承諾和溫柔都被揮霍
剩我一個一個人執著又算什麼 那麼為什麼是我 我真的脆弱

買了Resident Evil,我要看我的温特沃思·厄尔·米勒三世
名字好長,還三世,不管,愛愛 ♥

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowing in my heart

Photo on 2010-12-25 at 00.57 #3

Papa was late, applied more and more cosmetics on my face while waiting.
Simply permed my hair.
First time trying brown eyeshadow, not that bad actually?
Loving my sweet tube top? :)

My sister was camwhoring with my Mackie.
I helped her to make up too!
It was a Christmas celebration without my eldest sister.
Wonder if she feels homesick? Freezing? Should be really beautiful if it's snowing in Japan?
Photo on 2010-12-24 at 19.11 #3

Papa was late because of traffic jam.
Everywhere was congested, it's CHRISTMAS!!!
We were afraid of traffic jam so we didn't go to Kay Elle.
We had Chinese food for Christmas =,=
Jane said "who has Chinese food for Christmas?" LOL.

Warning : A string of camwhored pictures with iPhone4!
Our greatest love, mama Tan ♥

My annoying 2nd sister ♥

Sister and her boyfie!

Hen ai lai.
Boonie likes me dressing up like this :)

Renovation in progress.


My favourite fish, it's called "Sun Hock".
My phone bill for 1 month, lol.


I like this dish. You know why?
I only take the cashew nuts, nice. : p

Then, cafe pub with my parents.

I SPOTTED SHISHA in such place.
I said "daddy SHISHA!"
He said "no! Don't smoke"
I said "pleaseeeeeeeee daddy"
He said "OK!"


I forced my mum to try.
Ahahahahaha, funny!

They gave us free gifts.
Dad thought it was candy.
He opened it and...

Christmas is always great.
I always love Christmas.

How are you? Merry Christmas to you.
Anyway, happy boxing day!!!

Elegant, they said?
Photo on 2010-12-25 at 00.59 #4

Friday, December 24, 2010

DaphChuck ;)

We just showed you what's a phailed vlog, lol.
We tried to make a Mandarin speaking vlog but...phailed...
I stuttered a lot, it didn't go well as we expected, haha.
So sorry, both heads were empty. Lamm mm dou yeh.
We were even lazy to put on make up.
Jane bbmed me "Let's make a video together and sing a Christmas song."
I said alright. She pulled out and claimed that I forced her to sing, tsk tsk tsk.
Eh, Jane, you chicken lah!
Anyways, it was fun fooling around, haha!
This vlog is funny to us, we laughed like mad.
I guess you people don't get our randomness and epic-ness, we're crazy ahaha.
Hope you enjoy it! ;)


Finally started proper first class in college yesterday.
It was fun because of Jane.
We need to form a team to do work.
She said : "Hello, I don't know you."
I said : "Hi, nice to meet you"
She said : "Nice to meet you too, what's your name? Retard?"


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bell's ♥ 19th


♥ Baby Bell had her birthday celebration last Saturday.
It was a girls' night out.
Doreen, Samie, Helen, Estee, Jane and I attended dinner.
Jac couldn't make it to the dinner but of course the after party, haha.
The theme set was "Sex and the City". LOL, no idea how.
Just simply pulled a dress out of my wardrobe.
I bought this for a year but I had never wore it once.
EPIC FAIL, too long.
I pleased my mum to get it to the tailor, made it short.
Looks better isn't it?

Super jam in KL.
Jane and I were late for the dinner.
Celsius in Fahrenheit.

The food is not bad there.

The gorgeous birthday girl, Bell ♥




A surprise before Jane, Samie and I went off.

Hope you enjoyed, darling.

What I like most about this dress.
A sexy Serena-like dress without wearing a bra.

Friday, December 17, 2010

VLOG for December ♥

My vlog was pretty happy, with my bright smile all along =,=
I don't know what made me smile that happily in the video, lol.
Just a very random vlog, some of my thoughts and ideas.
Very impressed with Yvonne Tan's speech, guess she was really stressed up, haha!
Special thanks to her ♥
Friends said that they couldn't hear what was Yvonne saying.
I've added subtitles ;)

Everything done in 1 or 2 takes, so forgive me for the imperfections, lol.
If you're wondering where was I when singing.
I was sitting next to the washing machine because I needed the echo, LOL.
It was dark there!!!
Hope that you enjoyed it (:

I love Christmas.
Stop polluting the wonderful seasonal month, FYL.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chelsea VS Man Utd

Photo on 2010-09-11 at 18.24 #6

The long awaited big game, the rivalry!


This Sunday at 11pm SHARP!!!
Yes, I'm a female, 100% straight and I watch football.
A huge MU fan, of course!
I speak football language, don't believe? Try me, lol.

MU beat Arsenal 1 nil!
You know why? Because GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!! Hahahahaha.
Fantastic goal by Park, thank Nani for the pass.
I know I know, too bad, Rooney missed penalty =,=
And of course, we are on top of the league table.
Leading by 34 points with only 16 games played whereas the others played 17.
Chelsea is going down down down down down.
Forth on the league table with a draw game against Tottenham last few days.
I watch most of the games but when I don't, RSS feeds on iTalk Whoa update me.
There, I talked about it -  "Add my blog to your RSS feeds in iTalk Whoa!"

I hope Chicharito plays and scores.
I hope Rooney scores too.
My 2 favourite MU players ♥

I really can't wait for the big game on this coming Sunday!
I think I'll appear in my sexy MU away 09/10 jersey at Padang Timur PJ, haha.
The LIVE viewing party will have the largest TV screen in S.E.A.
SYOK nyer! Brought to you by TM Everyoneconnects.
Let's see how Chelsea gets owned, OOOPPS!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 things I hate about you

I heard this on the radio today.
They shared about "10 things I hate about you".
Pretty interesting and inspiring.

Not regarding to anybody.
I just made these 10 things up, randomly.

1. I hate you when you lie because it kills me, badly.
2. I hate the way you look at me because it makes me feel lucky and somehow perverted.
3. I hate you for being lazy because when I dress up nicely for you, you never show up.
4. I hate you for the sudden and unexpected kiss on my cheek in the lift because you hate P.D.A.
5. I hate it when you sneak up and grab my waist in the bookstore because you melt me easily.
6. I hate you for hugging and holding me tight, never let go because it makes me feel so weak.
7. I hate it when you disappear, no calls no text messages no nothing.
8. I hate you when you make promises because you never make it.
9. I hate to know that you don't want to give us a chance because you have her.
10. I hate that I don't hate you after all but feeling devastated because you just walked away.

What are the 10 things you hate about him or her?
Do share with me, I would like to read.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love yourself


Hahaha my ex boyfriend surprised me with 9roses after school.
It was our 9th monthsary, lol. Memories, memories...

Ok the point is not the roses nor my ex boyfriend, we moved on :)
But my very long dark black wavy hair.
Wearing that green school uniform, was my biggest nightmare.
Because my life had a big change at that time.

My hair used to be my life, ahaha.
It was so hard to take care of long hair, waste shampoo, waste water, waste money.
That was what my mother said, lol but she misses my long hair now.
I would never cut more than 1 inch, I treasured my hair.
She was shocked when I told her that I wanted to chop it, she advised me not to.
Until the break up, I was so sad.
Gathered all courage, and cut it.
I kept that long pony tail I cut and I threw it away last few days.
Dramas. I cut again.
Heartbreaks. I cut again.
Until I was kinda...numb? I never stopped cutting my hair, lol.
I used to think that cutting hair means a new start, gives me the strength to move on.
Now, that's stupid.
I used to give others more than giving myself.
I used to do everything for people I love.
I used to run away from accepting facts.
I used to be so pathetic.
I used to love people I love more than loving myself.

I used to. I will learn loving myself more before falling.
I am not what I'm used to be. I hope, lol.
I should start living for myself, yayaya!

When I was 16, 17, I had good relationship but it ended.
I felt like it was the end of the world, I expressed my feelings to the adults.
They told me "you're still young, trust me"
I used to think that "you all just don't get it, it hurts a lot, I'm dying"
And now, I'm 18, still young but at least I finally understood what they said, was true.
Young girls always come to me and talk about relationship.
They think my experience was bad enough for me to understand how they feel, lol.
They tell me how bad they are hurt by boyfriends, they can't move on.
I will not tell them "you're still young", I will say "it's a path of life and time heals"
I won't say that love at young age was nothing or is nothing.
It was something and it is still something to me.
I would say it is just that some people experience it early, some experience later.
I couldn't understand "education comes first" when I was in high school.
I bet you don't too. So, family first, my darlings.
Always tell yourself, they just don't worth it because they broke your heart.

Errr...talked so much, what's the point actually?


Because it's not growing anymore :(

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I should be a genius

Photo on 2010-11-27 at 22.38 #3

Means my pet brother will be here.

Oh yea, he is huge and fat now but annoying ok? Haha.
My mum bought him GAP shirts, hello, very unfair!
I bought him Transformer set of stationery, so expensive.
And he asks for a toy helicopter. Spoiled =,=

Mum always complains about my messy room, she can't stand my wardrobe.
She thinks it's overloaded which I think the more the merrier, lol.
She always nags me until I get so bored about it.
Decided to clean my room that day...

Not very messy actually, lol.



The tidiest corner I could find, lol.
My babies, of course, well taken care of.

I didn't know what to throw, what to keep.
So I just got myself a big rubbish bag.
The biggest rubbish bag I've seen so far. Reached my chest.
I just threw everything away.

Found a booklet of a church camp I went on.
I've known April for about 7years, wow.
She always liked to be the center of attraction in class.
With her spaghetti top, mini skirt, shorts, sun glasses in class, HAHA!
I hated her because I think she paid no respect to the teachers and the church.
I used to be the specky nerd sitting in a corner, and kept silent hahaha!
She said "lol. it was fun making fun of nerds.. until u turn hot lol. then i become your fren! :p"
It's just fate. I think I know her well.
I love her as a sister, this will never change.

And finally.
My lil corner. Clean and simple.
Friends complained about the torn MU sticker on my laptop.
I tore it off and replaced a small one in the middle ;)
I have no special preference for pink but it all happened to be pink.

Served me for years.
Too comfortable to just throw it away.
Red paint can't be washed away.

So, my hand got itchy.
And I customized it!
CUT. Not too short.

Fold it up.

Lil design ;)
Cut and scrub it.
It's another pair of new jeans!

Forgive me for my obsession with Prison Break recently.
I had my Prison Break marathon, finished 20 episodes in about 20hours straight.
Keeping the last 2 episodes for tonight because I haven't found season 3 yet.
I stumbled across a video where Sara and their baby walked pass Michael's grave :(
OMG, that's like so sad, I couldn't sleep that night thinking about it, lol.
Can they have season 5 and revive Michael? :(
My brain is too complex, breaks down every single sensitive stuff.
Why am I not a genius? I should be a genius since I have the ability to think so much?
Why can't I be like Michael? Why ah? Why can't I break down about a screwdriver in a table, lol.
My mind controls me, I can't control my mind, that's stupid, lol!

I don't deny that Wentworth Miller was the main attraction of this series.
But I get so enthusiastic because I think the writer has a sick brain.
He plays with our mind, I want to know what happens next.
All of you finished watching right? So good isn't it?
Imma roll now, bye! ;)