Tuesday, November 30, 2010

18 ways to bust up


Dang, so hot.
I can only look when I pass by :(
Every girl's dream, lol.

This is a very obscene post, errrk, I typed it.
So do make use of this post and my hard work, just for you girls.
Used a long time to complete this post.
Tried my best to find ways that really work.
Need to do some surveys, ask my friends about the ways they tried.
HOW TO BUST UP and how to "enhance your assets".
Everyone is different physically.
Some ways might work for you, some might not.
Like for me, when I have period.
I feel like every body part of mine EXPANDS.
Especially the upper part, *expanding is not fun but painful.
My stomach will expand too, like I'm pregnant.
For some of my friends, they look fatter when they have period.

1. Take more seafood.
Seafood is a rich source of protein and minerals.

2. Take more eggs.
Egg yolk really works for some of my friends.
I love eggs but I seldom take egg yolk, I take egg white.
And that's why............... :(

3. Take more beans when you're having period.
Eat different types of beans and raw nuts perhaps?
Drink soya bean.

4. Take papaya (papaya+milk)
I've never tried this before, I think it's disgusting.
And I don't take papaya at all.
Some of my friends said it's effective.

5. This is a weird one, KIWI FRUITS.
It works for my friend =,=

6. Drink milk.
I used to drink milk everyday! :(

7. F CUP cookies.
Works for some of my friends.
Some other said F CUP cookies make them gain weight and pimples, lol.

8. Seek for professional help in beauty centres.
Do it the natural way, no surgery please.
As in acupunture, treatments.
Remember we had slumber party over Val's studio room last year.
A friend of ours, a professional beautician.
She helped all of us to massage =x
Plus I had period the second day.
The next morning, "OMG!"
It didn't last and this is the most extreme I could go.

9. Massage.
Link to the previous one.
This, you do it yourself at home.
Before you get out from your bathroom.
Adjust to super cold water.
Not to bath with cold water but to massage "them" with cold water.

10. Plastic surgery.
Don't do it!

11. Get a boyfriend.
I have many open-minded friends and also Caucasian friends.
When I asked them about this, they will tell me "just get a boyfriend!"
Not going to elaborate more about this because I can't agree with this way.
Maybe it helps. How? Find it out yourself but I do not encourage, lol.

12. Take collagen.
You can get it in pharmacies.
But please consult the pharmacists there before purchasing.

13. Apply bust gel.
Consider before taking the risk of having the side effects.
Have no idea about the side effects but a friend tried it, it works.
Find the right product, I guess?

14. Yoga / Exercise.

Ways to enhance.

15. Wear a right bra.
Consult the professions.
I have a friend who has D/E cup but she didn't know until she visited XIXILI.
She was always wearing a B cup. SO FUNNY.

16. Take pictures with the best angle.
I don't know how, you'll have to figure it out yourself.
I meant, if you want to, do it in a smart way, else it only makes you look stupid.

Ok, for myself.
I tried some ways.
The most effective ways for me are

17. Eating cheese / cream.
Have been lazy to blog because I keep going out to stay in a good mood.
I keep eating and eating and eating nice food = $$$$$$$ :(
I have this spaghetti addiction recently, mostly carbonara.
I take spaghetti, cheese continuously for 5 days.
Yes, I gained weight but I also see the 'effect" too.
Look at the cheese and cream amount I'm taking, urgh.
I need them, I want to be HOT!
I'm working out, give me some time!

The easiest way.
Yes, I do wear it! Nothing to be ashamed of.
And I don't understand why would I wear such a short dress. My bad, sorry.

I hope this post helps you to find your way.
Every girl dreams to be, ermmm, almost perfect.
There is no ugly woman but lazy woman on Earth.
Tell me if you like this or you have other ways you want to share.
Do leave me a comment ;)
Start working out because it gets less effective for those who passed puberty.
Haih, I've already passed puberty period, lol I'M OLD :(
I already typed everything I know here and I'm not google.com.
So if you have more question, please surf www.google.com :)
Still, inner beauty matters ya. Peace out! ♥