Thursday, October 23, 2014

Straight and Purple

My friends and I attended the media launch of Sunsilk Perfect Straight last Tuesday.
It was a successful launch and it was also a fun and interactive event.
The dress code for the day was purple, everyone went purple for Sunsilk Perfect Straight!
Another cool thing is that we all came with straight hair.
It's one of the things girls can agree on, straight hair makes anyone feel beautiful and confident.
Sunsilk proudly unveiled Sunsilk Perfect Straight that keeps hair beautifully straight
and aligned as it dries.

Cherrie and I teamed up because we wore the same shade of purple!

Just having fun snapping pictures before the launch began.

It started with a speech by Miss Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director of Unilever Malaysia.
With Sunsilk Perfect Straight, they hope to empower women and inspire them
to enjoy life with confidence that comes with beautiful, straight, healthy hair.

Sunsilk introduced Perfect Straight with a mini play and dance.
This mini play brings the proposition of achieving straight hair with just one wash to life.
I was extremely entertained and impressed.

Then, followed by a hair showcase featuring girls flaunting their beautiful locks
of varying lengths down the runway, perfected with Sunsilk Perfect Straight.

A demonstration was also carried out to show us the result of a hair wash
using and without using Sunsilk Perfect Straight.
There was a noticeable difference on the model's hair.
Her hair was really straighter after using Sunsilk perfect Straight.

Teaming up with straight hair expert Yuko Yamashita to achieve best result for straight hair.
Boasts of the advanced formula with Straight Lock TechnologyTM 
that penetrates deep into hair fibre, reduce frizz and holds every strand aligned as it dries.

Draw as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds on the Sunsilk Perfect Straight app.
Then, write the most creative slogan about Sunsilk Perfect Straight.
Easy work, you're done, wait for good news!

10 top scorers with most creative slogans will win RM100 cash vouchers and Sunsilk products,
Grand prize winner gets to enjoy one night stay for two at the Grand Hyatt KL,
RM300 shopping vouchers and Sunsilk products!

I played the game thrice and won freebies!

 You just need to draw lines and unleash your creativity to win these goodies.
Thank Sunsilk's passion in helping girls achieve beautiful hair with awesome add-on like this (:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Watch my music handshake!

Unbox your life for fun!
Life is awesome when you unbox the fun side of it.

Everyone is familiar with Chipsmore.
Who hasn't tried Chipsmore before?
Chipsmore is a cookie brand that inspires consumers to see more of the fun side of life.
I stumbled across this "Chipsmore Don't Do It! Unless You're Awesome" contest.
Oh well, I am pretty awesome.
So, I had to join this contest, haha!

Ok, here is how it works.
This contest consists of three challenges.
1. The Super Cool Secret Handshake.
 2. The Extraordinary Chore Exercise.
3. The Wacky In-Sync Dance.
Each user is allowed to submit multiple videos per challenge.
User can only win one prize per challenge.

Just the other day, my singing partner Kang Er and I were just practicing in the studio.
Living our mundane life.
Suddenly, I thought of this contest.
I was like "hey, bro, let's do something fun and awesome!"
Kang Er was holding his guitar.
I was learning to play the song "Kiss Me" on the ukulele.
Well, why not do a handshake which involves music? Lol.

Hahahaha, it was funny, it was interesting.
The whole studio was abruptly filled with laughter.
How did we do? Not too bad hey? (:
 Thanks to "Chipsmore Don't Do It! Unless You're Awesome" contest
for reminding how awesome normal routine can be!

The top 50 videos with the most views from each challenge will be shortlisted.
The most creative entries will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
There will be 1 grand prize winner per challenge and
2 Consolation/Special awards per challenge.

The prizes are as below:
Grand prize: Sony Playstation 4 + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (1 for each challenge)
Consolation prize : Asus Fonepad + 1 year supply of Chipsmore (2 for each challenge)

 I've never won anything in my life.
Please let me win something with my music handshake :D
Submission closes on 8th November 2014.
So, hurry up, I challenge you!!!
Go to to find out more!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Do you say I love you easily?

You know what?
Sometimes I don't like telling people what I do and that I'm a blogger.
Bloggers often get judged as superficial, materialistic, "do not have a real job" and "living the life".
My life is high profile but trust me, I try to be as low profile as I can be.
I'm not a fashion blogger even if I want to be one.
I'm not a travel blogger either, more a lifestyle blogger.
Someone called me a writer...
I was happy, hahaha, so happy to be called a writer.
When people ask me what do I blog about, I say.. my life.. just my life, nothing special.
When people ask for my blog address, I refuse to tell, cause my blog is so freaking personal.
I feel embarrassed and exposed.
Ahhhh, you won't get it!
Blaaaa, what am I talking about, I'm a blogger.
It's public, everyone gets to see it, duh.

Anyway, I guess I should give myself more credit.
Next time when someone asks me what do I blog about.
I'm going to say that I'm a lifestyle blogger who writes about life and relationships ;)
Macam yes kan? Okeh, ons.

Tonight's talk.
Do you say I love you easily?
This happened to my Aussie girl friend, it sorta inspired me.
She has been seeing this guy for a while.
They click so well, so much in common, they like each other a lot.
You don't have to go near them to feel the chemistry.
He makes time to see her, he sees her whenever he can.
He makes her very happy, he makes her laugh.
Girl made guy promise that he won't say "I love you" before he's sure about it.
Girl also promised that she is not going to say those three words easily.
One night, this guy sent her home.
She was rushing to get out of the car without thinking much.
She uttered "thanks for today, good night, please drive safe, I love you".
 Oh shit, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.
Thinking "what the hell did I just say?"
"I didn't mean it, I meant, not I don't mean it but I just... it's... I... shiiiiiiet."
She shut the door without giving the guy a chance to say anything and paced fast.
He winded the car window down, gave her a very cheeky smile.
"Hey, I will pretend that I didn't hear it."

Lol, that was cute.

Do you say I love you easily?
Hmmm, I used to say it a lot, I'm a pretty expressive person when it comes to... love.
You know, sometimes you treasure someone, you want to let him/her know.
"I love you" seems... less meaningful now because people say it too easily.
Ok, you say "I love you" because you mean it, yeah I know.
You can say it very often but you shouldn't say it too easily.
"I love you" is not a promise but think about it, it kinda is.
No idea, it's just a dangerous phrase.
Sometimes we forget how we FELT about what we said so soon, so soon...
You get it?
Sometimes we forget how we feel about what we say so soon.
Don't get it? Read it again.
Sometimes we forget what we feel when we say something that feels special, we forget so soon.
You might have felt it last week but you might not feel it the next week.
So, why, why say it easily?
Why risk breaking people's heart?

Well, here comes the contradiction again.
Sometimes, it's just hard to be controlled.
Sometimes, it's uncontrollable.
My friend just let the 3 words slipped without even meaning to say them.
The 3 words just slipped, not because she didn't mean it.
She meant it, she adores the guy but she didn't mean to say it out loud.
Yet, she just said it, naturally, involuntarily, it's reflexive.
What can I say?
Love is in the air?
You can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.
You just feel it.
She tried to suppress it but...
Love 1 : 0 My friend

有時候不要太執著 順其自然
Sometimes you wonder, you keep restricting yourself to feel, to accept what you feel...
Is it self protection or is it just your ego?
Put your ego down, let yourself feel it.
It might be something real and wonderful.

Best wishes to both, xx.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Just a day before.

*Before you start thinking I'm being disrespectful to put this up publicly,
you should know that KX sees this more openly than I do and they have my utmost respect*

One of my closest friends, KX just lost her beloved mother.
I address her mum as Mizi because KX likes to invent nicknames for everyone.
I don't know since when everyone starts addressing her mum as Mizi.
 The day before this happened, KX and I were chatting away happily.
We are complete idiots when we are together.
She's crazy, she's really crazy, she has got an attitude but thank God she's likable.
Everyone pampers her so much, she's grateful that she's likable, lol.
3 in the morning, we were both still snapchatting.
Then, I got the shocking text late at night.
I couldn't compose myself, I thought she was playing some prank on me.
I called my mum right after I received the shocking text.
I told her that I'm thankful she's healthy and that I love her.
I mumbled it though, I don't know if she heard it.

She's a bubbly girl, she smiles and laughs a lot.
I showed up at her place to pay Mizi respect.
The moment she saw me, she cried so bad.
Oh my, my heart hurts so bad, I didn't know what to say.
I just hugged her and said I'm sorry.

Fate brought us together, I guess.
It was the first day in a private school.
I changed school all the time and I was kinda sick of making new friends.
I was standing right outside my classroom, no make up on, wearing my specs.
KX passed me by and said
"You're the blogger Daphne, wtf are you doing in my school?"
Lol, that's so KX because she's straight forward like that, haha.
"Oh, I just transferred here to study."
"Let's do lunch later."
Well, sure, that was easy.
It was a pretty tough time and I was moving house as well.
My mum used to travel 40minutes everyday to send me to school.
KX offered to let me stay in her home for the time being.
Surprisingly, Mizi welcomed me with open arms.
I guess Mizi thinks that I'm a good influence but I'm actually not.
Well, I probably influenced her to wear dress and be more girly, lol.
Mizi is really gracious, she's really nice and she seems like she has got no temper.
*Mizi stalks my Instagram, how cute, haha!
She spoils KX a lot and KX is a brat, ok, was a brat.
I always nagged KX, to appreciate everything.
She rebellious but she loves her mum a lot, we all know that.
They are really close, their mum and daughter relationship is really good.

Mizi was sick.
Everyone didn't see it coming.

I cried pretty bad this morning, my eyes are still hurting.
KX cried so so so bad, it was so hard to watch, so hard for me to watch.
I couldn't do anything to help, I could only offer company, just standing there.
You know that kind of loud crying with feet stomping and collapsing to the ground.
She was hurting so bad and she said her heart's hurting so bad.
We know, sweetie, we know, it's hurting.
I'm sorry.

What's even saddening.
A man weeping.
Her dad was in so much pain.
I can't imagine. I cannot imagine.

Life... life is such a pain in the ass.
People say appreciate before it's too late.
Sometimes even if you appreciate something, life would still screw you up.

I pray for the Lew family.
I hope they recover very soon.
Mizi will always be remembered and missed.
Her graciousness will always be remembered.
I'm not really close with Mizi but there was a connection there.
Dedicating this post to KX and thank you Mizi for teaching me so much.
I hope she knows that and I hope she knows we will try our best to take care of KX.
I don't know if KX will read this, I wish she doesn't because I don't want her to be sad.
I wish she does because I want to let her know that she and Mizi are loved.
Rest in Peace, Mizi.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trust me, take oats!

Am I a morning person? Yes.
Am I a breakfast person? Yes.
I don't have the time to make "complicated" breakfast because I take too long getting ready.
I like everything fast, easy, nutritious and tasty.
My breakfast is the same everyday - hot nutritious drink with biscuits or cereals.
The important thing to me is that they ALL have to be oats or whole grain products.
I have the skinny gene running in my family.
Somehow, I think that taking oats actually helps maintain my healthy but slim body.
People often ask how do I keep fit, I don't, well, I guess now I know how.

Nestle Nestum is Malaysia's most well known hot cereal brand.
Yes, I take Nestum 3 in 1 every morning and sometimes before bed.
It is the perfect choice that nourishes and uplifts my body and mind everyday.

I was really happy when I was invited to join Nestum More Cereal More Life Zumba session.
It's a fun Zumba session with professional instructors.

The instructor did the Nestum tune and tummy tapping dance, haha!
I've seen it on TV and online.

 What a great activity that got everyone involved.
Everyone loves the Zumba session!

You can find out more about Nestum Truck's location here.
It might be at the park near your residential area (:
They give out Nestum 3 in 1 samples and you can purchase limited edition Nestum Packs!

Oh, I would not miss this chance.

I take Nestum 3 in 1 at home.
It has the goodness of whole wheat, corn and rice.
I didn't know there are also Honey and Chocolate flavours.
I really liked the honey one, I was thinking honey is good for my throat, lol.
I got home and  I told my mum about it, so she can buy different flavours in the future, haha.

Breakfast is important, don't skip breakfast.
Make a cup of Nestum 3 in 1 every morning.
Let the nutrients fill you up!
No more grumpy and hungry mornings (: