Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Daphne Charice - Habits (Tove Lo)

My favourite hoodie to wear when I'm sick, lol.
Look at the breakouts man, lazy to edit.
Authentic unedited photobooth picture, lol!

It seems like I've been falling sick easily since last year.
It's totally different this time.
It was really sudden and there were no symptoms at all.
I'm that type who doesn't like going to the doctor.
Just let my own immune system fight, that's what it's for.
I always just let it recover on its own.
This time is pretty fancy.
I got a virus infection, so fancy, a virus infection.
I thought that virus infection is a fancy name for having a fever, lol.

So yeah, I thought it was just a fever, caught a cold or something.
I went to bed early, drank water, peed throughout the whole night, lol.
I thought it'd be better but I woke up with a swollen face.
Man, scared the crap outa me, I sure didn't experience a swollen face before today.
My body was burning, especially my face.
So, I kept drinking water, did a SKII mask, lol, just to cool myself down.
It wasn't helping.
The lymph node thing, learnt a thing or two from biology in high school.
My jaw was swollen and I was in pain.
Ahhhh, that's what you get taking your body for granted, agony.

Just only finished my last antibiotic.
Don't seem to have recovered yet, mainly because I haven't been resting.
I've been out everyday.
Project Space turned 5 months old, we had a dinner together.
We never celebrated since Space opening.
So, I got this dinner thing planned before I fell so sick.
I also planned to sing in Space with Kang Er on my birthday week but I don't think it's happening.
Went to see Martin Garrix because I promised my friends.
Didn't have quality rest, that's why I'm recovering slow.

My throat is sore and I haven't stopped coughing.
It was so bad that I coughed till 6 in the morning and missed a morning run with Jane and Ash.
Ahhhh, sickness, it does kinda freak me out now.
Plus the idea of not being able to sing......
It feels like my vocal cords have been permanently damaged, lol.
Being sick, being unable to do anything at all.

Lol, typed this yesterday but didn't publish it.
Today I got home, I felt like making a song cover.
Yeh, my throat is still super sore but....
Idk, whatever, keep it real, lol.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

GBGTV x Bifesta Video Shoot

I don't know what Ashley and I were doing, lol.
We like to fool around and live in our own world.
Especially during photoshoot or videoshoot, we get plenty of time, haha.

Shot a video for Bifesta last month.
Had lotsa fun doing it because GBGTV girls are at it again.
Believe it or not, the GBGTV team sits down and brainstorms before shooting every video.
It really isn't simple.
I was so happy that Jane and I proposed these ideas, everyone accepted it.
This is what GBGTV does, I want girls to relate to us, I don't want to just shoot a commercial.

Everyone notices my signature wing eyeliner.
Hahaha, I can't live without my eyeliner, it's crucial for me, lol.
For my character, I got this idea for being real.
Yup, this is me, it's not easy to get even/perfect eyeliner on both eyes.
You know how when the eyeliner on your left eye is done perfectly but the one on the right eye...

This Bifesta Eye Make Up Remover is no joke.
It's colorant free, fregrance free, preservative free.
It contains hypoallergenic formulation which is suitable for everyone to use.
I need to emphasize that it is WATER-BASED.
I like my remover water-based.
Very quick and effective, I didn't even have to rub.
So, I wouldn't have to spoil my whole make up just because I made a small mistake.
It can be used on lips as well.

Ashley's part was hilarious.
I thought of this idea and I couldn't stop laughing.
When we were cooking up this story board, Ashley was in Taiwan.
I texted her and I said "I have a perfect role for you to play, super funny!"
She was like "don't sabotage me".
Result came out good, no script at all, in just one take, she completed her part.
Of course, we used the products before shooting this video.
So, we know how the products work, hahaha!

Let's just watch it here.
Can't wait to bring more good stuff to everyone!
Always stay tuned to GBGTV! (:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diary : 13.05.2015

Hey, guys!
I apologize for not being active.
I haven't done the book reviews I wanted to do.
Also, I haven't edited my The Script and Charli XCX video for April.
My macbook is dying. You have served me well for five years, little apple.
Thinking of getting a new macbook but it's so expensive, sigh.
It seems like there are so many things I want to do but there is so little time.
Even if I get the time off, I just want to watch Kardashians, lol.
The other night, I got home after a whole day being out.
I watched 3 episodes of KUWTK, lol lol lol, don't judge me.
I just want to sit and do nothing sometimes.
When HBO doesn't play anything I like, I watch KUWTK.
It's always on when I turn the TV on, lol.
Coincidence...... or not... lol.

Hey, it's my birthday month.
I was thinking that I should do something.
Celebrate it for two weeks or for the whole month.
You know, just to be happy and enjoy life to the max.
I just checked the calender and I realized half of May is gone.
NOOOOOOOO, time is moving too fast, it's so ridiculous!
Ahhh, I'm not that type who likes high profile celebrations anyway.
Meh, not my thing.
I usually do Chinese dinner with my girl friends.
Some years I didn't even celebrate because I spent them in Aussie, lol.

Should get wasted this year.
Lol, I said that for years and I haven't done it.
It's time, I guess ;)

 Oh ya, I really want to cut my hair.
Should I?
Thinking of going back to blonde.
Should I?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Charli XCX Live in Singapore

Feeling so lucky, so grateful.
It has been a great week.
Being able to go to concerts to see talented artistes and great brands playing.
Just saw The Script, then Charli XCX and it's Thirst tomorrow!
Malaysia is picking up, not too bad but still not as good as Singapore.
Charli XCX didn't come to Malaysia but she went to Singapore.
I learnt something after missing Ed Sheeran's first ever + tour.
I didn't go to Ed Sheeran's first concerts in Aussie, biggest regret ever.
That's why I flew thousand miles to Aussie to see Kodaline, their first tour closest to me.
And it's also why I didn't want to miss Charli XCX's first Asia tour.
Thanks to Warner Music Malaysia for hooking up.
Thank you for appreciating my enthusiasm in music, lol.

 Arrived at Hard Rock Hotel in the evening.
Not a pleasant experience.
We could only check in at 3.30pm.
You need to pay to watch movies in your room.
There's no free internet at all, you'll have to pay for internet.
The hotel room rate really isn't cheap, hmmmmmm.
It's triple the price of so many good hotels I've stayed in Singapore.

Ok, back to my great mood after checking in.

I started to get ready because we were all scheduled to meet Charli XCX at 5:30pm.
I was super excited, I actually picked out outfit to maych Charli XCX's style.
Don't think I was anywhere close to her punk style.
Well, at least I tried! :D

Crop top and white denim skirt.
Kinda got inspired by watching Charli XCX's music videos!
White denim skirt gave me that 80's 90's feeling, no idea why.

Oversized denim jacket and red lips!!!

Charli XCX dresses colourfully.
I played safe, not as daring and as badass as her.
She's so cool, such a badass, wish I was as "fierce" as she is.

Again, I tried, hahaha.
Paired with striking blue Air Max 1 Ultra Moire.

Make up check.

We waited with the fans of Charli XCX from Singapore and Malaysia.
Everyone was nervous and excited.
I was trying if my camera was working fine.
I don't want to repeat the same mistake again.
Starring at Ed Sheeran and took a selfie with shaky hands.
Oh well, again, my hand was shaky but hey, not complaining! 
Still a legendary picture with Charli XCX.

When Charli XCX, everyone's expression was like this O_O
She just swung in really casually, "hello guys!".
She has got that "fierce" and confident attitude but friendly and nice, down to earth.
Super admirable.

Charli XCX with the crew from Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore.

Charli XCX's live performance is as great as her recordings.
It's crazy, she hit every single high note.
She's very very very energetic on stage and she's so "fierce".
 She rocked the stage with her punk and daring style.
It's really hard to put it in words.

Check that stance!

Her style is extremely unique.
I'd describe her music as pop punk, electropop, indietronica.
Reminds me of Avril Lavigne in the older days, lol.
A little bit of Britney Spears, kinda think she sounds like Gwen Stefani though.

If I were to choose a favourite song from Charli XCX,
I'd pick "Fancy", do you guys know that she wrote that song?
"Boom Clap" is the most epic song!
I like "Doing It" too, very catchy.
"Superlove" is one of my favourites.

She is also the support act for Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Paramore and more.
She's only 23, I'm 23.
What am I doing here again?

Finally took her shades off.
She's drop dead gorgeous.

My favorite song BoomClap by Charli XCX, you get your own ringbacktone
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Music Talk : Chaos and the Calm, James Bay

Been pretty busy and it's kinda hard to balance out.
Haven't done the book reviews I wanted to do.
I read 4books last month, quite crazy.
I always read till 5 in the morning, then I wake up at 9am to start my day.
April has been great.
I've been great.
My friends always tell me to love myself more.
I think I'm doing it pretty well.
Been spending so much on food and sneakers.
Food and sneakers make me happy, haha.
Seeing my friends being happy makes me happy too!

I'm flying off to Singapore tomorrow for CHARLI XCX!!!
Woohoooooooooo, so excited.
Haven't packed my bags yet, ahhhhhh...
Active on music.
Been listening to new music, new albums.
Went to The Script's concert on Sunday.
Omg, mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing.
My emotions are still not settled yet.
Will blog about it!

Today, I introduce to you - James Bay.

He's British, I realized that I really like Brit music.
I like so many of the Irish bands, English bands, English artistes.
James Bay's music is definitely my cup of tea.
The first song I've ever heard from him was "Hold Back The River".

For me, I like to watch live performances.
I like to listen to live performances more than recordings.
So, whenever I discover something I like.
I'll browse through their live performances.
James Bay's talent is impressive.
He sings live well, great vocal.

My favourite song from him will be "Let It Go".
Very sentimental, very emotional.
The strings though...
The electric guitar tune, it got me hooked to this song.

"If You Ever Want To Be In Love" sounded a little Tom Odell-ish to me.
"Scars" and "Move Together" are good too.
Ahhhh, "Best Fake Smile" is really good as well.
Gotta check his album, it's good.
He's going to be huge this year.
Sick talent!