Friday, April 18, 2014

Travel to Perth

Hello, I'm going talk a little bit about travelling to Australia.
1. You need to get your tourist visa, you have to apply for it online.
They charge a fee of $20, so it's about RM60.
Tourist visa lasts for a year but you can't exceed your stay of 3 months in Australia.

 2. You can proceed with purchasing air ticket.
I got my air ticket about 6 hours before the flight time.
Malaysia Airlines was too expensive, so I went with Air Asia.
Perth is located closest to Malaysia compared to Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney+.
RM1500 is considered cheap, goes up to RM2000 and more, two ways.
Sometimes, there's sale, I get it for RM1000.
Ahhhh, I'm promoting Air Asia!
They should sponsor me as their exclusive travel blogger, lol.

The plane was empty, literally empty.
It was a morning flight, I didn't sleep the whole night, I had to pack.
I was so happy, I got 3 seats all for myself!

 3. Fill in the immigration card properly.
I'll advise you not to bring food but if you do, declare it.
Make sure you don't bring food without a proper packaging or labels.
There's this box on the card asking you if you brought food, if you did, you tick yes.
If you do not understand the questions on the card, get someone to help you at the airport.
I watch too much "Border Security", am really mindful of this, don't want to get into trouble.
When the immigration officer asked me, "do you have any food to declare?"
I doubted myself for a while, just to be sure, "is chewing gum ok?"
Lol, cause I was chewing one, she laughed and said "of course it is."

My travelling essentials.

 I slept for four hours on the plane.
Constantly changing positions, my head was hanging, my mouth was wide opened.
I was really tired ok, I needed those hours of sleep, lol.
Thank goodness, I decided to wear contact lens.
Cause I was thinking, I would read if I couldn't sleep.
My spec is really heavy and it bothers me when I read.
Thank goodness x2, I had my eyeliner on and got my brows done.
Cause SOMEBODY RECOGNIZED ME and came to talk to me.
He was like "you pretty much slept through the whole flight"
I wanted to dig a hole and put my head in, super embarrassing, lol.

My super dehydrated look and that's my favourite food to eat on the plane.

A while before landing.

Welcome back to Perth.

Don't think this post is helpful but...
Errmmmm, more to come?
Kthxbai. Hahahaha.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday in Perth

Look at my brows and hair, hahaha.
It's ok, Lorde said flaws are ok.
It was a day after Kodaline's concert, I was exhausted from the flight and the excitement.
Washed my hair, found that I didn't bring a comb, dang.
Brushed my brows a lil and did my eye line as usual.

It's crazy how I can wake up really early in here but I really needed more sleeeeeeeeep.
We were having a home drinking session that night.
So, we got out early to get some groceries, Terina was going to make finger food.

Next stop? Of course the liquor store.

Wonder how it looks like inside?
Hahaha, oh yeah, this is probably only 1/3 of the store.

It's not summer, it's autumn now but the weather is hot like summer!
So hot, I love it.
Well, everyone needs a short break.

Ok, had to go in before getting sun burnt.
Look at that groggy face, lol.

Terina is pretty much good at everything, just anything.
She doesn't buy finger food, she makes them, gahhhh...
 They brought me to the Oriental mart because I'm very "Asian".
I was like "I just came from Malaysia, lol, and I miss Aussie food, so feed me the Aussie way!"
Super Ring is irresistible though.

She makes her own recipe of sausage rolls.
A mix of different types of sausage meat.

Seasonings, spices, whatever magic she did to the meat, lol.

Well, you know, I was just sitting there, offering some mental support, haha.

-Commercial break-
Then, I took some time off offering mental support.
I went outdoor and made a song cover, lol.
If you haven't watched it, there you go, hahahahaha.

 Btw, they tasted fantastic.
Cheers to you, mate, you're awesome, I love you
Potato pizza and sausage rolls.

Jamie's friends came over.
Terina and I enjoyed our alone time drinking "juice".
My blog is children-friendly, so no picture for this part, lol.

Have a great week, people.

Friday, April 11, 2014

All I Want - Kodaline (Cover by Daphne)

We are having a home drinking party tonight.
I thought I was going to blog about the preparation for the night.
Too bad that I suck at cooking.
The superwoman, Terina did everything... as usual.
I'll blog about it tomorrow (if I have time).

Hahaha, I didn't help and also decided to make a song cover, wth.
Such an unhelpful friend, lol.

Yup, I went to Kodaline's concert last night.
I'm not going to blog about it until I get home.
Ughhhhh, it was sooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD.
I wish they had more shows in here.

I actually wanted to make a song cover of "Big Bad World".
Some of you asked me to make a cover of "All I Want", now there you go.
It didn't sound right to me without harmonization.
So, I added some harmonization to it.
It's my first time harmonizing, it's probably bad but please give me a chance, haha.

I don't sing with skill because I have none, lol but I sing with emotions.
Hope you like it :)
Video quality is quite bad because I used my macbook's webcam, easier for me.
Now, I'm going to have some drinks! See ya!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Late night thoughts, music or no music?

I can't sleep just thinking about Kodaline, I know, wth right?
Kodaline is a band from Ireland, I've fallen deep in love with their music recently.
I have a big thing for Irish and Brit acts, I love their music.
Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Birdy, The Script and more.
(Not to forget Jay Chou, Bruno Mars, Lorde, Christina Perri++)
Of course, my number one will always be Ed Sheeran, he's British....-Irish mix.
OMG, I really do have a thing for Irish and British.

I only got this obsession with Ed Sheeran started since last year.
When he wasn't THAT famous (famous but wasn't that famous), he went to Aussie.
Yeh, I was there, I listened to him on the radio, with Passenger.
I do not understand why I didn't freaking go to his shows, it's beyond my comprehension.
I was too busy with work, with earning money, with school that I missed the wonderful things.
Btw, Ed Sheeran is releasing new single tomorrow, I CAN'T WAIT.
I typed a long post about how excited I am but I didn't publish it.
Finally, finally, a new full album from him, releasing on June, I'm so stoked.

My type of man, it's all about what's within, he's so my type...

Last I checked, Kodaline was in New Zealand.
Then, they went to Sydney, I checked the tour dates and venues.
I really did check and I only saw Sydney, I didn't know they were touring in Aussie.
My friend went to their show in Melbourne and so I "dug" deeper.
The last two shows will be in Adelaide on 8th April and Perth on the 10th.
I really want to go see them because I'm afraid that I might not have a chance to if I miss this one.
Just like how I missed Ed Sheeran and I die to watch him now.
Kodaline will be going to Japan before returning to the UK/Ireland.
If I don't watch Kodaline now, I'm afraid that I might have this regret haunting me again.
Plus, they are playing small venues now, they are a new band starting out.
I get to watch them up close, get to experience before they become a HUGE thing in very near future!

Ed Sheeran is touring the UK on October.
I sooooooooooo want to go to UK but I know that I can't afford it.
Not this year, not anytime soon, I don't even know if I can ever afford to go to the UK.
UK has always been my number one dream place to go to.
I do like the Western culture but what I like most is Brit music.
I love music, I can't live without music, music that I like, I drown in it.
I have such strong passion for music that I would travel just for live performances.
I don't know man, I just love music.
I love the type of music that I like, indie, indie rock, acoustic, pop.
Sometimes, I think I'm very 'mainstream', I like mainstream music.
But some said I'm hippie for the type of music I like.

Then, I realized that the music scene in Malaysia doesn't offer what I like, what I want.
We do not have the crowds like other countries.
Rave was finally starting in Malaysia and is now banned, come, I clap for you.
The radio isn't playing songs that I like, the acts that I like don't come to Malaysia.
I hate this, well, Ellie Goulding did come to Malaysia when I was studying abroad, sigh. has been playing good music at night though, we're finally picking up.
I was so surprised when they played a lot of Coldplay that night, Jet, Birdy, Snow Patrol, The Script.
 Wow, Jane and I were driving back home the other night.
She called me : "omg, tune into now"
An hour of great songs, so mind-blowing for us.
Thank goodness that she shares the same taste in music with me.
I LOVE it when someone is as enthusiastic as I am about something I like.
So lucky, so grateful, I always share music with her and she loves it.
We often exchange playlists.

 You know what's good music? You know what's a good crowd you don't get in Malaysia?
Btw, everyone has their own taste in music, I'm not here to criticize or judge your taste in music.
As long as you're music people, you listen to whatever you like.
Don't let nobody tell you what to listen to and what not to listen to.
Different genre of music, it's still music.
I'm just here to encourage and share about the type of music I like.
Watch this. Every musician's dream.
To touch the souls of hundreds, thousands, millions.
This is epic, the crowd, is one of the reasons why I want to go to music festivals in other countries.

Ahhhhh, I don't know.
Is it too much that I want to go to Aussie to watch Kodaline? But I really like their music...
I love music, I wish I can travel around the world to watch concerts, to join music festivals.
Everything to do with music, just anything to do with music, I'm interested!
Should I follow my heart and do it since I like it so much?
But wait... Reality strikes.
Airfare, concert tickets, food, transport but accommodation is covered.

Should I do it or should I not?
I'm a 22-year-old girl without a full time job.
Soulless, lifeless, clueless about my life, lost, stuck.
I'm so far behind compare to other 22-year-old out there.
I have this weird passion, weird obsession, weird interest in something so... unrealistic.
But to me, it's something so real, it's something I really like, I indulge in it and I enjoy it a lot.

What am I going to do with my life, my mind?
Should I save the money for something more useful?
Should I follow my heart, feed my soul?
In fact, music is my soul.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My daddy story

Dressed all princessy for daddy king's day :)


I received a text from my hairdresser, Chefuu the other day.
"Hey, can I ask you something?"
"Lol, yeh, sure!"
*attaching a picture of the back of my father*
"Is he your king?"
"Yeh, he sure is..."

He thinks I have the coolest dad in the world, haha.
Everyone loves my dad, how does he do that?
Mainly because he drinks, watches football, down-to-earth, makes good jokes, lol.

Another thing is, people recognize him because I'm a spitting image of him.
He's a male version of me and I'm a female version of him, lol.
He's tall, very skinny, pretty smart, a serious person but he's a joker when he's drunk.
Oh my goodness, I'm so like him, except that my sisters are way taller and I'm just average.
He often embarrasses himself after he gets tipsy or drunk, oh my, I got it from him.
Definitely. Daddy, I got that from you and it's bad but still, thanks for the long legs though!

It was my daddy's birthday yesterday, I have this indescribable mix feelings.
I feel bad for daddy not having a son.
Dad is a cold person, I guess mum is too, my eldest sister is too, my second sister is alright.
Seems like I'm the odd one because I'm so warm.
We don't say mushy things like "I love you, I miss you" in our family.
We do not practice verbal expression of love, soft, soft love, lol.
And again, we get tough love (mostly all) from mum.
Mum - forever criticism never encouragement.
Dad - everything will be ok  :)
Dad is a very chilled out person, 6A1B very good Daphne, 3C4B very good Christine!
No pressure at all, would never worry about report card day.
Just bring daddy and everything would be fine.

I wished my dad happy birthday yesterday, we shook hands, lol.
The times when he actually hugged me were the times at the airport when I left to Aussie.
We don't really talk, we don't talk about boyfriend or relationship, we don't talk about stuffs.
Sometimes it makes me feel so close yet so far from my dad.
I love my daddy, it makes me feel really happy just to see his car parked outside.
I just need him to be there, safe, healthy, just be there forever if he can.
We don't have to really talk but by knowing he's here and spending quality time together, it's enough.

I'll buy you this Haagen Dazs ice cream cake every year, kay?

I was Chinese educated by my stay-at-home mum until I went to high school.
I was a pretty bright student though, never gotten a B for English.
Wait, I did, I got a B+ for English in Monash Foundation and I never got over it, lol.
We had family issues, I tried really hard to communicate with my dad.
That was when I started learning to SPEAK proper English.

Thanks to dad who taught me so much.
I listened to Eagles, Santana, Scorpions, Deep Purple since young.
Wow, I'm just like my dad, we have great taste in music, hahahahahaha!
Dad used to play the guitar, he loves it when I play the piano but I failed him by being lazy.
Dad used to read us bedtime stories every night, always teaching us new values.
He would drive an hour distance back and forth just to get us to church every single week.
He goes to the church but he doesn't take Holy communion because we're sinful people.
Then, I entered the rebellious stage of life where I tended to get into adults business' butts.
I was so harsh to him, it must have really hurt him.
Until I'm quite grown up now and realized that sometimes, shit happens.
There are things that we can't control in life.
I used to watch a lot of football with him before I went to Aussie.
World Cup is the best, we would wear different jerseys, we would bet and drink together.
I always hope that I make up a little to him for that he doesn't have a son.
Now, he never leaves the side of my nephew.
My nephew always goes "grandpa grandpa, granny granny"
Every single time that he gets into trouble and my mum starts yelling.
He better be looking for grandpa.

There was once when I got that brick pink hair.
My mum was furious when she saw it, she was really angry.
I was so scared that I locked myself in the room.
It was a Sunday, we go for dinner on Sundays.
He knocked on my door and he saw my hair.
"Daphne, why did you do this?"
"I didn't intend for it to be like this, dad, I'm sorry"
I shut the door and he knocked again
"Let's go out for dinner"
"You don't want to go out with me, not with this hair"
"It doesn't matter how you look"
I wept so hard, enough said.

Happy birthday, papi.
You're my king and my eternal love.
You're not perfect but your love to us is perfect.
Please don't get old, you're going bald, it makes me really sad, daddy.
I know I don't say it but I hope you know it well.
I love you, daddy :*)