Thursday, October 8, 2015


I'm no longer #foreveralone, yeh, I know, finally, I know, lolllll.
Everyone thought that I was never going to get into a relationship again.
I posted this picture on Instagram and we received 100+ comments on the picture.
Thank you, thank you for being happy and being protective over me.

I'm not going to type the most touching post, tho I have a lot to share about us.
It's new, it's very new, it's too early to say anything.
We started seeing each other since June.
We're both very careful, there were obstacles, we thought we were not going to make it.
I always feel very insecure, always, plus I hardly get to see him.
It takes a lot of courage, a lot of courage to put it on my social media profile.

Honestly, there are SOME people who like to sabotage people's relationship.
I'm serious about it, I don't know why some people like to go after someone's boyfriend/girlfriend.
I choose to put it up because I want to share with my world how amazing this guy is and
I want people to know that he's my boyfriend.
I'm declaring my territory.
(Ok, I might regret this paragraph tomorrow that I might delete this, it's too honest, lol.)

"You were never my type (what a great way to start a confession, lol)
but after getting to know you more, I find that you're a good girl.
You're the first girl that I brought home to see my parents.
You're the first girl who can settle my mother. (lol)
You're also the first girl who can click so well with my friends.
You have a big heart and you're a very understanding girl.
You're very sincere, very very sincere, I can always feel your sincerity.
You've done so much for me, although I don't know how to show you how appreciative I am
but I know and I appreciate what you've done for me.
You're not only girlfriend material, you're wife material.
Can I have your hand?"

He put an invisible ring on my middle finger, haha.

He's an amazing man.
He's wonderful.
People tell him that he's a lucky man but I too think that I'm a lucky girl.
Look at the genuine smile on my face, I thought I lost it but I found it back.
是你給我勇氣 讓我能作回我自己
因為受傷過 全部人包括我自己也懷疑我的真心以被污染
在學著愛你的時候 才發現我的真心還是一塵不染的
I don't know how and what is it going to be.
You can't choose who you meet in life.
You can't choose who to fall in love with
You get to choose who to love.
I made a decision and I will stick to it with my all.
謝謝你們的愛 我會幸福的

你應該不會看到這個 或則讀到這個
但是我知道你不需要讀這些來發覺我是多麼珍惜你疼惜你甚至寵壞你, (:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Project Space Coffee, SS15, Subang Jaya

A lot of people tell me that everything is easy for me because
I'm sorta popular on social media IN MALAYSIA and that
my best friend is one of the most famous Chinese social media influencers in Malaysia.
Yes, Jane Chuck and I have been friends for about 9 years now.
We have a lot in common, we so happen to have a same dream too.
We've achieved it since January 2015 with our partners, Redford and Ronald.
Project Space was born, yes, born.

Honestly, nothing comes easy.
Why didn't I blog about Space earlier?
I didn't want to use the social media "popularity" to be the attraction.
I want Space to attract people for its good coffee and distinct style.
Today, I feel the need to blog about Project Space because I want to say something.
I have passion for coffee, for pastries, for art, for music.
Project Space is a combination of these elements.

Yet, I feel frustrated that people do not appreciate it.
I know that the attraction of Project Space is Jane Chuck.
We all know that, I'm not jealous, she's my partner, my BFF.
The more the merrier come for Jane, I'm happy, WE are all happy, haha.
She tries very hard to lay low because she wants people to appreciate Space for Space.
Not to come see her but of course, if you ever see her in the store.
Ask for a picture, ask all you want, she's nice.
 We want people to come chill, to come enjoy a nice cup of coffee, 
to feel at home, at ease, enjoy the sunray in an air conditioned room.
We want to push and encourage coffee culture in Malaysia.
When I worked in Aussie, I made like 462019283cups of take away coffee in the morning.
People appreciate coffee for coffee but in Malaysia, people only appreciate
instagrammable-nice-coffee-art coffee.
We thought about that, yup, we give it to you.
We created a pretty instagrammable place for pictures because we are instagrammers too.
Look at Space's every corner, it's instagrammable and Pinterest-like.
Sorry, getting a little too proud right here, sorry!

Ok, back to it.
Why named it Space?
Do you think about outer space or distance space?
Now, that's the thing, it's up to you, it's up to your imagination.
I wanted it to be cool.
Like when your friend calls you and asks you where you are.
You be like "I'm in Space!"
He/she be like "What?"
"I'm in Space!"
"What Space?"
"Space Coffee, lol."
This happened a few times when I was serving customers.
I felt so good inside, I was like yes, that was what I wanted.

I forked up all my savings to have Project Space, when I said all, it was all.
I worked hard when I was studying in Aussie.
The exchange rate was good and so I had my lifelong savings and the Aussie dollars.
I'm inexperienced, although I'm a hospitality field graduate but running a business is totally new.
I ordered the coffee machine, grinder, chiller, I was and I am very hands on.
I designed the bar, it was too narrow. 
I also didn't do well on planning the pipings.
 I'm like a lost small girl wanting to do something big, I tried so hard.
 I rushed the contractor like I knew anything at all, I didn't and I still don't, haha.
Thank God for Redford, he's like our leader.

I love to be outdoor, I like to enjoy my coffee outdoor.
Most of my friends don't because it's really hot and humid in Malaysia.
 I was thinking why not have both?
So, we decided to break half of the wall down and put glasses on, despite the high cost.
Now you have the sun in an air conditioned room.
Take as many pictures as you want.

I'm sorry that I'm in all the pictures, just bear with me, lol.

At the mean time, we went to coffee classes.
Our sifu is the famous Joey Mah, the owner of Artisan Roastery and Three Little Birds Coffee.
 We learnt the basics, we learnt tasting, we learnt how to make coffee.
We also learnt a little about bean roasting.

Moving on to the coffee bean we use.
We use coffee bean from Artisan Roastery, direct trading, medium roast.
We like it more acidic than bitter, more fruity.
We have our own Space blend, we also change coffee bean from time to time.
Sometimes single origin, sometimes blend.
Columbian, Brazilian, Indonesian +++
They are all high quality coffee beans, roasted with love and care, great taste too. 
I want people to know that you cant define or judge/decide a nice cup of coffee.
It's personal preference.
Some people like it bitter, some like it weak, some like it acidic.
What do you like?

The first three months, I worked almost everyday.
I think my skin is permanently damaged from all the dish washing, lol lol lol.
I worked non stop until at some point, I had to let go and let my baristas take over.
So, I have time to do other things, like singing, blogging and going for concerts.
(Some dumbfck thinks I only worked 3 months in Space, yes really, I opened my business,
I worked only three months, then I totally just left it and never went back, yes, he's right! ,,l,,)

My nose bled many times while I worked, probably cause of the hot bar.
Btw, that's my partner, Redford, pretending to care about me when he does not at all, haha!

Staffing, I love my staffs.
I know that people come and go.
I appreciate every single one of them and they know it.
I love my staffs and I know that my staffs love me too.
Working at Space, we share books, we share our music playlists.
We share about everything, they really are very helpful.

Talk about music.
Danial and Alisya like the rap music.
I like the emo ones.
TK and Vins listen to everything.
CK likes dem Click Fives and American Rejects.
I don't know what Jon and Kimbo really like, probably chill EDM.
We always share new and nice music.

There's this girl.
She comes to Project Space almost everyday now.
She's always studying, we wondered why Space everyday.
She said we play good music, the drinks are good and it's so cozy that she can study here.
I was like awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so much love to her.
That's how I want people to feel.

We insist on using black and white with a lot of grey tone.
Very minimalist concept, also fits our name, spacious, no cluttery.

Logo designed by my partner, Ronald.

For our chocolate drinks, we use 70.5% Belgian Dark Chocolate buttons.
We mix with Valrhona cocoa powder.
We do not use artificial syrup at all.
Jane and I insist so much that we don't want to use any syrup or premix.
We used to get complaints about the chocolate not being sweet.
Again, it's personal preference, I really like dark chocolate.
We started adding a small spoon of sugar just to fit the crowd's preference.
Happy to do it for our customers.

This is how thick the chocolate is.
We melt and stir it until it gives a shine, bling bling.

Jane wants Project Space to be a creativity hub.
It really is one.
We do exhibitions, we do bazaar, sometimes I have my mini singing session here, lol. 
We designed totes and we sold totes, well actually Ashley designed the totes.
She's very talented and she baristas at Space sometimes too.
It really is one creativity hub, look at our instagram to find out.
You guys are awesome, look at dem beautiful pictures.

We were featured on Elle Malaysia for the Accessories Story exhibition by TTFGA.

What triggered or inspired me to blog about this is that...
You know, Jane and I are no dumb girls.
Jane is a DJ, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a photographer, a personality and she's an ARTIST.
Appreciate her work of art, she's so talented, I want everyone to see that side of her.
I'm not successful but hey, at least I'm trying?
Some think that we only flaunt our outfits, our bags, our good food, our nice life.
Everyone is working so hard for their life, NOT JUST YOU.
You might see the glorious side of our life but you don't see what's beneath.
It seems like we are always working so hard to prove a statement.
I don't like it when people say that Space is something solely because Jane is the owner.
(Well, of course, my baby is awesome too.)
We put our heart and soul into it.
Space is good because it's Space.
Space is also good because Space's owners are damn good, thanks, lol.
Space is good because Space is art.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Airport Encounter with Acer Review

Just the other day at the airport, I wished I had a tablet or a notebook with me.
I was flying to Manila. This lady tapped me on my shoulder.
She said "m'am, can you help me?"
She didn't know where the boarding gate was.
Her boarding pass was printed prior check in, so it didn't show the boarding gate.
I checked that she was going to Manila and the departure time was the same as mine.
I told her to follow me, thinking we should be getting on the same flight.
She asked if I was going to Manila for work, I said yes.
She called me m'am, I guessed that she works in Malaysia as a helper.
So I asked if she's working here and if she's going back to Philippines for holiday.
She said "yes m'am, I work here m'am, I'm going back because my mother is dying."
My heart sank 10 thousand feet.
I immediately said that I'm sorry to hear, so so so sorry as I caressed her back.
I didn't know what to say, I said something like:
"I'm sorry, you'll be ok, I'm sorry, you know, this is life...
Everyone has to go through this, I'm sorry to hear."
Totally not the right time to say it, not the right thing to say, stupid.
She started sobbing :"Sorry m'am, I can't control m'am..."
"No, no, no, it's totally fine to cry!"
I felt so guilty, I tried to change the topic.
She is 33, she has 3 kids, living in Philippines.
Her employer has 2 kids, seven-year-old and a three-year-old.
I was like wow that must be tough.
She said yeh, she gets really tired sometimes but she has to do what she gotta do.
She was constantly worried about her return flight.
Her employer didn't print the itinerary for her return flight.
I was skeptical, thinking maybe her employer didn't get her flight back here.

That moment, I really, really wished that I had a notebook with me, because:
1. So I could check her flight for her.
2. I could document this story in a more detailed way.

 I tried to do it on my mobile, it took forever.
The mobile web wasn't working smooth, I had to retry many times.
So much hassle, so mush stress, cause we were called to board the plane and I was eager to help her.
I got it in the end, she is coming back two weeks later.
I went back to sit with my crew and asked for a pen.
I wrote her a message saying
"Life can be hard but life is beautiful. Stay strong."
I worried that she couldn't read English, I also googled translated to Filipino.
I don't even know if it's right but I wrote it down anyway.
I folded the note and some banknotes up, I held them in my palm.
She boarded first as I waited for my crew.
She passed me by and said thank you to me with absolute sincerity.
I know her name and I know her seat number.
I boarded the plane, I reached her seat, I hunched down and told her that it was lovely to meet her
as I slid the note and banknotes in to her palm.
She saw the banknotes, she said no...
I said stay strong.
She said thank you m'am, with a weak smile, with tears rolling in her eyes.

Unforgettable encounter.
I so wanted to type it down on the plane if I had a notebook with me.
Done with my story and back to my review.

That’s why I was thrilled when my talent manager told me that
I get to use the new Acer Aspire Switch 10E for a review.
After that encounter, I realized that I really need a 2-in-1 notebook.
I like to write, sometimes inspiration spills and I got nothing to note it down.

I like a tablet, it's convenient but I still prefer using a physical keyboard than a screen keyboard.
The Acer Aspire Switch 10E is powered by Intel® Atom™ processor and Windows 8.1.
Beauty and brains for the trendsetter in you!
The thing I love most about the Acer Aspire Switch 10E is that
it can be a tablet, a notebook, a display, pretty much anything you need it to be.
The magnetic Acer Snap Hinge™ allows you to snap the keyboard part on or off
with a simple push or pull.
You can switch effortlessly between 4 modes -
laptop, table, tent or display to fit into every situation.

Why not use it whatever way you want to?

I'm very very very impressed with the battery life.
Apparently, it has a long 12-hour battery life.
I've been using this tablet for a few days now, even typing this post with it.
 Acer BluelightShield™ reduces stress causing blue light when you need
to look at the screen for long periods.
 Acer BluelightShield™ has 4 modes -
low reduction, mid reduction, high reduction and long hour mode for extended use.
I use it to listen to music when I'm not doing work.
I watch a lot of music videos and music interviews just to keep myself in the loop. 

Why not use it for music?

The Acer Aspire Switch 10E comes in a range of eye-catching colours.
Its textile-pattern texturing makes it look elegant.
It also prevents scratches and dirt.
Available in Moonstone white, Shark grey, Peacock blue, Coral red and Magenta pink.
It looks very striking and stylish.

Why not use it for style?

Product Specs for Aspire Switch 10 E
• Intel® Atom™ processor Z3735F
(quad-core 1.33 GHz, up to 1.83 GHz Intel® Burst Technology, 2 MB L2 cache)
• Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
• Office 365 Personal 1-year. Activation required within limited time.
• Intel® HD Graphics with 3D graphics 

I don't really speak "computer" language, I can't really explain the specs for you but
all you have to know is the the processor is really fast, haha.
Doing some accounting stuff while having lunch.

Why not use it for work?

Join Acer's Why Not Win A Mazda contest now!
Purchase selected Intel®-powered Acer devices from 15th July to 30th September 2015 and
stand a chance to WIN A MAZDA3 and other attractive prizes!
Find out more here: Acer Malaysia

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Diary : 你的小幸運

So, I ate my words.
My friends were playing the new live stream app 17.
I was like pfftttt I'm never gonna download that sheet.

I did. Lol.
I downloaded it and I wanted the username daphnecharice but it was taken.
I was so upset that I didn't want to play but my friends were like
It's such a great app to interact with readers.
A few told me that I should update my blog more frequently.
I was just wondering do people still read blogs.
Although I don't update frequently but I'm not giving up on blogging.
Blogging is my root and I get to write, I like writing.
Ash was telling me just today that I should really write something.
I'm so greedy, I want to do so many things in this world.

Most of you on 17 keep asking me to listen to the song by Hebe.
Yesterday, I had a listen to the song on live stream.
I've heard it before on radio, I think it was my friend's car.
I don't listen to Chinese radio station, I either tune in to Hitz, Fly, Traxx or I listen to my albums.
I had a quick listen yesterday, it sounded great, sounded sweet, like a cute high school love song.
Catchy, I could already sorta sing the chorus.

Today, I had a careful listen.
What the heck?
This song is sad.
This is why I love music.
Everyone interprets things differently, everyone feels differently.
What do you guys think about this song? How do you feel it?
Is it the same as me?
This song is sad to me.
 I read the lyrics.
我以為是個 開花結果 的小情歌 可是它不是誒

I feel this song more because there was this guy.
He recently dedicated this song to me.
I didn't know what this song was.
 I know the chorus was與你相遇 好幸運
Well, I thought it was sweet?
Lol lol lol.
I was like nawhhhhhhhhhh then now I'm like......
Ok, that was what he meant, lol.

愛上你的時候 還不懂感情
離別了 才覺得刻骨銘心 (wth?)
為什麼沒有發現 遇見了你 是生命最好的事情 (nawhhhh...)

忙著微笑和哭泣 忙著追逐天空中的流星
是誰風裡 雨裡 一直默默守護在原地

原來你是 我最想留住的幸運
原來我們 和愛情曾經靠得那麼近 ( wtf? so sad...)
那為我對抗世界的決定 那陪我淋的雨
一幕幕都是你 一塵不染的真心

與你相遇 好幸運
可我也失去 為你淚流滿面的權利 (I like this line the most)
但願在我看不到的天際 你張開了雙翼
遇見你的註定 她會有多幸運 (NOOOOOO, saddest line)

This song is saying that... this girl meets boy.
Girl likes boy.
Boy likes girl.
Girl doesn't know what love is.
Boy never left.
Girl missed boy.
They missed each other.
Girl thinks that the destine girl the boy meets is the luckiest girl.
The thing is they were in love but they didn't end up together.

Now I know what this boy meant when he dedicated this song to me.
Need to digest for a bit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Diary : How NST misquoted me

I actually typed a post last night, I wanted to publish today.
Too bad, today, there's a fresher topic, lol.
For people who know me, everyone knows that I'm always running away from the spotlight.
Yes, but I know, the more attention I get, the better for me as a blogger,/a social media influencer.
To me, honestly, attention? It really doesn't matter.
Ok, it doesn't matter that much, it's not important.
The further the spotlight is, the better.
All these years, Jane has been telling me that I've got to do it, she really is a huge support in my life.
So to speak, Jane is the anchor in our group, I'm more than happy to give it to her.
It doesn't mean that if the spotlight is on me, I push it away.
I take opportunities sometimes too but I really just DO NOT FORCE IT at all.
Just like singing, I'm happy with just doing instavideos because I feel comfortable with it.
I don't force it on youtube, like frequently updating it, I don't.
It's not that I'm BIGGGG AND FAMOUS, it's not that I'm arrogant.
It's just who I am, I don't feel comfortable or confident enough to do it.
I don't even know how to explain.
It's very very very contradicting, I know but really...
Try to understand what I'm trying to say.

Ok how do we start?

I was in Batu Pahat.
I got up at 6:30 in the morning.
Had breafast, it was 8:30am, I drove all the way back from Batu Pahat for this interview.
A New Straits Times interview about being on instagram, so on and so on.
If you guys know me at all, you can count the photoshoots I did. Not many.
Interviews. I think I've only accepted two interviews so far.
I don't do all this because I don't think I'm big enough.
Yes, recently I've been getting lotsa support and encouragement.
Friends, readers, followers are confidence booster.
I started doing photoshoot and interview.
The most recent photoshoot I did was for a friend's online magazine.
The first interview is this one here, New Straits Times.
Totally disappointed, unprofessional, I'd say.

"Attention. That's why I love Instagram so much."
-Daphne Charice

Let's see what were the questions.
What’s your take on Instagram?
Why do you think people like to share photos more now?

I said
Attention. The world is so realistic, so “cold”.
I think people are constantly looking for love (likes) in different ways.
I don’t know. No comment but I just made one, lol. 

This is how I answered, I was just being who I am.
As awkward as ever.
I was featured alongside Daiyan Trisha and Joyce.
I met Daiyan Trisha for the first time that day.
We had a great talk and my awkwardness actually made people laugh.

What would she think about me if she read that interview of mine.
Totally a different me, that day at the shoot and the "me" in the papers.
In real life, I'm just quiet and awkward.
In papers, I'm like an arrogant brat.
Joyce wasn't there at the photoshoot but what if she read my answers.
She would think that "what's wrong with this girl?"
I think they would be embarrassed for being featured on the same page with me.

I'm 23, somehow I feel like I speak for the youngsters.
Since I'm on this "INSTA-CHARM" thing.
What if the older generations were trying to understand what are the younger generations are doing.
They would think that youngers(me) nowadays are so dumb, so obnoxious, so arrogant,
so oblivious, so ignorant, so shallow.
They would think that girls nowadays 是燒壞腦
TAO NAO PAI KI (hokkien: rotten brain)
All my life, I wish I was someone professional, someone who has a skill.
Just to avoid being viewed as a dumb girl who has nothing inside.
All my life, I work so hard to prove that I'm capable and independent.
Now, I'm a bimbo. Heh.

 Attention. That's why I love Instagram so much.
So much some more.
I really don't know if I should laugh or cry now.

I'm feeling so frustrated now, I don't even know how to put this in words properly.
My mind is super messy now.
You know, I'm not mad because it's already printed, what to do?
I'm not anyone BIG and I shouldn't make a big fuss about it.
STILL, what is this?
 It really was a very simple interview.
It's not that I'm lansi(arrogant), don't want to be interviewed or what.
I did it, man, I did it.
This is the shit you give me?

So so so many errors on that paper.
I'm so disappointed and frustrated.
I don't even know what to do with it.