Saturday, February 6, 2016

Me Before You

Haven't done a book review for so long.
Bad. I haven't been reading.
I finished 5 books last few months, I don't even know where I put them.

This one here, I lent it to my ex staff, Dan.
He and I used to share books with each other.
It's called "Me Before You".
One of the thickest books I've ever read ever since the "Twilight" series.
"Me Before You" is being made into a movie.
So many books that I read subsequently getting made into a movie. 

You might have seen the trailer because it has been "virally" shared on Facebook.
I showed the trailer to Brian yesterday, I told him that I love this book.
It made me weep like a weakling at 4 in the morning.
He was like are you serious, you cried reading a book?
I said this happens all the time, it's just like watching a movie.
It's a sad book, so I cried, lol.
Brian begged to differ, he said that there's a big difference between a book and a movie.
Reading a book, you need imagine things.
How is a book touching when it's just your imagination?
It's just word, they are just words, how do you feel emotions by just reading plain texts?
Movie is different, at least, actors in a movie can act the emotions all out for you to feel.
You are such a sentimental, sensitive person to cry reading a book.

What he said wasn't entirely wrong.
Texts, words seem to be boring, bland, plain and dull.
You see, different people feel different.
Different people interpret things differently.
Different people feel things differently.
He said that we need to try so hard to imagine characters, scenarios ++ to get in the mood.
That's the point of the whole thing about WORDS.
Words are full of imagination
Same goes to music.
You can't see it but you can feel it.

Ok, what a mess trying to explain, I suck as a writer.
Back to the book and the movie.
You sorta get the idea of the story by just watching the trailer.
Spoiler alert, don't read this if you're planning on reading the book.
I imagined Lou to be less attractive but Emilia Clarke played this role, ahhh, my gorgeous khaleesi.
I imagined Will to be buffer and tougher-looking, lol but pretty boy, Sam Claflin, who minds?
I imagined Lou's dad to be dodgier looking, lol, that's so mean.
Will's mother, just nice.

Damn it, when Ed Sheeran's song played.
Soundtrack soundtrack soundtrack, how many times have I mentioned that soundtracks are important.
"Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes..."
Hit my soft spot right away. 
"We keep this love in a photograph"
"Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul"
Super spot on.
Just like "The Fault In Our Stars", "Like Crazy", "Love, Rosie"+++
Awesome soundtracks that bring out the essence of certain scenes.

The story started as Will, a successful man, getting knocked down in an accident.
He's paralyzed from his neck to toe.
He doesn't want to live.
He wants to end his life in Switzerland *which is legal there* and then, he meets Lou.
Am I saying too much? Should I tell you about the ending?
Ok, maybe not, watch the movie if you're too lazy to read the book.
 I always marked down pages or quotes at the first page of the book.
Surprisingly, I only marked two pages down, lol.
I don't know why but I went through the pages.
I did make remarks between pages.
 "I don't know, Clark. Believe it or not, I rarely pack it myself."
He can't pack on his own because he's paralyzed, lol.
I must have laughed a lot at this part looking at the LOL in capital letters, haha.

Sad Will is sad :(

This is a cute one, I dirtied my book eating satay, lol.

Can't wait for the movie.
Please do not disappoint me.
Movies usually do disappoint because it can't beat 500 pages of goodness.

Friday, January 29, 2016

When they tell me about honest review

So yea, my previous post was about car care.
I'm sick of people demanding for HONEST REVIEW.
This is what I want to say:
 The coating company is owned by my best friend's boyfriend.
Yes, it's true, he's my friend.
Isn't he my friend? Best friend's boyfriend. Yes, he is my friend.
I said I was introduced by my friend.
Isn't he my friend? I was really introduced by him.
Introduced to his brand, to car coating.
Yeh, CarBuddy sounded like car wash service to me.
All I knew about CarBuddy was their car wash service.
Using some technology that only requires 2 litre of water to complete a car wash.
I was like oh cool bro, that's good, it saves water.

I got a new car, it's a big thing to me because I did it all on my own.
I feel a little proud and I really wanted to blog about it because I achieved my goal.
I always love cars, my friends know it.
I didn't blog much about it because I might appear to be a "show-off" to people.
Anyway, I shared it with my friend.
He was like you got your new car? Come do coating la, friend ma.
I was like what's coating?
*sorry about the "he was like and I was like", but you know, I'm telling you a story.
He explained how it's water repellent.
( At that time, we were at a friend's house, his car's coating was done at CarBuddy too *PAID*.
It was raining, he showed me how the rainwater flows away.)
I was like ohhhhhhhhh, that's coating, that's cool bro.
You ask me if there were so many 刚好(coincidence), there were really that many 刚好.

I'm a girl, I know no shit about car care.
Even with window tinting, my boyfriend was the one who called up for me.
You ask me about car models, I might be able to answer you because I like cars.
(Just the outlook, the design, the dashboard, I guess, lol.)
I watch Top Gear a lot years back, I only know how fast certain cars run but
 I don't know what's a V6 engine, what's a quad turbo charged engine.
I know quad turbo charged is powerful but I don't know how fast it is, prolly as fast as a Bugatti.
 Guys probably have heard about a BB cream but how many guys actually know
what does a BB cream do?
Wait, cuz I don't even know myself, lol.
It's like a foundation + concealer + sun screen.

Was on the phone with my boyfriend.
I was telling him that someone said I masked advertisement.
He was like ya you should have said your friend owns it.
1.I did say I was introduced by a friend, I even bracketed that it was sponsored.
2.Why do I need to tell the whole world my friend is the boss? He'd like his privacy too.
He wasn't even involved in this, he passed to his marketing manager.
I went through the process without him even being there.
Then, my boyfriend said he read my post and I didn't write it professionally.
 Now, here's the thing that ticked me off.

Honest review.
I was being honest.
I didn't write it professionally because I'm not a car magazine editor, I'm not a mechanic.
I'm here to write you a review as a female blogger, writing about my experience.
I don't know why I'm stereotyping myself as a female blogger, lol, but yes, this is my honest review.
I don't copy paste all the scientific facts like
The coating contains this crystal thingy, how many percent of this, does this and that.
(I did copy paste the package, even mentioned that I copied from 11street.)
I'm only writing about what I asked, what I understand, what I learnt, put it in simple English
(sorry, I only speak and write very simple English)
and try to make it more interesting for people to read, or at least my young readers to read.

Give you facts, boring.
Give you casual talking style, broken English.
 Give you my own thoughts, unprofessional.
Susah nyer.

My day went as how I typed in the previous post.
I left during the coating process too.
How is this not being honest?
The service looks fantastic, looks expensive.

X company says it has the fastest internet connection and buys a billboard saying
"X company, the fastest internet"
What are you gonna do about it?
Either buy it or not buy it.
 Is it honest?

Talk about basic ethics for bloggers.
Some say bloggers should specify it's and advertisement FIRST.
Does it mean that I can write a dishonest article or just write whatever I want
since I've already specified that it's an advertisement?
That's super easy, isn't it?
Hi, this is an ads, here are the facts.

Timothy Tiah, famous Malaysian blogger.
He wrote an advertisement about Shell fuel.
He wrote about how he grew up with Shell with his organic honest opinions.
Was he honest? Was he genuine?
Yes, I believe so.
Shell advertisement? He could have just copied and pasted facts for you to read.
He didn't, he talked about how he grew up with Shell.
I forgot how it went but I remember it was an excellent post, I loved it.
He wrote and he writes.

Not as good as him but I wrote and I still write.
I wrote one about Acer notebook.
Read it here
I swear to God that story is real.
When people know it's advertisement, they think it's fake.
I don't want to bore you with their specs, you don't want to read them but some people
do want to know what the specs are.
Specs are just extra information.

Say, you watch a touching Thai short video, in the end, it's some advertisement.
Do you feel deceived?
Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

What bloggers are trying to do, making reading more interesting, more relatable.
Trying out ourselves and write about our experiences.
Why do people do advertising?
You wouldn't have even heard about CarBuddy but now you do.
Maybe I don't do great like how the Thai advertisements touch hearts.
But I do it with my ethics and my beliefs.
Talk about "basic ethics for bloggers", this is my reply to you.
I'm not hating too.

Yes, bloggers write ads, sometimes we get paid to write ads, being creative.
Designers design, they get paid designing, being creative.
Artists draw, they get paid drawing, being creative and talented.
Singers sing, they get paid singing, being creative and talented.
Ads that you don't like to read, it's just not your type of ads.
( Newspaper is also an advertisement, a big advertisement that contains small advertisements.
Advertise about how great the government is, how great this politician is.
It's the other way round now because the headline is always bad stuff, lol. )
Swap to another medium.
Read the papers, something more professional. 
Music that you don't like listening to, maybe it's just not your type of music.
On piano, C chord, E chord, G chord are very common.
I love the sound of these chords.
Countless musicians and artistes write their music using these 3 chords.
They might sound familiar/similar to you, they might not but
it doesn't mean it's not original.
It only means some work excels and some work just doesn't.
But if you tell me that you don't like music, ok, shut it all down.
Music is just not your thing, go play sports.

Disclaimer : nobody is right about everything, I'm not right about everything,
everyone is entitled with their own opinion.

This is what I love about blogging.
It's 3:45am now, I gotta get up early tomorrow, I meant later.
Oh my.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My First Car + Car Care

I always love cars.
I don't know why I grew up liking cars and watching football, probably got it from my dad.
My favourite cars are Range Rover Vogue and Mercedes G class (63 AMG), oh yums.
Goals? No, more like dreams, haha!

Anyway, I've always been independent.
I've been supporting myself ever since I graduated from high school.
I always wanted to get a car on my own but I always gave that thought up because
I have more responsibilities than this.
I can't just get a car because I like it, I want it.
After years of consideration and years of hard work.
I did it.
I got myself the biggest Christmas gift last December.
It's not my dream car but it's more than I expected, a practical one.

I'm new at taking care of a car, my own car.
I'm going to share about car window tinting and car coating in this post.
I genuinely want to share with you all about good deals and share about the things I learnt.
I think this will help girls a lot if you are as clueless as me on car care.
Guys reading this post must be like "pfffftt, girls~"

The car dealership gave me RM500 voucher on window tinting but
the service would cost me RM2500.
So, taking RM500 off, I still need to pay RM2000 for window tinting.
I consulted my boyfriend, as stereotype as it sounds, he's a guy, he really does know more about cars.
What he did was, he went on Groupon and looked at the deals and specs offered.
He told me not to buy it off Groupon but to just look at the price and specs.
What is the lowest they can go for certain specs.

1.Getting the darkest shade doesn't mean heat rejection is high
(you might even get summoned by JPJ)
2.UV Rays rejected is mostly 99% ( don't get fooled)
3.What you really have to look at is the Infrared heat rejection, mine is about 95+%
the higher it is, the more expensive it is.
4.I kept telling my boyfriend I want security film to prevent getting a smashed window easily
What is security film? It's just the thickness of the tinting film.
 2mil, 3mil, 4mil, 5mil, it depends on how thick you want to go.

I had zero knowledge about car coating and I was introduced by to Car Buddy by a friend.
He asked me if I'm interested in coating my car (sponsored) when after I collected it.
I was like what is car coating? Lol.
Little did I know that coating is a process of adding a layer of crystal coating on your car.
This prevents scratches on your car paint where crystal coating acts as a protective layer.
Here's what I learnt:
1. Anti-scratch - Scratch and stone chip resistant.
My car bonnet has already a couple of small stone chips before I sent my car for coating.
I’m used to travelling long distance and I probably got them on my way to Batu Pahat.
2. High gloss finish - Car looks super shiny, super bling.
3. Durable Protection – It prolongs intervals between car wash.
4. Anti-watermark and anti-fouling which prevents irritating dirt stains to stick on your car paint.
It does the self-cleaning magic, what I love most it when it drizzles or rains,
sometimes I don't even have to turn on the wipers because the water flows away really fast.
Water repelling windscreen and rear window.
5. It's anti corrosion and it's UV resistant which prolongs the lifespan of your car paint!
How do they do it?
You need to drop your car as early as possible; I dropped my car at 9 in the morning.
CarBuddy has an air conditioned waiting room and drinks are provided.
I actually fell asleep in the room before I uber-ed to work at 11am.

They started by thoroughly washing my car.
This I was told is to ensure that the surface is
cleared of any sort of contaminants (ie dusts, sand or dirt!).
Then, they continue by taping the gaps and windows edges of my car before polishing, I was
wondering why.
Now I realized that I asked so many questions but come on, I was really curious.
Car coating was something so new to me that I was so intrigued by this process.
They taped the gaps to prevent the rubber getting polished!

So, the next step is to start polishing my car.
In my mind, I just bought a new car so why does it require polishing? I asked again.
Polishing is to either remove surface paint defects or
to enhance surface gloss for sealant(coating) or wax protection.
Even cars fresh out of the factory will come with such defects.

I left before they started the coating process.
It needs about 4 hours to dry between layers of coating.

Look at my sexy.

Hahaha, sorry, too many pictures of my car but
I adore my car more now.
It's super bling.
This is what the Carbuddy package I got (I copied and pasted from 11street).
Got discount here, guys.
Carbuddy’s Premium Coating with 5 years warranty + 5x maintenance.
Package includes:
Paintwork : Swirl free polishing + Crystal Coating
Exterior Plastic Trim: Surface preparation + Coating
Glass: Polishing + Coating
Lights: Polishing + Coating
Full Interior Protection: Detailing + Protection
Engine Bay Protection: Detailing + Coating

CarBuddy’s Paint Coating Warranty: 5 years + 5x maintenance.
Carbuddy’s Plastic trim, glass, wheels & light coating warranty: 1 year.
Service was good, workmanship is top-notch.
Staffs are friendly and are happy to share information.
RM2411 for Carbuddy’s Premium Coating with 5 years warranty + 5x maintenance
at CarBuddy, Puchong Square.
I have 5 more times of maintenance to go.

Can't believe that I just blogged about car care, lol.
Hope it helps some people out there, especially first time car buyers, like me haha.

Music Talk : Army . Love Yourself Song Cover

Hi, I want to talk about Ellie Goulding's song.
This song is called "Army".
I don't think they play it on the radio.
I've listened to Ellie Goulding's new album.
My favourites are "Army" and "Holding On For Life".
I also do like the hits they repeatedly play on the radio,
like "On My Mind" and "Love Me Like You Do".
"Why I gotchu on my mind~"
Lol, this song is allegedly written about Ed Sheeran.
It's like a reply to Ed Sheeran's "Don't" (allegedly about her).
Lol, one is my Goddess, another one is my Man God, what a dilemma.
Love them both, don't have to pick a side.

Back to the song, "Army".
When I first heard this song, I thought it was about her current boyfriend, Dougie.
"When I'm with you, I'm standing with an army."
I thought it was about her boyfriend but it's about her best friend.
She said:
I realised that I had focused a lot of writing on past relationships and it hit me I had never written about my best friend. The person I met in college over ten years ago. The person who was at my very first gig. The person who has seen me at my lowest and the first person I call in muffled sobs when something bad happens. We've been deliriously happy together, deliriously tired and deliriously sad together. I wanted to show our friendship for what it really is- honest, real, electric. I think about the times we drink together until neither of us can stand. The laughing at our own ridiculousness and foolishness. Comparing our trials and errors; overthinking our break ups and new loves, remembering everything we've been through to get to this point and being so proud of it. Two girls from Hereford trying our best in the City. We open our hearts up and take risks, but together we are more powerful than ever. We are challenged every day but we see it through and sometimes it feels like we can conquer anything. 

 Do listen to the acoustic version of this song.
It's freaking awesome.
Yeh, it's awesome because it's Ellie Goulding, her voice is so uniquely mesmerizing.

I look back at the songs I wrote in my book.
Not one is about my best friend, ahaha, that poor thing, lol.
I do write a lot about her on my diary though - on my blog, on my Instagram.
I guess past relationships are way too private to be written out, to be shown everyday.
It really isn't easy to write songs and release them like Taylor Swift.
Those are her privacy, she's bare, she's "naked" for everyone to see and to feel when she lets it all out.
People judge her for that shit too.
I really won't want people to read the songs I write.
It's pathetic and disgusting, hahaha.
It takes a lot of courage to show my songs to Kang Er.
There's nothing to be ashamed of but I still don't feel comfortable to show it to people.

Anyway, I got the opportunity to perform at TREC, Zouk Kuala Lumpur on 31st January.
I'm just like ... ... ...
I know that it's a great opportunity but I just am very... stunned and clueless.
OJ Law produced so many great originals.
I'm just like right there, erm, hello? Who am I? Daphne here. Hi.
 I'm going to do it anyway because you know, you don't push it away when such a
big opportunity falls from the sky, lol.
No, it didn't fall from the sky, I worked for it.
I think I might want to sing my own song.
But but but I'm also afraid that nobody wants to listen to it.
Lol, whatever, I'll figure it out.

I also found the best place for singing.
I made a casual song cover of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself".
I know Ed Sheeran helped write and produce this song.
I know he sang the harmonization, so I checked the credits.
It says back up vocal by Teddysphoto, cute, hehe.
When I first heard this, I texted Jane:
"OMG, this song is sarcastic af!"
She was like yeh I know right, lol.

Sometimes, you sure feel like this about your ex.
It's dedicated to all the EXs in the world, teehee.
Yeh, don't mind my language and expression ok?
( Contains vulgarity!! )

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hennessy Artistry Shanghai

Got the opportunity to travel to China for 2015 Hennessy Artistry Shanghai
with my friends and the MHD team last December.
One of the best media trips I've ever been on.
Ash, Jane, Brian, Cherrie, Cherry, Terrence, Kevin and me.
Ya, Cherrie and Cherry, lol.
8 of us, we slayed partying at Shanghai, we were the party, we STILL ARE the party, haha.

I had never been to China before this.
The MHD team gives me a very good impression of Shanghai because they made it so fun!
First thing first, I want to talk about our stay in Shanghai.
Park Hyatt Shanghai, 79th-93rd floor of the skyscraper Shanghai World Financial Centre.
5-star luxury high rise hotel.
The artistes were staying over at the same hotel too.
Coolest thing is that we bumped into Rita Ora and her crew while checking in.
I was super star struck, I just went like O_O

Night view.

Day view

Super sleek rooms.
Imagine waking up to this everyday.

First dinner at Maison de'l Hui.
Finely-prepared Chinese cuisine.
We chit-chatted over dinner, acoompanied with some Hennessy V.S.O.P. on the rocks.
Dinner was amazing.

As I just mentioned that we are the party!
We first went to the Bund Bar Rouge for a bottle of Hennessy.
Then, headed to MYST Club for our "cardio" session, lol.
We partied all out, sweated all out, we even went to the dance floor.
Brian is a world-class dancer, he's going to audition for a role in Magic Mike.
Just joking but who know, Asian style Magic Mike, haha.

 Shots shots shots shots shots shots!!!!

The next day before the show.
We got some time to go for sight-seeing and some xiao lung baos.
Our snapchat is hilarious.
Ash and I reenact a scene from "Fresh Off The Boat", lol.
I just made my snapchat public, do follow me at @daphnecharice but please don't screenshot, lol.

Then, it was time to interview Rita Ora.
I was super nervous meeting her.
(Thanks Hennessy Malaysia for hooking up!)
She has a strong personality, she's confident when she speaks.
Super down-to-Earth and easy going.
I started knowing her since "How We Do" blew up.
I saw her making a cameo in "Empire", I was so excited.
I did ask her about acting and she told me that there's more to come on acting.
Just can't wait for it and I can't wait for her next album, releasing soon.

We went back to the hotel to freshen up for the Star-Studed 2015 Hennessy Artistry.

Over a decade, Hennessy Artistry has been inviting dream-pursuing musicians to perform on stage.
Hennessy Artistry is a global music platform that takes place in more than 40 countries.
I've attended 2 Hennessy Artistry events in Malaysia before and I always have fun.
You know how much I love music and I get to see artistes that I admire.
Keep what you're doing, Hennessy Artistry!
This time in Shanghai, Hennessy Artistry features Rita Ora, Lucky J and Laure Shang.

The night kicked off with Lucky J taking to the stage with their popular hits “Can You Hear Me".
When cultures in the East and West meet, sparks fly.
Jessi's vocal skill is crazy and she's really hot, she's made for the stage!
 Enjoyed their Korean hip hop + R&B stage performance.
Oh, they sand "Battle Scars" by Guy Sebastian, I enjoyed it a lot.

Followed by Laure Shang Wenjie who pushed the energy levels of the
crowd further with her powerful vocals singing "Let's get started".

Her vocal was flawless, flaw-less.
She has got great moves too.
We were all jumping and singing out loud.
Loved it when she did the "

And yeah, we can't party without Hennessy VSOP ;)

 Then, we went Hai Di Lao for late dinner.
The party continued in the club.
Whatever happens in Shanghai, stays in Shanghai ;)

Shout out to Hennessy Malaysia for the awesome trip!