Thursday, September 18, 2014

Work and travelling

That hair though...
Lol, just done a photoshoot and videoshoot in Singapore.
No time for my hair, just wanted to go home.

I've been travelling so much.
I often travel for work, mostly short trips.
Rimowa is my best buddy when it comes to travelling.
I love my Rimowa luggage, it makes my life easier.
I used to hate packing because I don't know how to and it is always too small for everything.
Have no problem packing now with Rimowa, I travel light but not too light.
My Rimowa luggage might look small but it can fit my whole wardrobe, lol.

I got my Rimowa luggage in Rimowa, The Garden's.
There's another branch in Pavilion, KL.
For more information, please go to

 I went for the cabin size because I like to do everything fast.
I also don't like checking in luggage.
So, I normally bring it with me and just put it in the overhead compartment.
I don't have to wait for luggage too (when I reach the next destination).

 Let's roll with grooves.

Yup, I fit 4 days of clothes and daily necessity in such a small luggage.
It really is very spacious.
My friends don't understand how I travel so light.
It's just illusion, this luggage is packed with everything needed!

I find myself taking pictures of my Rimowa luggage a lot.
Lol, I think it looks too pretty.
It looks slick, stylish and sexy, plus it's strong as steel.
Best for the superwomen to use.
Am I saying I'm a superwoman? Lolllllll.

Work and travelling might look fun but trust me, it's not easy at all.
Especially when you need to go to a foreign country alone.
Thanks Rimowa for making my life easier.

You're only 4 months old but you've been to 4 countries and 3 states with me.
I hope I can bring you all around the world (:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Not a beauty and not a beast

I've been up really early recently.
I get up around 7 every morning, I guess my subconsciousness wakes me.
Been getting morning texts lately (only lately), wuiyo, morning texts, I know right *grins*.
How lucky...... lol, not going to last long but yeh, you know, just enjoy the moment!
*Slap*, don't think so negatively, lol.
I normally go back to sleep, for about 2 hours more.
I start my day at 9am everyday.

Mum has been going to the morning market without bringing my nephew along.
She used to bring him along because he was really clingy.
He's alright now, he's more independent.
I now expect him to cry and look for his granny around 7.45am every day now, lol.
Then, I'd say "don't cry, come in, yiyi's(aunty's) here".
He would open the door and I would ask him to close the door.
Imagine him crying and closing the door, haha, so cute.
He would cry and climb onto bed with me.
That's also why I sleep for another 2 hours because I'm lazy to take care of him.
So, we will just sleep (:
 Ahhhh, he was a baby, now he's a toddler.
I love that boyyyyyy, I always hug him and tell him "I love you" before I go out.
He says it back too, so cute, "bye, yiyi, love you".

"Waynn, cover your eyes with your hands, yiyi's taking a picture"

He gets up, we watch Disney =,=
His favourite show is Hi5, lol.
My mum forbids us from watching Spongebob Squarepants or Adventure Time++.
She deems them unsuitable for my nephew, hence, I'm not allowed to watch, what?!
Guess what was showing today?
Beauty and the Beast.
This fairytale though... I couldn't even remember how it goes.
I watched the second half of it this morning.
Wow, old as gold, I used to love the teacup so much.
I used to only drink water from my little teacup when I was a kid.

I don't like how people make fun of this fairytale.
Saying that Belle falls for a beast because he is rich and lives in a big castle.
Uh, so sick of that mentality.
 The world is so sick that money has become such a big factor.
Everyone believes in money, nobody believes in true love.
I always believe in true love but wait... I don't think I believe in finding it myself.
Is there a difference? Lol, girl doing the contradicting thing again.

 Those people are too lucky.
To find someone you love and he/she loves you back.
There are perfect men around me, they are not perfect but they are perfect for me.
Yet, not everyone can click with each other.
Not everyone can keep a conversation going.
Not everyone can be attracted to your silly smile.
Why? We have so much in common, we are perfect together.
Why won't it work?

Weird, so weird, this thing called love or attraction, so weird.

If you ever find someone so beautiful to you, don't let her/him go.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
We should appreciate what's pleasant to our eyes, not other people's eyes.
You think he/she is beautiful, just hold on there, there's something going on.
There must be something, there must be something you see in him/her.

 Yeh, I'm sure that you're smart and intelligent but..
If he/she is smarter than you in a way that impresses you, accept it.
Don't feel pressured just because he/she is smarter.
Smarter in the "common sense" way, ok, maybe in the "knowledge" way too.
I guess common sense is more important, it's not going to work if both don't share common values.
A smart other half nurtures you, will probably be a good father/mother to your future children.
Adore him/her for his/her smartness, they will make you a better person.

 Sincerity is so important to me.
I can't accept people who are not sincere to me, that's it.
Sincerity..., how sincere is he, how sincere is she?
Does he/she love you with all of his/ her heart?
This makes me sound clingy but I'm not clingy.
You just gotta convince me that you love me and I'm sure that you sincerely love me.
I'll let you go, you do your thing, just make sure you know that..
I am home, you come home.
Nothing feels better than home, you don't leave home.

He/she is strong but definitely has another side JUST for you.
I love a man who is strong and firm outside but is the biggest kid in front of you.
I don't care how bad his temper is at work, I just hope I'm his "fire extinguisher".
It's sometimes annoying when he acts like a kid but you secretly adore that part of him.
You just hope it never changes and you don't want to share that trait of his with others.

Compromises, commitments.
People are scared of settling down and missing out "fun things" in the outside world.
I'm more a domestic person, I guess I'm boring, always wanting to get married early.
Friends tell me that I'll slowly change my mind.
I guess it's slowly affecting me.
Seeing friends' life getting screwed up with the cheating, the betrayal, the irresponsibility.
The adult world is scary.
Settling down doesn't mean missing out the fun things.
You just gotta be passionate about life, that's it.

I always say that I believe in true love but I guess I don't really believe in it.
I don't know. I haven't met someone who sees me very specially.
Even if I do, if I did, I don't think I'll ever believe it, I'm not convinced.
Not convinced that someone would just treasure a person for what he/she is.
That's the thing, it's shitty, I don't even know how to explain.
If I ever meet that someone, the first thing I'll tell him is
"please don't break me"
whimp. pfft.

One day, you will find the beast that is not "beasty" to you.
One day, you will find the beauty that is not all beautiful to you.
Yet, he/she means the world to you.

This song gives me goosebumps.

What babbling...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Being pretty from the heart

Hi, how are you?
I hope you're doing very well.
If you ask me, I'm fine, I'm so fine, very, fine.
Just an update about me, (if you ever are interested to know, lol).
I've been very happy, so happy.
I feel like I've never been happier.
I feel so... alive.
Work's great, from Singapore to Indonesia, Johor Bahru and Penang is next.
Friends are awesome, family is fine.
What more can I ask for?

I still fear.
I fear being too happy and one day it's all going to tumble down.
You know how life does the "hey, wait a minute" thing?
I'm a person who thinks a tad bit more than other people, lol.
I often feel that I don't deserve or it's just too good to be true.
Everyone tells me to enjoy the moment.
Yeh man, you bet I enjoy every second of it.

I have no trouble sleeping, no trouble at all.
It's amazing how I sleep so well and I'm so happy about it.

I thank Dr Rachel Chew for my boost of confidence.
Then, I realized that I feel prettier now because I'm so happy.
 My eye bags are showing again but I don't freaking care now.
I tend to wear less make up because I feel more comfortable with myself.
I hardly smile showing my teeth but now I laugh happily.
It's from the heart.
朋友都說我春光滿面 哈哈 真的開心

I guess it's my turn to feel happy.
My friends are very happy for me and I'm happy for that.
Lol, this post is all about being happy, sorry if I was boring you, lol.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I honestly think it's harder to be a woman.
Skip the period and pregnancy parts.
Do guys have to use pantyliners? NO!
Do girls have to use pantyliners? YES!

I often worry about hygiene because some say using pantyliner gets more bacteria.
Some pantyliners are so uncomfortable and they get damped so easily.
It's not true, using pantyliner helps prevent the growth of bacterias and yeasts.
I personally won't use one pantyliner for the whole day.
I always have extra pantyliners kept in my bag, so I can change it anytime.
Kotex Fresh Plus liners have 3x defense against bacteria, yeast and odour.
Kotex Fresh Plus comes in 3 types, Ultra V-Care, Gentle Care and Designs.
I love the breathability function that makes it more comfortable to wear. 

Kotex came up with #Kotex1MinSelfV contest to raise awareness of V-zone care.
It's very creative, Kotex gives you tips on taking nice #SelfV in just 1 minute.
1. Find the best angle for yourself.
For me, the angle from my left is the best angle.
I prefer the left side of my face more, lol.

2. Make sure your background/backdrop is pretty.
You don't want to capture a #SelfV with your friend behind picking his/her nose, lol.

It depends, sometimes you want to face the sunlight.
Sometimes it's nice, when the sunlight shines through from behind.

4. Think of a good caption.
I normally use quotes or lyrics of songs for my caption.

Join #Kotex1MinSelfV to win travel vouchers up to RM3000!
30 lucky winners will also be selected to win RM100 shopping vouchers!
It's really easy, here, let me teach you.
Go to

 First step, they will teach you how.
Second step, choose to upload your #SelfV with your computer, phone or Facebook.
Third step, upload and type a caption!


 Forth step, fill in your personal details.
So, Kotex can contact you when you win the prize ;)

Last but not least, spread the love!
Share it on Facebook or Twitter.
You can also redeem your free samples!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Natural make up look

Hello, everyone.
I'm going to do the girls' favourite, makeup review!
I haven't shopped for cosmetics for a while now.
Guess what just arrived at my doorsteps last week?

I wonder what are these silver boxes?

RMK Autumn Winter Collection 2014
"Power of Love"
Love love love the futuristic, classy and elegant packaging!
It's indeed a range of makeup combining elegance with strength through
the subtle contrasts of colour and light.

What comes to your mind when I mention RMK?
When I think about RMK, I think about a "natural beauty" look.
RMK is a unique line of cosmetics deeply rooted in the make up artistry of New York.
It is then brought to life in the dedicated laboratories in Japan.
That's what I'm talking about, a bit of the Western influence and the Asian influence.
Sounds perfect to me (:
 RMK believes that makeup exists to express individuality and 
to create looks that speak of modern sensuality.

RMK is available at Parkson, Pavilion, Isetan KLCC and Isetan The Gardens.
Let's start with the foundation.
RMK Creamy Foundation N.
I use the lightest shade 101, you can go for a more pinkish lightest shade 201.
I must use a foundation with a SPF because I often skip using sun block.
It's not good to skip using sun block but my foundation offers a SPF28.

It is as rich and creamy as it seems, not sticky at all.

It gives my skin a polished look.

Moving on to the eyes part including eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyeliner and mascara.
RMK W Eyebrow Pencil and Powder.
I normally line my eyebrows using eyebrow pencil, especially at the head and tail of my brows.
Then, I fill my eyebrows in with eyebrow powder to create a soft and natural look.

RMK Matte Mascara.
As you all know, I always go for the thick mascara, I stopped using fake lashes.
I go for the "W" brush of RMK Matte Mascara that offers volumic and dramatic eyelashes.

RMK Matte Shiny Eye Pencil.
Wow, I love this eye pencil, very impressive.
You get the matte crayon and a shining finish applicator in one.
I don't need to bring my bulky eyeshadow out now, just use this pencil.

Showing off my eyelashes, is it vain? :D

Last but not least, a touch of blusher and lip gloss.
RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks.
Uh, the packaging is so cute, I just wanted to keep it and not use it, haha!
It combines two different textures, matte and shiny.
It gives you matte textured pink yielding a little soft-glow cheeks.
That creates a natural look without a shining cheeks with shiny shimmers but glowing cheeks.

RMK Shiny Sheer Gloss.
Loving the feather light texture that incorporates a subtle sheen.

Haha, I still like to do my eyeliner like that.
What do you think? Not natural enough? Ok natural? Natural? Lol.

Ok, let me give you a natural smile to make it more "natural".
Get confident with RMK! :)

Attention, attention, attention, I always get the good stuff for you all, man... haha.
Thanks to RMK for the awesomeness though!
Get your complimentary mini makeover at RMK counters at
Parkson, Pavilion,
Isetan, KLCC
Isetan, The Gardens.
Not only that, you get FREE samples of creamy foundation by

You are very welcome.
It is valid until 30th of September 2014.
So, hurry up, go get a makeover and feel extra fabulous!