Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Smell like vanilla


Tzia and me, at the Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue launch (:

Kleenex proudly introduces a new product to their scented range of facial tissue -
Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue
 Let me just be captain obvious right here, the scented tissue smells like vanilla, haha.
Vanilla to me, is a familiar scent, we all grow up with it.
The vanilla scent is also favoured by many, by kids, by adults, by everyone.
 Kleenex believes that a sweet vanilla scent helps us rekindle plenty of our sweet memories.
 So, let us all celebrate those happy moments with the favourable scent of
 Kleenex Vanilla Scented Tissue during this Raya season.

A short introduction on the scented range of facial tissues, they are designed and made to
uplift through the amazing power of scent.
Kleenex firstly introduced the fresh Cherry Blossom scent.
My family uses Cherry Blossom scented tissues at home because we love the floral rose scent.
I meant who doesn't love things that smell good.
Moreover, my sister loves pink colour, so the packaging is perfect for our home.
To be very honest, Kleenex makes really good tissues.
They don't tear easily and they are thick enough to absorb liquid well.

Anyway, this Vanilla Scented tissue is new and also a limited edition.
I somehow feel relaxed smelling to scented tissue.
Imagine you're sad and crying, this scented tissues might be a little bit of comfort at sad times.
Softness is also a crucial point, you need soft tissuea when you cry or when you have flu,
so they don't damage your skin while using or rubbing on our face, haha.

I'm so happy about promoting Kleenex's new range of scented tissue
because I finally get to join #competitiveaunties.
I always see Careen, Audrey, Bobo, Wei Zhi use the hashtag of competitive aunties.
I really want to be one of them, haha, Tzia and I became part of them that day.
I'm not a parent, I'm not a wife but I "aunty" my nephew, haha.

Look at our outfits, matching colours though.

How we smell vanilla, lol.

Too bad that Cik Epal didn't bring Seketul Han that day.
Seketul Han is her son and I always "kidnap" him when I see him at events because I love babies.
This vanilla scented tissue is perfect for Han because he always drools, lol lol lol.
He will smell good like vanilla instead of smelling like saliva, haha.

We had fun filming about our sweetest memories too.
I said that the vanilla scented tissue reminds me of my mum because she does all the house chores.
I hope people don't get it wrong.
We grow up with vanilla scent.
Vanilla cake, vanilla bread, vanilla ice cream, vanilla air freshener and more.
Vanilla feels like home, something that's warm, homie, soft and that's
We have the best memories together, 24 years so far.
We will have more in the future.

For more information, log on to www.facebook.com/kleenex.Malaysia

Thanks Kleenex for having me at this launch!
ps: my mum and I love the goodie bag!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I've been busy moving to new apartment lately.
There's no internet at the new place.
So, I'm out, sitting at a cafe.
Just finished writing my draft and kinda wanna say something.
It seems like I only blog when I'm feeling emotional.
Emotional 屁啦 down就down吧
It seems like I only blog when I'm feeling (more towards) down.
It seems like I do not spread happiness anymore.
However, my love for music does show though.
Whenever I'm not blogging about my thoughts, I'm blogging about music.

I always thought I'm the only one who can't get my shit together but
what I find today is that everyone doesn't have their shit together.
They are too, trying as hard as I am trying.
I thought that things always fall apart for me.
Dayum, things do fall apart for people around me too.

Are they stronger? Are they better at managing?
Or are they just good at concealing their feelings?
But how though?
If you're good at concealing feelings which means you're good at managing.
So, I've been failing at managing my emotions.
Yeh, probably right.
But how though? Is there a class for it?
I'll go for that class, lol.

Perhaps, life is that class.

So uncomfortable blogging outside because everyone near me could see my laptop screen.
Til I get my internet back, byeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Today" is what you learnt

Fake cheesy tattoo but true, heh.

I haven't been blogging.
Nothing around me inspires me anymore?
Do I need to find a new direction?
You need to me inspired to live, that gives life new meanings.
Lost for words.
Lost for thoughts.
I have plenty of time to think lately, more than before.
 It came to mind that one of the hardest things to do in life is to learn to shut up.
Day by day, bit by bit, I learn to shut up.

I like to make things clear, I always make things clear even when it's unnecessary.
I like to explain because I don't like any hard feelings.
I never understood "some things are not meant to be clear".
I used to think that we do not live in movies.
我们没有 剧情里的 “伟大”
It's not like in the movies.
I think it's stupid when people say that you don't say some things because it's good for someone.
We are not that kind and generous in real life, sometimes we don't say things, it's probably cause
we have given up, anything at all, there is no point.
Dafuq am I talking about? Dafuq.
When you stop saying something isn't because it's good for someone but good for yourself.
I did learn that some things you don't say because you know what's best for yourself.
You don't need to explain because people who know you, know.

Everyday is a learning day.
You don't get good at something in just one day.
I often read my own blog to remind myself, to reassure myself when I lose faith over little things.

Write yourself something.
Something this short.
Read it back a month later.
"Today" is what you learnt when you look back at "today" a month later.

Today's "song of the day" is a Chinese song.
I was humming to "就算宇宙爆炸 海水都蒸發" but I couldn't recall the name of this song.
Found it, some old school sweet song by Tank.

I also like this line very much (:
"便利商店裡 誰也買不到
我們最想要的東西 只握在喜歡的人手上"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Candies for you?

I was thrilled knowing that I'll be writing a review for candy.
What candy? Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy.
Yeh, I love my job.
Btw, you read it right, salt flavoured candy.
The newly launched product comes in 4 different flavours -
Sour Plum, Orange, Lemon and Coffee.

I was delighted and hesitant at the same time when I heard that it is salty.
I like my food with heavy flavour and heavy taste, especially saltiness.
Sweetness comes after saltiness.
Sourness comes third and bitterness comes last.
So when I heard it is salty, I was impressed but wait, salt flavoured candy?
It's like a reflex, when you think about candy, it's sweet...or sour.
Salty, worth a try.

Cocoaland Industry manufactures mainly fruity gummy, hard candy, chocolate pie,
cookies, chocolates, wafers, snacks and beverages.
Hmmmm, sounds like Daphne's favourite confectionery factory, lol.

My brother-in-law works in Japan.
He often gets candies back from Japan because my mum loves it.
She loves orange and lemon taste.
Now, she don’t have to wait for my brother-in-law to come back.
 I can easily can get them in Malaysia at a super reasonable price.
Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy…..
A Japanese Style Packaging
A Taste of Japan

Lemon, Orange, and Sour Plum has a fruity taste.
I love the taste of sour plum.
A combination of sweet, sour and salty.
Great to stay awake throughout classes, especially long lectures.

Check my candy pouch, haha!
 I do share my candies (:

I have a lot to talk when it comes to coffee flavour because I'm a barista,
I also own a coffee house.
I mentioned that bitterness is my least favourite.
Even the coffee I make at my cafe tastes more acidic.
Our coffee beans are medium-roast, some people like it dark-roast which is more bitter.
I like my milk frothed sweet… no sugar in my coffee please.

Two days back when I was enjoying my favourite coffee, Jane ask me…
"What flavour of candy goes well with coffee?"
I said "duh, coffee flavour", lol.

I had it with my coffee and this candy is really addictive to me.
I had meetings earlier on that day and I was practically snacking on it the whole day.
I think it's perfect for working adults during meetings.
Plus it's hard candy, so you don't have to munch or chew on it.
You won't appear to be rude throughout the meeting.
Nobody knows you're having candy.

Not just the coffee flavour, lemon, orange and sour plum salt candies are "stimulating" too.
The saltiness makes it like an "awake" candy, keeps you refreshed and "stimulated".
I am sure you will keep wanting for more!


It's fairly new, you can find it at Tesco and Watsons for now, but soon at other hypermarkets.
They hand out testers to customers too.
I got these packs from Tesco.
Starting from 2nd April 2016 till 29th May 2016, Lot100 will be running exciting contests in
Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Cheras Extra and IOI City Mall
You can win attractive daily prizes like Self Balance Scooter.
A Grand Prize Samsung S6 Edge Plus awaits you when you purchase two packs of
Lot 100 Salt Flavoured Candy!

For the wrap, check out their Facebook.

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Music Talk : Mind of Mine

Goodness, he's so hot.

Hi, haven't been blogging. Sorray!
Music talk!
I want to talk about Zayn Malik today.
I love Zayn because I'm a Directioner.
Yes, I am a fan of One Direction, lol.
I like Zayn because I love his voice.
It's so... thick... it's manly yet soulful.
I too like Zayn because of his love to Perrie Edwards.
Well, at least, from what I see on the internet.
They started dating before One Direction even went that famous.
Zayn stayed loyal and of course, Perrie too, they were only 17/18?
Then, Zayn proposed to Perrie years later.

Anyway, cut the crap.
They broke up, it broke Perrie's heart so bad.
I watched a video of her singing and suddenly cried, lol.
Am I mean? Sharing this video of her crying? Yeh, mean.
ps : Little Mix's singing and talent are no joke.

This is my new shower song.
I don't sing this song, I "scream" this song in my shower, the high key is "inhuman", lol.
You might have heard it on the radio, it's called "Secret Love Song".
It's Little Mix's latest song featuring Jason Derulo.
Warning: it's addictive.

Back to Zayn.
Ya, he's dating Gigi Hadid now.
Ya, such a perfect couple.
Wait, nothing is perfect, I used to think that Zayn and Perrie were perfect.
Everything is so public, kinda feel bad for Perrie.

Nice Vogue pictures though...


Ok, let's just focus on their music.

Zayn left One Direction because he felt restricted.
He wanted to make his style of music.
One Direction's music is pop, teenage pop, catchy tune.
"One Direction" is young, not just their age but their music, vibrant and young.
I think what Zayn wants to do is R&B, I hear a lot of electronic and soft rock too.
Beat is strong, lotsa falsetto, he's good at falsetto.

Zayn's music is bold.
Sensitive and mature at the same time.
The first song he debuted was "Pillow Talk", 24/7 on the radio.
This is the second song I heard when he went on to perform on a talk show.
"iT's YoU"

His live performance sounds as perfect as his record.

The album is called "Mind of Mine".
It really is the mind of Zayn Malik's.
This album is sexy but I hear a little anger in it.
Ok maybe not anger but a lot of his lost emotions.
His dissatisfaction about the music industry, raw feelings, everything uncensored.
It's a total change, like Justin Bieber's transformation. Raw.

Maybe it's not a transformation.
It's originality, it's being able to make the music you love. Impressive.
They got guts to step out of their zone.

I also want to talk about Yuna.
Yuna, Malaysian singer.
You might not know her but she's making it in UK and US.
She played Coachella, does anybody know that?
I think I blogged about her years back or shared it on Facebook.
I too can't wait for her new album.
Dafuq, she collaborated with Usher.
I must say that the song is great on its own.
I was surprised when I first heard that song, it played at the chorus.
I was like... what a song, who is this?
Then, it went into second verse, I was shiet, this is definitely Usher.
I shazamed it and it was Yuna, poooooof, mind blown.
I shared it on Instagram, snapchat and with my friends too, everyone loves it.
Have a listen here:
The full audio is finally up on Youtube.