Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Everyone knows that I love music.
Music is a form of art.
As you know, I always share about the music I love, the art I love.
Brit music, Irish music, local art and photography, everything amazing.
We recently approached local photographer TTFGA to do his exhibition at Project Space too.
I have a strong passion for art.
I always try to encourage people, especially youngsters to appreciate art, all forms of art.
The art scene is Malaysia is not bad but not too good, still picking up.
I'll keep doing what I do, spreading good music, great art.
Thanks Petrosains for appreciating my passion for art.
Thanks for inviting me to the launch of the ILLUSION exhibition.
It's a mind blowing exhibition from Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.
 ILLUSION exhibition is a fusion of science, art and psychology.
You know how science can be boring even though it's very interesting.
What this exhibition does is, it joins magic with psychology, optical illusions with
scientific reasoning and confusion with clarity.

Welcome remarks by Chief Executive Officer of Petrosains Sdn. Bhd.-
Yang Mulia Tengku Nasariah Tengku Syed Ibrahim.

Followed with a speech by Irish Ambassador to Malaysia -
His Excellency Ambassador Designate Eamon Hickey.

(His accent reminds me so much of my favourite band, Kodaline.
Duh, of course, they are Irish, lol.)

Not to forget the performance by "The Young KL Singers".
They gave Yuyu and me serious goosebumps.

Then, it was time to tour "ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems" Exhibiton.

ILLUSION explores the myriad of ways the mind is tricked through sensory deception.
It helps us investigate how perception underpins the way we see, feel, think and understand.

Can you see me on the screen?

This one here has got a touch sensor.
It's so interesting.
You can catch these virtual bugs and they will travel to your body.
They were crawling on my skin.

Bottle Magic.
The question is...
how did they put the converse shoes into the jar?

 Watch the world distort before your eyes.

It is the first time that Petrosains is hosting an exhibition with such popular youth appeal and
a cross genre between science, art and illusion.
Petrosains hopes to attract a more sophisticated audience from the youths.
I was surely hooked, you guys should really check this exhibition out.
 It's only a 4-month-long exhibition, starting from 4th September 2015 to the 10th of January 2016.

One of the most impressive - the Counter by Anthony Murphy
It's a video-mapped structure.
Very tricky, it forges relationships between the digital and the physical elements of the piece.
Let me show you.

This is the cube.

Now, see how it changed but it really didn't.
Your mind tricked you.

It's amazing how art ignites interest and cultivates passion in people.
I walked into this room, I was so blown away.
It's beautiful.

I call this the strings of stars.

Saw a figure sitting inside?
It's just illusion.
It's a floating figure in a constellation of quartz crystal stars.
Absolutely alluring and stunning!

This exhibition recently showcased in Charlotte, North Carolina and San Diego, California.
Now in their first venue in Asia, Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur,
it really is a MUST-VISIT MUST-SEE exhibition.
For more information on opening hours, visit

Jessica and yours truly (:
We had so much fun at the exhibition.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, is a non-profit set-up established by Petronas
to extend its commitment in the pillar of education by
providing a rich and stimulating environment to enhance science literacy.
I think what they are doing is very admirable.
Do support such a meaningful movement, be sure to catch this exhibition soon!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Perfect Straight

So many of you always ask me what shampoo do I use.
I've been using Sunsilk Perfect Straight for a while now.
I did swap to Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable in between.
I'm back to Sunsilk Perfect Straight now because I really love the smell of the purple variant.
I also really have no time to straighten my hair,
so I just use Sunsilk Perfect Straight to keep my hair straight, it's easier to maintain.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight contains the Straight Lock™  technology
which helps ensure alignment of hair strands.
It is co-created by renowned straight hair expert, Yuko Yamashita.

My hair is at a very awkward length now.
If I curl it, I'll look old.
If I do a slight wave, my face will look chubby.
Hence, blow drying is enough.
Wash, conditioning, blow dry, DONE.
You get the beautifully straight hair but not flat.
You can actually leave your hair to dry naturally, you'll still have the straight hair.
When I have time to chill at home, I leave it to dry naturally.
When I need to get ready to go out, I usually blow dry my hair.

Another thing I realized is that Sunsilk Perfect Straight helps improve straightness
until the next wash depending on users' activity, wash frequency,
styling and hair care products used, exposure to different environment, etc.

Sometimes, I still have straight hair the next morning I wake up, haha.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight also helps prevent from frizzy looking hair as hair dries after wash.
I like to tie my hair up when I'm working on something.
Making coffee, doing dishes, blogging, driving ++
I like how my hair still stays straight after being tied and let go.
Most importantly, my hair won't go frizzy-looking.

Besides having straight hair, Sunsilk Perfect Straight improves manageability of hair
for beautifully neat appearance to help reinforce one's confidence.
Nothing is better than a good hair day!
Start having good hair days (:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random : I'm the Mother of Potatoes

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my post about social media.
I'm not apologizing for my opinions but I apologize for my use of words.
It was a random blog post, constant typing without really filtering.
Didn't expect it to be shared for almost 200times.
It sounded like a rant but I was just trying to talk to you readers through my blog.
It's like having an unfiltered conversation with you readers, it's just that you can't talk back, haha.
It wasn't a smart piece and I wasn't even trying to be "smart".
I got bashed for my English (sad for me, hahaha).
Everyone's perception is different, not everyone is right about everything.
I'm not right about everything, I'm never right about everything.
I guess I should stop trying to explain, people who know will know, people who don't, they just don't.

Anyway, life goes on.
Go back to my random daily postings.
I just got back from Macau and Bangkok.
Crazy month.

1. My whatsapp name is Khaleesi.
Khaleesi is a character in the drama series "Game of Thrones".
She's Daenerys Stormborn, the Mother of Dragons, basically she's a queen la, lol.
I was dealing with this cake supplier for Space.
Every time when she asks me for cake order, she goes
"Khaleesi, is there any cake order?"
Lol lol lol, I just let her call me Khaleesi.
I feel so good when she calls me Khaleesi because she thought my name is Khaleesi.
Ahahaha, I like it, let's just keep it this way.
I'm Mother of Potatoes.

2. I have crazy cravings for mini Oreos lately.
MUST be the mini ones.

3. I need to renew my passport.
I love my current passport because it has got numerous immigration stamps in there but
it's expiring, I need to get a new one.
I have the Australian student visa in my current passport, the sticker type.
It's all digital now, they don't do the student visa sticker anymore, it's so precious to me, haha.
Japan tourist visa too, I have it in my current passport.
We don't need visa to go to Japan anymore, it's a good thing but
the visa is something worth keeping for me.
Anyhow, I still get to keep my old passport.
Memories, memories...
New journeys begin with the new passport, woot woot!
I hope to start it with USA or UK.
I haven't made my London dream come true yet.
Soon soon soon...

4. I think airlines should have comment cards for flight attendant/crew.
Flight A, the flight attendants are so un-friendly that it made me feel so uncomfortable, lol.
Flight B, the pilot did such a fantastically smooth landing, I wanted to praise him, haha.
Flight C, met a flight attendant named Angel who came forward to say hi to me.
Wanted to send her brownie but I slept through the whole flight, lol.
Flight D, I met such a good looking flight attendant, wanted to compliment her, lol lol.

5. How to clean white sneakers?
You go to hotels, you get the hotel toothbrushes right? Or just use your old toothbrushes.
Put toothpaste on and start brushing off dirt.
Voila, new shoes!

6. Life decisions.
Everyone makes decisions in life.
You have to be responsible for your decisions in life.
If it's a right one, good for you.
If it's a wrong one, fix it, if you can't fix it, accept the fault, move on from there.
Have lotsa deep thoughts when I shit, no joking, when I drive.
As I grow up, things around me are not that simple anymore.
Growing up is tough, hmmmmm...

7. So emotional suddenly, must be the period, lol.
I have my outfit planned tomorrow, with a Coach bag.
I feel like crying looking at that Coach bag, I feel touched, why?
It was my first work trip to HK when I was 18.
I was already independent as shit.
I remember I got a cheque.
At the airport, it's a Coach store, Coach was having sales.
I walked in and I bought the first branded bag in my life.
I got it for my mother.
I picked another Coach bangle for my sister, it was also the first branded bangle I bought.
It was a lot to me but I was so happy getting something for my mother and my sister.
Today, I'm working with Coach.
Looking at the gifts Coach Malaysia sent me, I feel so touched.
It's nothing BIG to other people but it's something...
It's definitely something BIG to me, it means a lot to me.

Thanks for believing in me.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gold Coast and Brisbane 1

It was my first time travelling to Queensland.
I love Australia, I used to study in Perth.
I've visited Sydney before and I love Sydney.
My friends and I got the chance to go around Gold Coast and Brisbane last month.

View of the beach from our hotel, Surfers Paradise.

It was such a great trip, schedule-packed, exciting and memorable.
It was to celebrate Ben's birthday (Ben is Natalie's boyfriend).
They are like dad and mum to Jane, Ashley and me, haha.

Check the night view of Brisbane city, so amazing.

Jane and I have not only a concert-to-go list but a bucket list.
We always always always wanted to go for skydiving and we made it!
Jane, Ash and I were keen to experience skydiving.
Ben is afraid of heights, hahaha but we made him go for the SkyPoint Climb.
He was shaking, hahaha, I'll elaborate more in the next post.
We made Natalie join us for skydiving, she was so scared but she loves it now
after jumping off a plane 12000feet above.

We are still working on our travel vlog.
I made a short video here.
This is how I annoy Jane and Ash all the time.
They are very good at rolling their eyes.
I thought it was funny, so I filmed it whenever I sang to them.

We went for a hot air balloon ride.
It was fantastic, TWO COUPLES PROPOSED.
It was wonderful and romantic.
I'll compile all the pictures and write a detailed blog post about the trip, stay tuned.
We are best friends but our bond grew stronger after this trip.
Queensland is such a nice place to travel too.
There are so many things to do there, so many activities we'd never tried before and now we have.
The rainforest land, I'll never forget how I was chased by a turkey, lol.
The beach, the feeling stepping on soft sand, soaking up the sun while paddle boarding.
Enjoy the breeze and fresh air in the skies of the outback.
We did so many things together and we look out for each other throughout the trip.

Friend4eva, mates (:

Friday, November 6, 2015

PETRONAS Kad Mesra Movie

Ash and I got invited to the "PETRONAS Kad Mesra Movie" event last week.
That's what you get being a PETRONAS user.
Rewards, rewards and rewards...
PETRONAS always finds ways to reward their customers.
Kad Mesra is a loyalty card for PETRONAS users.
Just swipe your Kad Mesra before pumping fuel.
You get to collect points and then, redeem premium prizes.

Just like this event, we get to watch the movie PAN for freeeeeeeeee.
Petronas booth at TGV cinema in 1 Utama.

It really was a 5-star event because we also had buffet dinner at Indulge TGV!

It was like a gathering, got to see my friends.
Every time I see Cik Epal's son, gerammmmmmm... (in a nice way)
Got to carry him and I didn't want to let go, hahaha.
He doesn't cry, he doesn't make noise, not even a single pout, a very good boy.
Steady, always steady at events.
I justwant to bring him home, haha!

So nice that they get to spend family time at events, like this movie night.
I saw families at the event, enjoying good food and good company.
Such a great way to reward customers.

It's a blur picture because I took the picture without focusing to avoid the flashlight hurting his eyes.
So thoughtful, I know, haha!
*cubit cubit*

Representative from PETRONAS was telling us more about
Kad Mesra's limited edition redemption.
This promotion will be implemented at over 795 PETRONAS stations
(with Kedai Mesra) nationwide.
It is a nationwide promotion to reward PETRONAS customers for their constant support,
presenting them with values beyond just fuel.

Redemption items are well made with great quality.
Customers will need to full up a simple form to indicate that they receive the items in good condition.
Don't you worry about poor quality or faulty defects.
PETRONAS got it under control!

Moving on to the redemption items, they include
Backpack Bag, Duffle Bag and Flat Brim Cap.
I am team Duffle Bag, I like it the most.
They are all cotton lining and come with the PETRONAS PRIMAX Championship Logo.
Ya, these merchandises will make you look as cool as Lewis Hamilton, haha.
You get to redeem these merchandises with less Mesra points during promotion period
15 September to 15 November.
Backpack Bag at 5000 points, now 4000
Duffle Bag at 4500, now 3500
Flat Brim Cap at 3500, now 2500

Had such a pleasure to speak to the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Director of
PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd, Mr. Ibrahimnuddin.
A down-to-Earth, friendly man.
Keep up your good work with PETRONAS, sir!
Malaysia Boleh!!!

Remember to get your Kad Mesra soon!
For more info, please visit: