Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catch Ariana Grande Live in Manila with me

Ok, haven't done "Music Talk" posting in a while.
Yeap, Ariana Grande for today.
The first ever song I've heard from Ariana Grande is The Way featuring Mac Miller on the radio.
I was thinking that this song is catchy and
I was so impressed with the dolphin sound at almost the end of the song. 
Mariah Carey did come across my mind.
I had to "shazam" it.
Me being me, I went home and started learning about the name Ariana Grande.
I watched plenty of her live performances on YouTube.
Dayum, thinking that she young she hot she talented.
This girl has got a very bright future ahead of her.

Everyone watched City of Bones yeh?
 Then, you must know of this song.
This song is a must-sing for me at the karaoke.
Nobody sings this song better than Ariana Grande.
Crazy high pitch, the range is so wide. 

A really romantic song!

Problem featuring Iggy Azalea got released.
Bang Bang, Break Free, One Last Time, big big big hits on the radio.
Let's talk about her latest album, "My Everything".
"My Everything" has been replayed for more than 100times in my car.
My favourite song from this album is Best Mistake featuring Big Sean.
 I follow Ariana Grande on Instagram.
She posted a tease of Best Mistake on her instagram before this album was released.
I was like "this song is gonna be so good".
As expected, it's such a great song.
I like to rap Big Sean's part.

Watch this live performance, so good, so gooooooooood...

Love Me Harder featuring The Weeknd is one of my favourites too.

Ariana Grande toured Asia before, she performed in Japan.
I actually planned a trip to go see her concert but I had work to do.
Super jelly of my friends because they were there, they said she's incredible.
Ariana Grande will be in Asia again.
This time, Manila.
Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for appreciating my love for music.
Instead of bringing a plus one for myself, why not giving a chance to another fan of Ariana Grande?

It's the Honeymoon Tour, baby!

It's gonna be fun travelling with me, well, I highly believe so, hahaha!

An all-expense paid trip for ONE to catch Ariana Grande Live in Manila with Daphne.
(Expenses include return flight, 2D1N accommodation and concert ticket only)
Concert Details
Date : 23rd August 2015
Venue : Mall Of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines.
 All you have to do is:
Full information, click HERE.
1.Purchase Ariana Grande “My Everything” Deluxe on iTunes, HERE.
2.Go to, fill in your details
and answer one simple question.
3.Upload your iTunes receipt as proof of purchase.
*Winner will be notified by our friendly staff via phone call.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cara Delevingne being mocked

Haven't really been inspired lately.
Maybe cuz I haven't been reading.
Need to get back to reading.

As I was thinking about what to talk about, I was scrolling through my facebook feed.
I saw this news about Cara Delevingne being mocked by two news anchors.
I watched the video and it pained me so much, I so want to explain on her behalf, lol.
Omg, I'm so furious right now that I can write about it.
My biggest fear is horror movie, second comes MEAN PEOPLE.
I can not stand mean people, all my friends know that.
Just the other day, Jane was telling a friend of ours that I can't stand mean people
and I always avoid encountering meanness (as though I can see sense their potential meanness.)
I do not and I will not know how to react if I ever meet someone really mean.
I'll be so upset that I might cry but furious inside.
It seems like I'm that type of person who would speak my mind out loud.
I don't know man, I think I'd be very very very upset.

So, back to Cara.

Ok, first thing first.
I strongly dislike interviewers who do not do their homework.
I often watch a lot of interviews, especially Ed Sheeran's.
Sometimes, the interviewers ask the dumbest dumbest dumbest questions.
They know nothing about the artist they were interviewing.
It appears to be rude, dull, uninteresting and disrespectful.

No.1-The thing is they didn't even know about Cara.
They don't know about Cara, they probably think that she's just some model.
No, if you read the damn book, MARGO IS CARA, CARA IS MARGO.
That is why Cara got the role and she played Margo.
Margo is so Cara Delevingne, Cara is so Margo Roth Spiegelman.  

No.2-She is a super carefree, sarcastic, fun, a crazy girl.
That's her personality.
That's how she won over so many modelling contracts.

No.3-MAYBE her signature eyebrows make her look fierce.

No.4-Not everyone wears a bright smile all the time.
Don't mind me, Americans are really really very friendly.
They are energetic and they smile a lot.
It's very nice but not everyone likes to smile 24/7.

So yea, they had mistaken her name as Carla.
They asked her if she read the book.
She sarcastically said she didn't but she then explained that she did, of course.
Yeh, it's a great book and it has only one book.
Another stupid question follows, do you see any similarities between Margo and Cara.
Cara being Cara, "I hate Margo", lol lol lol.
They thought that she had it easy just cuz she's a model-turned-actress.
Who asks an actress if she is just exhausted?!
"We’ll let you go then, how about that?"
"Let you take a little nap, maybe get a red bull."
Omg, the rudest thing I've ever heard.

"You make $5 million for six weeks worth of work,
you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph."
No, nobody needs to be nice to such a shitty show.
Not everyone has to put on a smile through all interviews.
They are just being themselves.

They said "she was in a mood" while they were the ones who cut her live interview off.

Not everyone puts on a smile all the time.
It's just not them.
They are just cool, sometimes people are just not all chirpy and shit.
For example, I adore Kristen Stewart so much.
People always make fun of her for not smiling.
People give her shit because she doesn't smile.
Kristen Stewart is just cool, she has a character and she is a character.
Lorde doesn't seem to smile on tv a lot but she's one of the nicest person I've ever met.
You don't even have to meet her to know it.
Just follow her instagram, she's a happy person, it doesn't mean that she has to smile a lot on tv.
Taylor Swift smiles a lot, yes, she's a good person.
That's her personality, she's all cheerful and chirpy.
Some people are just not like that.

Sad thing is that I have a chronic resting bitch face as well.
I don't smile a lot because I don't feel confident.
I like to hide my teeth because I do not have nice teeth.
 I also like to pretend that people don't see me, so I do not do eye contact.
When people talk to me, I talk back but it's very very very awkward.
I'm super awkward because I don't know what to say, please forgive me.
I often just say thank you.

I always remember this story.
I was studying in Perth. 
One day, I had a big fight with my ex boyfriend, I wasn't wearing make up.
I was at Melissa, choosing flats.
There was this sweet girl who walked towards me.
"You're daphne right? I read your blog."
I squeezed a very awkward smile,
"Hi, ya, hehe, thanks for reading my blog, hehhhhh..."
Super awkward, then 我就默默的飄走了... lol.
I smiled and awkwardly walked back to the chair.
Sat down and stared at 3 pairs of flats.
I was thinking omg omg omg shit I look horrible I look terrible omg what should I do.
Ok let's just look down and don't make any eye contact
so she doesn't remember how ugly I look without make up.

I went home and I received a comment from her.
She said that I'm very cocky.
This bugged me so much, until this day.
I felt so so so so so so so bad.
I still feel so bad because I should've been friendlier.
I should've made conversations.

I seemed so mean but I wasn't being mean.
I hate people being mean and that's why I will never be mean to people for no reason.
I try very hard not to be mean.
Sometimes, there are situations when I have to be mean,
I probably will have a damn good reason to be mean.
I hate how it feels so I wouldn't put other people in the same position.
I like to keep quiet, just keep quiet.
 I think being sarcastic is better than being mean.
I wish someday my sarcasm level is as high as Jane.
Jane has got the ways to be so sarcastic that you won't even "geddit", lol.
Ok, this post is never ending, I have to sleep.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Little Paper Towns story

"I love John Green's books.
I like The Fault in Our Stars very much.
Before our first date, you watched the movie just to impress me.
Not bad not bad at all, guy watching a romance movie just cause I like it.
Paper Towns was the 4th John Green book I read.
I got it last year, after knowing that it would be made into a movie.
You love to play computer game.
Some times, I played with you, I find it pretty interesting actually.
It was great, I grew to like computer game because it makes you happy.
I like to see you happy, I love that smile. 
You once said that you're happy when I'm happy, totally the other way round.
I'm happy when you're happy.
I love how we would spend time together doing separate things.
I would sit at the edge of the long couch and read my book.
You would sit at the other end and play computer game or video game.
Some times, we got bored of what we were doing and we watched a movie together.

Love the silent moments.
Just simply enjoying each other's company without talking.
So comfortable.

'Hey, so what's this book about?'
'Babe, I'm not even 50 pages through.'
'But tell me something about it.'
'I'll tell you when I finish the book.'
'No, tell me something now, there must be something.'
You are persuasive and you will not give up for shit.
'So, there's this girl...'
'What's her name?'
'Margo, her name is Margo, she's avenging her cheating boyfriend with the help of 
her neighbour, Quentin.'
'So, does Margo like Quentin?'
'No, I think Quentin loves Margo.'
'Alright, then?'
'That's it, play your game, I'll tell you more soon.'

Two days later.
'So, Margo left town and she left clues, Quentin is determined to find her.'

Another day later.
'So, where did Margo go?'
I don't know why this line gets stuck in my head and
I always think about you asking me 'where did Margo go?'
I don't know why it left such a deep impression.
'I don't know, we will watch it together, alright?'
'When will the movie be out?'
'I don't know when, prolly next year?'
'Sure, b, whatever you like.'

We didn't make it pass 'next year', lol.

You went missing like Margo.
You gave me the best months in life so far.
You're like a mystery but you're not one.
You didn't need me, you picked me and I picked you back.  
I tried to find you but you didn't want to be found by ME.
You were not a miracle. You were not an adventure.
You were not a fine and precious thing.
You were a boy.
You're still happy now, it's all that matters.
Stay happy, you look best when you're happy."


Don't get me wrong, I'm not being sensitive, over sensitive or emotional.
No. I'm very happy, I'm a happy person.
I just don't know why I always have these thoughts after learning something new.
I would really want to note everything down but...
I always get judged for being overly emotional or sensitive.
Guys, I'm happy, ok.
Guys, I just like to write, I like expressing deep thoughts.
Guys, I'm writing poetry here, ok maybe not poetry, I'm not that good but...
I'm just sharing what I learn in life.
About relationships between lovers, between friends, between family.
About life...
Readers should notice that I don't really blog anymore.
It's not that I don't want to but people judge me for exposing private thoughts.
The struggle is REAL, guys.
I might just delete this post, else I'll never get a boyfriend, lol lol lol.

So back to the topic, I watched the movie.
Oh yeah, I got to watch it first, teehee.
Spoiler alert?

It was great but it's the same.
I loved the book more but the movie was good.
I'd say that it's better than TFIOS, I'm sorry!
Margo portrayed super well, Cara has got the Margo attitude.
Q was great, great acting.
Gotta love Ben, loved Ben, loved Radar.
Very good castings, they all fit the characters very well.
Not to forget Ansel made a special appearance, I squirmed.
I read the book, so I knew how it was gonna.
I could also mouth their dialogues but I had to keep quiet, it was tough.
My favourite beer sword bit was in it too.
I wrote a book review about Paper Towns, search for it and read it (:
Worth watching, better than I expected and it was really funny, very.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Daphne Charice & Kang Er - High Hopes (Kodaline)

I haven't done the random facts post for a long time.
Still remember?
Sometimes I do like fun facts, super random things, sometimes funny.
I always think I'm funny.
Am I? I really think I am funny.

#1. I made the whole Space crew call me "Khaleesi".
Khaleesi is the Mother of Dragons (Danerys Targaryen), a character in Game of Thrones.
I keep going like "I'M NOT A QUEEN, I'M KHALEESI!!!".
My head barista was like "KA LU SI" (direct translation : let you die), lol.

#2. Currently playing - 
I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran.

#3. Ed Sheeran wrote that song ^

#4. I lost my work log but I'm just chilling here, I don't know why.

#5. I don't think I'll ever get sick of the song Love Me Like You Do.

#6. Another fun fact, Tove Lo wrote that song ^
She good, she good.

#7. The most wanted kicks for me right now are dem Yeezy Boost 350.
AJ1 Retro Bred and Royal Blue are also my number one on wishlist.

#8. I haven't achieved my dream of going to London, heh.

#9. I don't know why I like to close my eyes when I sing.
Sometimes it seems like I'm struggling at high notes but the face I make is actually
me feeling dem feels, yall got me? Lol.
For example, this song makes me feel dem feels all the time, all the time.
Feels at 1:18min-1:38minDaphne Charice & Kang Er - High Hopes ( Kodaline )
Posted by Daphne Charice on Monday, July 6, 2015

#10. I had an epiphany that night.
Ya, I always have epiphanies, pfft.
I never thought boobs and booties were important, I never thought so.
I accept aesthetic procedures but I still can't accept plastic surgery myself.
But I always thought that I'll get my jaw fixed if I were to go through plastic surgery.
My jaw is messed up because I had a bad dentist.
So now, I want to fix my teeth and I wanted to go for invasalign.
Braces kinda affect me when I sing, I like to sing, lol.
Turned out that I'm not a suitable candidate for invasalign.
If I want invasalign, I have to go through jaw surgery to fix my jaw first.
I was like shiettttttttttt.
So, I turn to dr.Rachel to get my chin aesthetically fixed, super honest girl here.
I'm going to put braces on soon, then my jaw will be fixed and my chin will be better.
Oh ya, back to the topic, so if I were to choose a plastic surgery procedure now,
I think I really want boobs and booty.
Mine are too petite, it's really sad, ahahaha!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Diary : Better

I am to remember this day.

It seems like I haven't been blogging but I've typed so many articles and some random posts.
Some are drafts, some are deleted.
I decided to publish this random one.

It was the day before my birthday this year.
Liza just came back from the US in the morning.
Natalie just got back from HK.
Leng and Nana rushed from work.
They were there to celebrate birthday for me, to make me feel special.
I like to have Chinese dinner for birthday because we get to sit together.
A round table, so we can see each other and talk.
A symbol of unity too.
Dinner was great and we left to Leonardo's for wine.

It was one of the best nights.
We sat down and we talked for hours.
My shoulders are heavy.
I have very high expectation of myself.
Never for others but for and of myself.
I'm hard on myself, as supposed, that's what they always say.
My mind always has the right ideas, wise decisions, smart answers
but my heart acts... weird.
It's not just my past relationship but my family, my work.
I feel that I'm incompetent at work.
I feel that I have to take all the responsibilities as a good daughter.
 I think for others and I care a lot for their feeling.
I easily feel worthless and incapable, I don't know why.

I was waiting for something to hit me, hit me, so I'll wake up and buck up.
It was that night, I think, I think.
Girls poured their heart, I poured mine.
The patience they offered, the faith they have in me, are tremendous.

  I'm better, so much better.
I'm so positive lately, everyone can sense it, can feel it.
I caught myself smiling at nothing just driving.
That's when I know that I'm happy on my own!

Time is the key.
I'm taking too long but I'm getting there.