Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Music Talk : Chaos and the Calm, James Bay

Been pretty busy and it's kinda hard to balance out.
Haven't done the book reviews I wanted to do.
I read 4books last month, quite crazy.
I always read till 5 in the morning, then I wake up at 9am to start my day.
April has been great.
I've been great.
My friends always tell me to love myself more.
I think I'm doing it pretty well.
Been spending so much on food and sneakers.
Food and sneakers make me happy, haha.
Seeing my friends being happy makes me happy too!

I'm flying off to Singapore tomorrow for CHARLI XCX!!!
Woohoooooooooo, so excited.
Haven't packed my bags yet, ahhhhhh...
Active on music.
Been listening to new music, new albums.
Went to The Script's concert on Sunday.
Omg, mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing.
My emotions are still not settled yet.
Will blog about it!

Today, I introduce to you - James Bay.

He's British, I realized that I really like Brit music.
I like so many of the Irish bands, English bands, English artistes.
James Bay's music is definitely my cup of tea.
The first song I've ever heard from him was "Hold Back The River".

For me, I like to watch live performances.
I like to listen to live performances more than recordings.
So, whenever I discover something I like.
I'll browse through their live performances.
James Bay's talent is impressive.
He sings live well, great vocal.

My favourite song from him will be "Let It Go".
Very sentimental, very emotional.
The strings though...
The electric guitar tune, it got me hooked to this song.

"If You Ever Want To Be In Love" sounded a little Tom Odell-ish to me.
"Scars" and "Move Together" are good too.
Ahhhh, "Best Fake Smile" is really good as well.
Gotta check his album, it's good.
He's going to be huge this year.
Sick talent!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Daphne Charice & Kang Er - 黑色幽默 倒帶 Forever Love 依然愛你

即興的 又弄了歌song cover 是個medley
周杰倫 + 蔡依林 + 王力宏

前天到Clef studio 本想只錄已錄Insta video
Kang Er說 不如我們順道弄個medley 好久沒弄medley了
我就哼了哼幾首 接了這4首歌
黑色幽默 倒帶 Forever Love 和 依然愛你
其實不是很會唱依然愛你 幸好沒忘詞

Kang Er甚麼歌都能唱會唱 羨慕死
我走音幾次 麥克風也爆了很多次 我都知道
但是我不介意 這才真嘛 lol lol lol (藉口)
我真的沒說過 也沒想過我唱歌好聽
矛盾的 有時弄了song cover也不敢po 有時不理 隨便po 真矛盾
最mean的是那些tag朋友 然後取笑我 哈哈哈哈哈哈
哎呀 算了吧 通常我都是不理會但是會小小沮喪
先生小姐 我真的不逼你在看在聽 無奈
不喜歡的可以不要聽嗎 T_T
喜歡的謝謝你們那麼捧場 :D
謝謝 謝謝 謝謝
感恩 感恩

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable

With my girlfriends!

Ahhh, life has been hectic.
Sunsilk sure knows how to make me happy on my off day.
Took a day off to attend to Sunsilk's event.
The spotlight for this time is Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable, I call it the pink range!
Everything is so pink!

Liking the set up though.

Not only I was getting a self-pampering session in the coolest spa.
I also got to meet my pretty girl friends!

We started off with hair washing.
I've got to try the Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable.
Hadn't had a good hair wash in a while.
I like the scent of this product range.
It made my hair smell very... feminine, lol.

I don't know what's that face about, lol, very satisfying, I guess.

I usually take a long time to dry my hair.
It was different that day, it took shorter time than usual.
You may not know that I had actually bleached my hair for more than 10times.
I tried pink, blonde, purple, grey hair.
Ya, it was pretty crazy and my hair is super dry from bleaching.
So, hair drying is tough for me and I had to use hair cream before I can comb through my hair.
My hairdresser of the day used Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable leave-on conditioner before
she combed through my hair without any hassle.
There was no hair fall or hair stuck on the comb.
Really very manageable I would say.

Sunsilk is launching its first ever Sunsilk Selfie Movie with the theme
"Selfie Ready Hair, Anytime, Anywhere".
This encourages girls to be part of a fun and lighthearted movement for
awesome-looking, selfie ready hair.
Join the contest here by uploading your selfie on
10 lucky winner will walkaway with a selfie camera worth RM3000!

It was then the hand massage session.
I think I demonstrate this "Selfie Ready Hair, Anytime, Anywhere" very well.
No problem at all, I was selfie ready after the hair pampering session.
Can win selfie camera with this? Hahaha.

Foot massage next.
I know, I know, it was very nice.

Then, we learnt more about Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable product range.
It is created with a unique blend of 5 natural oils:
Coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and argan oil.
Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable only uses 100% certified organic argan oil from Morocco.
Yes, sounds super glam, in fact it is glam and we pay a reasonable price for it.

All the benefits packed in the Sunsilk pink bottles!

You thought it ended there?
No. Last but not least, head and shoulder massage.
As you can see, I did fall asleep.
I had a head massage but my hair was in place,
I guess it's the Jojoba oil that keeps my hair in place.
Almond oil that gives elasticity to enhance movement.
Olive oil that smoothens and softens my unmanageable hair.
As you can also see, how smooth and shiny my hair was.

No, we didn't eat Sunsilk for dinner.
Just want to give Sunsilk two thumbs up for the set up, the displaying of products,
the agendas and execution of this event.
I enjoyed it so much.
That's what this campaign aims to do, to inspire confidence by helping us girls look and feel the best!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Daphne Charice - 你要的爱 (Penny Tai)

I like this song.
Who hasn't watched the Meteor Garden?
I used to like F4, ahahahaha.
Why this song?
I have no idea.
Recorded this last year.
Didn't know that I'd actually finish this song.
Earlier this year, squeezed some time to finish it up with the harmonization.
(You can hear it at 2:53min onwards, lol lol lol, sorry if I didn't do it well.)
 My business started off and I hardly go to the studio, I hardly even sing.
I only drop by for 20minutes sometimes, just to make instavideos, lol.
Got a call from Kang Er, saying that we were shooting this day and that I had to make it.

Rushed home after work and quickly did my make up again.
When I reached on set, dayum, I was shocked by all the big cameras and big equipments.
They even got a smoke machine, lol lol lol.
I was like "可以不要那麼誇張嗎?"
I was so nervous.
You know, I might seem very confident but I don't like to be under the spotlight.
I do videos with my girls a lot, that's actually fine, I don't feel nervous.
It's very fun, that's why I like doing videos with them, I feel comfortable.
Plus there are 5 of us and I get to hide from the spotlight.
I really want to thank Kang Er, my singing partner who has always believed in me.
Since day one.
I like to sing but I'm not confident with my singing.
Even when I do shows, I need to have Kang Er around.
I rejected so many shows because he couldn't make it.
He thinks that my influence helps him but no, I think his talent helps me.
When people tell me to do show alone, I usually shut them off.
Cause, without Kang Er, I wouldn't be able to even have studio time.
I wouldn't even have made my first live singing insta video.

Kang Er always tries hard to push me under the spotlight while I keep pushing it away.
This time, I'll let him do it.
I hope he's proud of the track he produced and slightly proud of me, hahaha.
I'm very happy to have people believing in me and actually liking my singing.
I sincerely thank Kang Er, Kurisu and his crew.
Also thank Kang Er's girlfriend who sat there all night while we shot the video.
She also helped on the venue.
Thank Kurisu for shooting and editing.
Thank the crew who blew fans at me, sprayed smoke at me, lol.
Most of all, the aircond was shut down, everyone was sweating and working hard.
I'm so grateful.
Thank you.

Last but not least, thank those who liked or shared, commented on my video.
I'll do better and try my very best to... sing better?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bestnya Bersama

Finally got to chill out with my girl friends last Saturday,
thanks to Samsung GALAXY A's Bestnya Bersama 'A' Music Festival.
We had an 'A'wesome Saturday enjoying 'A'wesome music performances with 'A'wesome company.

We arrived earlier at Bukit Jalil National Stadium to hang out with the artistes.
 Some of them are our friends, we're so proud of them.
Hot FM, One FM and Fly FM were there as well.
Very entertaining, we were playing games.
The concert goers got to win some prizes and merchandises too!

Using the Samsung GALAXY A5 for a wide selfie.
Yup, a wide selfie with part of the A-Team!
Meet Shawn Lee the beatboxer, Leonard from An Honest Mistake and Venice Min!
It's so easy to hold and to take wide selfies with the Samsung GALAXY A5
all thanks to its slim and light full-metal design. You should try it for yourself!

I dressed up for that day.
Casual as usual, that's my style (:

Shoe game with my girls.

They were giving out freebies and were interacting with the crowd before starting the show.
 It was more like a get-together, a gathering.
I think the idea of it was very nice!

Shawn Lee opened the show with his amazing beatboxing skill.
Followed by many talented local artistes.
Paperplane Pursuit, An Honest Mistake, KeQing, Najwa Latiff, Liyana Fizi, Izzue Islam+
Faizal Tahir was the guest artist for the event.
How cool is that? So many girls went bonkers for him, even the guys! Haha!

Thanks Samsung GALAXY A for the 'A'mazing night of Bestnya Bersama 'A' Music Festival!