Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy Merdeka!

The first thing is to apologize for not updating.
Hope you guys are still reading.
I think I'm going to get a proper notebook because
my Mac is dying and it's too heavy to carry around, super inconvenient.
I'm at the airport, waiting to board, I'm going to Manchester, everybody.
Making all my dreams come true, ticking off things to do on my bucket list.

Today is Merdeka Day.
Happy birthday, Malaysia.
I love you, I love you for the people...but not some retards though.
Excuse me on this but some people are really retarded, I can't (especially those who make racist slurs)
I read news and I normally skip retarded parts like these.
We can live harmoniously and some people hate harmony so much that they want to spoil it.

Well, can't deny that the crime rate in Malaysia is on the rise, 
the citizens often feel helpless and insecure.
It's the insecurity, the insecurity that breaks everything apart.
The insecurity that breaks trust among people.
We don't trust each other, we care, we worry so much about ourselves.
For example, I saw a car breaking down by the road.
I really wanted to get down to help but I didn't have the courage to get out of the car.
I was worried that I would get robbed.
Even if I was the one who have my car broken down and someone tried to help,
I would be skeptical too. 
That dilemma though...
Malaysians. Insecure Malaysians.

Perhaps, we are waiting for a hero.
I don't know.
Everyone, do good in your life, do good for your country.
Remember, don't litter.
This is really something I want to mention.
Malaysians like to litter.
Learn from the Japanese, find a bin or take it with you first, chuck it afterwards.

The patriotism spirit is roaring loud lately.
After the olympics and it's our independence day.
To be honest, thank Dato Lee Chong Wei for this.
He made a name for Malaysia and he's a progressive that
stimulated the growth and drastic improvement of the badminton scene in Malaysia.
We've gotten two more silver medals now.
They were all so close, so so so close.
I can talk badminton all day but maybe not today, haha.

I often strike up conversations with elderly.
I don't know why.
Maybe I'm always doing things alone and travelling alone.
I never had a hot guy who sat next to me on the plane, ahaha.
I hope I get one on my flight tonight, hahaha, or maybe I get a crying baby, haha.
My flight from Aussie back to Malaysia, I met an Aussie man, he told me his story.
I blogged about it long time ago.
My flight to Manila, I met a lady who works as a helped in Malaysia.
I blogged about it too but I linked it up with an advertisement.
A lot of people thought I made the story up but nope.
My ads are genuine too, that one was Acer ad,
I really needed a notebook, you see I still want one now, lol.
 My flight to London, I met a British man who has a handicapped daughter.
My flight to Sydney, I met a China lady who doesn't speak English.
Bla bla bla+++

That night I was alone again.
Jane asked me to have dinner together, I didn't want to thirdwheel and I wanted to watch
LCW vs Lin Dan.
So, I was alone, streaming the match on my phone at KLCC.
I had no one to share my excitement with when LCW won the match.
I just jumped off my seat and the whole KLCC cheered for the win.
 There were two Malay men who sat next to me.
They asked me who won.
I screamed LCW BEAT LIN DAN!!!!! 

Then, we started talking, talking, talking.
Syed and Tengku, I remember the names.
Syed was the more talkative one.
We talked about coffee, talked about Malaysia, talked about Paris.
He talked about his daughter who is 24, she works for Petronas and she's getting married.
I'm just like sitting there, "hello".
24, am still not getting my shit together, haha.
He kept saying that he's a Malaysian spy.
I don't think so, I think he's a writer, like me but a professional one, a columnist maybe.
I like to call myself a writer, hahaha but I didn't share about my blog.
I don't want him to be reading my blog and thinking
what are youngsters doing nowadays, writing all these bullshit.
Now you see, I'm actually doing something quite amazing.

We talked for two hours?
Syed told me that he never thought that he could converse with a 24-year-old.
His daughter is 24 but he said he never talked to a 24-year-old like that before.
I want to share more about what we talked about but I don't think I should, haha!
It was a great experience.
We just shook hands and let each other know that it was such a pleasure talking to a stranger, lol.

I got to go now, got a plane to catch.



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jay Chou The Invincible Concert Tour 2016

Been contemplating if I should write this post in English or Chinese, lol.
I think I can express better in English because I've been writing in English but...
what if Jay Chou wants to read my blog? Lol, joking.
I'll just go with the flow and give you the annoying English+Chinese posting.

我放学回家都关在房间听歌 在周杰伦之前我是超爱westlife的 哈哈
在我 8 岁的时候 我舅舅复制了周杰伦的第一张专辑给我
我才 8 岁哦 那时候是他刚发行 "jay" 同名专辑
听起来有点变态 可是我 8 岁就很想嫁给他
我的个人电邮地址非常老土-daphnejay 我超疯周杰伦 什么都是 jay jay jay
至今不后悔 我的私人电邮地址用了13年没换过 还是daphnejay 

 我还很后悔这次没买rm800 vvip1 的票
我看过很多演唱会 我为音乐而活, lol 西方东方音乐我都喜欢
近几年来多数是西方音乐 因为周杰伦真的是华语乐坛地表最强
除了他 好像都没什么好看的 好听的 lol lol 
我最近看过难忘的是陈奕迅 想看蔡依林的 但是人不在国内
我以前也是蔡依林的铁粉 72变 舞娘 唱的跳的 我也可以现场来一段 哈哈
以后别做朋友 你 好不好 我都很喜欢 

I really like artistes who can write songs themselves.
That's how you know an artiste.
When he/she writes a melody, you feel it.
When he/she writes a piece of lyrics, you understand that feeling you feel through the melody.
That's why I love Jay Chou, he participates in every single song.
I can't explain why I even love a man so much when he doesn't even know my existence.
So many unforgettable and classic songs from him, too many.
I don't know how and who is going to take over the next decades in the Chinese music scene.
Jay Chou's in, he's IN for almost two decades now, greatest so far.
I want my future kids or nephew to have an idol like this, someone so legendary.
I don't know how and who is going to beat him on this.
It makes me wonder if Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau were this influential in their days.
You hardly find artistes who write every single of their song.
Do LeeHom and Mayday write all their songs? I think Mayday does right?
Ok, Ed Sheeran actually does write all his songs.
Maybe that's why I like Ed Sheeran so much too.
I like the self-writing, self-producing, self-composing, creative type of artistes.
To be honest, I really can't find anyone who is more impressive than Jay Chou.
I'm looking forward to more of Eric Chou's music.
Eric Chou is good, his songs are good and touching but it's lacking something.
It's lacking a personal taste, a personal touch, a distinct style.
There's no style in his music whereas Jay Chou's style is so special, so unique, it's irreplaceable.
We call it the J style - J式风格
It's so strong, you hear a song with the J style, you know it's Jay Chou.
Eric Chou is 21 now and Jay Chou debuted when he was 21 too.
 Look at both debuts.
Jay Chou's debut was wayyyyyy more impressive than not only Eric Chou but everyone else.
Still, I think Eric Chou's up and coming for the future generations.
I hope he has it in him.
Any new Mandopop artistes that are impressive nowadays? Do recommend to me.

So, I parked my car at The Gardens and I took Grabcar to Stadium Merdeka for the concert.
The driver was chatty, I told him that I was going to see a Taiwanese popstar.
He's indian, I asked if he knows Jay Chou.
Surprised or not surprised, he knows who Jay Chou is.
He said he didn't know he's that famous.
The roads were congested, the sidewalks were flooded with fans.
He asked me about Jay Chou's date of birth.
I told him he's a Capricorn, born in the year of horse.
He said "ahhhhhhhh, no wonder, he has the creativity!"
Yeh? At that moment, I decided to have a kid at the year of horse, a capricorn too, lol lol lol.
He asked why do I love Jay Chou?
I said he writes his music and he makes his music.
He's very famous among the Chinese community because his songs are like anthems.
He plays the piano, the guitar, the drums, the cello, flute+++
He raps, he beatboxs, he acts...

Why spend so much for Jay Chou?
Because he's legendary like that.

I have to say that the organizers for this tour sucked so bad.
They are inconsiderate and unprofessional.
I think the organizers are similar to the previous tour but they did it so bad this time.
They know that the fans will suck it up, will do everything for Jay Chou.
Take it for granted because it's Jay Chou.
Jay Chou's reputation is Jay Chou's reputation, your rep is your rep.

There was only one entrance and one exit for the VIPs.
I'm not sure about the general entry because it's another entrance very far away.
I think they too only have an entrance and an exit.
I doubt there's even a fire exit or an emergency exit if anything bad happens.
*touch wood*
We had to walk a narrow flight of stairs to get out without any directions or assistance.
Everyone was stuck in a constricted space.
What if a fire happens? What if?
*touch wood x2*
I don't mind the walking, I know there were renovation and constructions happening around us
but at least make a clear path for us to enter and exit.

Why spend so much for Jay Chou's concert?
He puts in the work and he spends a lot of money on his performance.
What do I mean by spending a lot of money on his performance?
Every singer does too?
Jay Chou's likes everything glam, his concerts have been glamorous.
Production cost is always high with all the special stage effects.
From an artiste who only sang and played piano on stage, he didn't use to dance.
Jay Chou was that type, The Ed Sheeran, John Legend type.
Ed Sheeran played three Wembley shows, 150,000 people altogether?
He played solo, he has got a stage with LED screens behind.
No fancy lights, no fancy costumes, no dancers, nothing fancy.
I watched Coldplay at Wembley too.
Same thing, nothing fancy, no fancy costumes, maybe a little bit of fancy lights, yes.

From an artiste who only sang and played piano on stage.
Jay Chou became more, he dances, he's a stage entertainer now, he's always striving for more.
He has dancers, dancers need practice, need costumes.
He has the crazy lights and firework.
He got the massive LCDs with crazy visual effects.
Astronaut? Stunt performer? Yes.
Fancy and special costumes? Say 7 outfits throughout the show? Cool.
What about a realistic aquarium? Sure.
Classical piano? Let's modify the piano. One? No, two please.
What about interacting with audiences? Ok.
A band with backup vocalist, nah not enough, let's throw in different mouthpieces? Doable.
Let's say I bring a circus to the stage? Why not?

These are costs.
The cost is so high, hence the ticket is expensive.
You get to pick what KIND OF performance you want to watch.
If Jay Chou plays Albert Hall with just a piano, I'll still pay big bucks for it.
When you like it, you just like it and you do it because trust me, it'll be worth it.
Adele, she only sings, I don't think she even performs with a piano.
Her ticket price is sky high but everyone is die to go, including me.
Then, we have Beyonce, sky high ticket price, I die to go too.
She's a stage performer, the best entertainer in the world for now.
I too don't know how and who is going take over Beyonce's success the next decades.
Her costumes are specially made for her, her dancers are trained and dressed well.
Balmain, Gucci, Givenchy, everything fly+++

What I'm saying here is that Jay Chou puts in a lot of effort for his tour.
I'm not saying that others who don't do the "fancy" stuff do not put in the effort.
It's not about the quality of the artistes that I'm comparing.
It's the cost that I'm comparing.

I always think that Western artistes make more money than Asians, haha.
I wonder about Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce though because their tours are so fancy.
Uhm, but I'm sure they still make big bucks, don't you worry, haha.

I was only 10/12 when I went to my first Jay Chou concert.
I was a stingy child.
I saved every penny, I was rich at my age but I never spent on anything else but Jay Chou.
Jay Chou's music albums, dvds, merchandises including cup noodles with his face on, lol.

10+years ago, Jay Chou's VIP concert ticket only sold at RM300.
Jay Chou VVIP tickets cost RM800 now and it went up to RM1000 last two tours.
My friend, Jacqueline is also a huge fan of Jay Chou.
I convinced her to skip VVIP1 this time because we have watched his concert so many times.
I feel so sorry because we might have had the chance to interact with Jay Chou if
we were to sit at VVIP1 zone.
Sorry, Jacqueline, haha!

Oh ya, I hope this boy and this girl who waved at me read this.
They were waving at me for a good 5 seconds.
I was looking at their direction but I was totally spaced out.
So, I'm afraid that they might think I'm arrogant.
Sorry, I was super spaced out and I waved back after like 10 seconds
but I don't know if you two saw it.
Come closer next time, I'm very friendly, haha.
Some readers came to take picture with me, I didn't speak much
because I didn't know what to say, super awkward, but thank you for all your kind words.
You all made me feel like a mini Jay Chou that day, haha!
I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did.

The fans who got to sing with Jay Chou were so so so lucky.
I think I'd die if I had a chance to sing with him.
If I were to pick a song to sing with him at that time.
I'd do "瓦解", a song he originally wrote for Nan Quan Mama.
Jay Chou was considered an indie artiste until he got so famous and his music became more "pop".
To me, he introduced rap to the Chinese music scene.
A lot of people couldn't accept his style of music 10+years ago.
I love rapping, I used to rap to Linkin Park and Eminem.
Rap was more a Western thing, you know.
Jay Chou made me and taught me to rap in Mandarin.
Surprisingly, I can rap to so many of his songs.
That's how you learn Chinese too, you sing to Jay Chou.

Don't you wish you could turn back time and keep Jay Chou in a pocket?
Lol, why do I wanna keep everyone in the pocket? Haha.
2000s was such a good era to live in.
I want to go back to my teens and relive such a fantastic teen years.

Shoot, Jay Chou always makes you feel this way.

As expected, I've been playing Jay Chou all day all night after the concert.
Made some short song covers for Facebook and Instagram, haha.

如果要我选一张最喜欢的专辑 我选不到
我大爱周杰伦同名专辑, 八度空间, 别说了, 最后的战役mv+制作幕后花絮 我看了上百次吧
叶惠美 以父之名的我也看上千次
比如 威廉古堡 对不起 印第安老斑鸠 (真的很惊讶他唱了这首)
这歌没有爆红 但是风味独特 格调一流
很多很好听的 超粉也应该很爱
你有 借口 搁浅 爱在西元前 龙卷风 黑色毛衣 明明就 算什么男人 爱情废材等
你可知道 有更多更好听的 如
分裂 上海一九四三 爱情悬崖+++

I don't know who's going to top him in the future.
真的不懂 也想不到有谁在未来可以和他一样强
我知道 J式音乐 周杰伦 是无法被取代
但是人会老 我们会老 新一代的人 下一代的人 会有个像我们那么厉害的偶像吗
He set the bar too high!

超喜欢"半岛铁盒"的编曲,歌词,转音假音全部on point.
最后的chorus"铁盒的序"的停顿是我最爱的部分, 死要唱那个部分就是了.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My attempt at auntyhood

I want to talk about aunthood today.
Ok, I like the word "auntyhood" better.
I think people should give more credits to aunties and uncles.
I'm close to my nephew, I feel like I actually parent my nephew, lol.
My second sister probably does better at auntyhood but I ain't sharing my credits because
I live with my nephew and I have to see him everyday and get shit from him everyday.
I was asking my manager about how things are going.
She said "nothing much, most clients are looking for mummy bloggers, you're not a parent."
Excuse me? I'm not a mum but I'm an aunt and I parent, lol.
I can write the best review about pampers because I wear them for my nephew all the time, lol.
I can write review about milk powder because I make him milk at night too.
I'm not in a place where I can give advises but I can probably give you some ideas, haha.
Needless to say that being an aunty gives you the closest experience to being a real mum.
Man, it's hard, having a child is hard.
I love kids, I always love kids.
After having to "parent" my nephew, I'm not as eager as before to have my own kid, lol.
If my future husband wants a kid, we'll have a kid, if he doesn't, well, I've got my nephew, haha.
Wait, that's until I actually find someone to be married.

 My mum used to babysit.
She's a housewife, we never had a boy in our family before my nephew.
I think my mum secretly wants a boy.
Well, mum, I'm here, this is the closest you can get since I act like a boy anyway.
As I mentioned in my previous post.
My parents used to dress me in NY/Nike caps, tees, Timberland sandals.
Lotsa lotsa Nike, Adidas and Reebok sneakers, not to forget the Harley Davidson tees.
Oh ya, Manchester United full set outfit too.
Hold up, I'm SURE my parents wanted a boy, lol.
I looked ugly as shit when I was small, not that I'm pretty now but I've grown to be more feminine.
Everyone had pretty baby pictures, trust me, I have none.
I still give my mum a lot of shit on how she used to dress me.
When I was about 13, we started babysitting a baby boy.
His name is Vincent, my long-time readers will know who he is.
He lived his toddler-life fabulously because we spoiled him like a part of our family.
My mum shops for him and she spends more on him than us, lol.
It's just fate though, he clicks so well with my mum.
He still calls my mum once in a while now, he also comes to stay over during his holidays.
My mum loves him, so much that I'm a little jealous.

After Vincent, we too babysat his brother, Jason.
After Jason, we got a baby girl, Arienne.
3 of them are the sweetest kids in the world.
I love the boys but I gotta say that I spoil Arienne the most.
Just cause she's a baby girl and I always wanted a younger sister but I don't get one.
She's the most well-behaved girl I've ever seen in my life.
She's the sweetest, smartest and she speaks with an accent, lol.
Her parents put a lot of work in educating her, so did my mum.
My mum is not good at English but she tried very hard.

Vincent is the most thoughtful one.
He would text my mum and tell her to drink more water because the weather is bad.
Don't you just go "awwwwwwwww"?
He stays over during the Chinese New Year holiday.
My mum brings him everywhere.
As usual, this year, he collected red packets and he offered to give them all to my mum because
she spent a lot bringing him around/have nice food/shopping.
Double awwwwwwwwww.

Wait, I'm supposed to talk about my nephew right? Lol.
My nephew's name is Waynn. (so fancy, can't it just be Wayne?)
Apparently it's Spanish spelling of Wayne, I was like hola you spanish? como estas?
I cannot understand why parents give their kids fancy names.
To me, names are supposed to be meaningful or... at least traditional.
It's your kid though, I'm in no place to comment about baby names,
I should shut up before getting hate.
Maybe my grandparents should've named me DAPHENEY, fancy.

He's 4, he's one smart ass, I'd say.
People who follow me on my Snapchat would know how I adore him and how smart he is.
I'm so proud of that, he really is very smart for his age.
He started going to kindergarten at 3, maybe he's just faster.
He's smart, that's why he's cheeky and cunning.
Kids nowadays are like that.
They're too smart, they outsmart you sometimes.
I don't know why my mother always gets his hair done like this,
I hate it but my mum is the first in command, I get no say!

Never let them outsmart you.
Use reverse psychology, it always works for me.
Waynn has mountains of toys.
Yes, mountains.
He loves cars, he can name cars on the road from Honda to Ferrari, even Bugatti (well if we see one).
He has about 200 toy cars, yeh, I'm confident, 200 is the number.
From racing cars to rubbish trucks to big trucks to excavators to concrete mixers, LOL.
He never keeps his toys after he plays with them.
It's like a mission impossible to get him to clean up after himself.
The word "magic" always helps.
I've been using the "magic" scheme to get him to do things lately.
I cover my eyes with my hands and I tell him that I'm going to count to a hundred.
When I'm done counting, he has to do "magic" to get the space cleaned up by keeping his toys.
It works, so far, for a week lah, I think he's going to find out soon that I'm just messing with him.
It's fun trying to outsmart each other, I get to exercize my brain.

Teach him using examples and scenarios happen in real life.
The words won't get into their head unless you show them.
You don't just tell them, you show them.
He doesn't take care of his toys.
He has scratches all over his toys, paint coming off, wheels are detached.
I know, everyone tells me to let him be a boy because boys play rough. 
Stop right there, small problem like this will be a part of his character when he grows up.
My mum and I tried so hard to educate him to take care of his belongings.

He loves it when I play with him.
Kids love it, kids love attention, plus he's the only son.
The only boy in the family, that explains how spoiled he is.
We started arranging the toy cars and talking to the toy cars. 
My nephew enjoyed it so much and telling me about every toy car about its colour, its brand++
Then, I told Waynn to look at the conditions of the cars.
I started snapping pictures and I said
"Look, they don't look good on pictures because the paint came off.
You didn't take good care of the toy cars. +++"
Never baby talk them, tell them the real thing.
He nodded and started putting them gently in the box.
The DHL truck though... lol...

Talk about not to baby talk them.
So here is my attempt at talking to Waynn like an adult.
He did something bad and I tried to lecture him.
"Waynn, come over here, 三姨(aunt, me) wants to talk to you."
I squated down to be at the same level and looked him in the eyes.
This is what I read from parenting guide, lol.
Speak to them like an adult, eyes meet eyes at the same level so the kid feels respected.
"Waynn, you got a brain right?"
Felt like he just shot me down, nevermind, bye.
At least, I tried, lol lol lol.
 It isn't easy, it really isn't, haha!

Sometimes we accidentally spoil him and we don't even know that.
I'm the strict aunt, I'm not soft but I'm not the whoop-ass type because he's not my child, haha.
So, everyone got him toys for Christmas.
I insisted that I won't buy toys for Christmas.
I brought him to the mall, I decided to get him colour pencils.
Like fancy 36/48 colour pencils ( I really wanted them when I was little, lol )
We picked out the colour pencils, then he went to the Tomica section.
He stared at the Tomica model cars, HARD, he stared hard.
I said no, he kept staring.
I ended up buying him one. Just one. It's not too bad but yeh.
Be very careful on this, don't accidentally spoil them.
I always try to stop my parents, his grandparents from buying him toys.

He really is a sweetheart, he melts my heart all the time but at the same time,
he's a manipulative devil that hurts my feelings so much, lol.
I love it when he knocks on the door and asks if he could come in
because he wants to hug me good night.

There is also moment like this.
 He wanted to stay close to me while drinking milk.
So, he carried his blanket to the couch, he put his legs on my lap.
He pretended too fall asleep because he didn't want to brush his teeth, haha.

He said he wants to buy a BMW racing car, particularly a green one.
He will fetch me everywhere.
I uploaded this on Snapchat, I think some of you might have seen it, haha.
Sometimes, I look at him and I hope that when he grows up, he will still love me.
I look at him, I feel like crying sometimes because he's beautiful.
I wonder how will I feel when he goes through his first exam.
How will I feel if he gets detention in school.
How will I feel if he gets into trouble.
How will I feel when he starts driving.
How will I feel when he has a girlfriend.
I look at him and I hope he still loves me after all.
I wonder how will it be, I already have crazy hopes and dreams for him.
Above all that, it's worry. I start worrying for things that are going to come.
I cannot imagine having my own child.
The responsibility is no joke.
It's a child, it's a life, it's a human.

I don't know why I feel like talking about aunthood today.
I think aunties and uncles who are close to their nieces and nephews will understand.
Do share some tips on auntyhood with me.
I'm trying here.
He really is a brat sometimes but I have hopes and dreams for him to grow up well.
I'm proud of him already, I don't know how proud can I get in the future.
 Be good, Waynn.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tokyo with Atre ( part two )

I'm back in Malaysia!
I didn't want to leave Japan but I had to come back ):
Still, guess what? I'm going back to Japan next week with my girls.
We're having our annual girl-trip in Japan this year.
This is how much I love Japan now, haha!
Plus I know better now too, I know how and where to get good food, good deals.
Can't wait to be the tour guide (amateur level, lol) for the girls.

Back to the last day of my trip with Atre.

Day four
I reckon that you don't do hotel breakfasts if you ever travel to Japan.
Japanese convenience stores have amazing food choices.
Breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper+++
You can find good food anytime, anywhere.
Most importantly, it's economical.
 I got smarter on the last day of my trip.
I knew that Atre would have plenty of food to choose from,
so I planned to have my breakfast outside of the hotel.
Our first stop of the day - Atre Urawa.
 The entrance facing Urawa's train station.

Just chilling while waiting for everyone to gather together.

Something different I spotted at Atre Urawa is that the first floor is more like a food court.
Food choices are as overwhelming as expected.
Atre Urawa provides a seating area where you can dine in.
There are also cafes, restaurants and bakeries surrounding the food court.

Breakfast was sorted economically and satisfyingly.

There were more than 20 types of grilled meat sticks to choose from.

Atre Urawa has The Garden supermarket too.
The same as the one in Atre Meguro.
I wonder how do they arrange things so neatly.

What a simple joy just looking at these fresh greens.

They look like high quality fruits.
All packed, ready for gifting.

What impressed me most were the counters outside of the mart.
They call it the bagging area.
I shall call it the DIY bagging area.
The cashiers don't pack groceries for you, they settle the bill for you.
You bag your own groceries with your own bags or with the bags provided at the counters.
It was a Sunday, the mall was busy but not as busy as it is on a Saturday.
I can imagine by bagging your own groceries can help avoid long queues
at cashier counters on busy days.
Sometimes, you waste time on queuing and waiting on cashier to bag your groceries.
Now, you save time on checking out, everyone bags their own stuff and
everyone's good to go after that.
That is not only time efficient but it also shows the unity and togetherness
from the cooperation from every Japanese/every person who lives in the community.

Witnessing a great culture like that makes me all jolly and all desire to have this in my country.
( Atre should really expand to Malaysia, haha )
So much to learn from the Japanese culture.
How to work systematically, how to work together to improve the community.
Like I said in my previous post that Atre aims to enrich neighbourhoods
by building shopping malls within/conected to train stations.
Most of the Japanese take the train to work, to school, to travel from one place to another.
By having malls direct connected to railway stations makes life easier.
They improve the people's quality of life and
they give the public the convenience going through daily life.
I truly believe and admire their aspiration. 

Again, flowers for you!
Les mille feuilles de LIBERTE florist

A little out of topic right there.
Moving on to my favourite part of Atre Urawa.
Tsutaya Bookstore

My followers should know that I love to read.
It was mind blowing for me to be there.
Stunning interior design.
The use of wood gives an elegant touch to the atmosphere and also creates a homie feeling.
Aren't you enticed and tempted to read/stay in this wonderland?


It's sad to say that I do not read Japanese.
Foreign reading materials are quite limited.
So, I was just checking out on some illustration books in English.

The greenery gives a feeling of relaxation.
It's important to be in the "zen" mood while reading.


There's Starbucks in the bookstore where you can grab some drinks,
finish your work, hang out with friends ( but maybe you need to lower your volume here, lol )

Other than Japanese comic, I adore Japanese magazines.
I used to copy the fashion style off Japanese magazine, haha.

One of my favourite corners.

Everyone had to wait for me while I had my self-indulgence moment in this bookstore.


Time to leave!
Need to show you the main entrance of Atre Urawa.

Couldn't get that smile off my face.
What a pleasurable day!

Moving on to the next destination
Atre Ueno
Ueno is one of the top Tokyo districts I wanted to visit so badly.
It is known for some of the finest cultural sites in Tokyo.
A very busy district, pretty similar to KL Central in Malaysia.


The shops are divided into east section and west section.
It's interesting that there's something at every corner of the compound.
Surprises at every corner (:

There's the Garden supermarket here too.
Then, there's this mart, nomono, that sells Japanese ingredients and goods.
It is one of the participating stores to join the Atre event at Pavilion on the 14th of July.
Be sure to check it out and get some authentic Japanese ingredients for
your Japanese  meal preparation.

I picked my favourites.
Tamago, Japanese egg, all done and all packaged for you to enjoy!

Dried seaweed dried seaweed.
I love it on my ramen, my rice, everything!

The wide selection of Japanese drinks.

Time for lunch.
We had French cuisine for the day.
Brasserie L'ecrin

The menu is pretty limited as you only need to choose your starter, main and dessert.
Everything is in Japanese, I couldn't understand, haha.
So, I picked pork over fish for my main course.
It's fried battered pork chop with cheese and bacon in between.

I met new people that day.
So, we had our bonding time at the restaurant.
Sharing about experiences and opinions.
We mostly talk about the differences in our ways of living.
I love what I do that I get to interact with different people from different countries.

Shopping time after lunch!
Really really really like browsing through drugstores, cosmetics stores in Japan.
The selections make you want to buy the whole store.
( If only I'm that rich )
You can't buy the whole store so you spend a lot of time in there.
I spent an hour in here, lol, Champ de Herbe.
I always look for the cosme stamps.
Whatever that is cosme number one, I take a second look.

This brand is quite a hot pick this summer.
Mote mascaras and Mote eyeliners.

In a rush? No time to do your brows?
Fret not.
Just put this on and fill in the blanks, hahaha!

Cosme number one.
50 pieces of face mask for only 1900Yen.
I got it to try out.

Urban Research Make Store
A nice boutique with fashionable clothing and items.

Afternoon Tea Living
This store has the cutest things from dining and kitchen, living, stationery to wear.
I'm absolutely looking for an apron, yes I am because it's too hard to resist, lol.

I think my future husband would buy everything here just to keep me in the kitchen, lol.
So, when I got a future husband candidate on my list, I'll bring him to Japan, haha.

 Let the cuteness continue.
Tiny colourful meringues (:

Soaps that make you want to shower more, lol.

Laduree has their own merchandises!!!

Just look at the macaron prints!

Jill Stuart handkerchiefs.
Super sweet.

Found my dad's favourite place in Atre Ueno.
Hard Rock cafe and Hard Rock Shop

Have I ever mentioned that my dad used to dress me in Hard Rock t-shirts a lot?
I was tomboy when I was small.
How my dad dressed me -
NY cap, Hard Rock tee, Nike jacket, Levis short jeans and Timberland sandals/Adidas shoes.
He loves rock music too, we used to go to Hard Rock cafe a lot for the burger and live music.
My dad makes me what I am today ;*)
I sent him this picture when I was there, haha!
Ended my evening with the Atre team here.
Went to walk around Harajuku and Shibuya before leaving to the airport.

The whole trip was packed but I enjoyed every bit of it, especially
the absolute sincerity and excellency of Japanese hospitality.
Loved the working experience with Atre team.
Continue striving for what you guys are doing for Japan and then,
share it with other countries.
I reckon the best choice for now is Malaysia! (:

Shout out to the people who want to experience what I experienced in these 4 days.
Do drop by at Pavilion main concourse on 14th of July!
 Hope you enjoyed reading my posts!
 Last but not least, thank you, Atre.