Saturday, July 26, 2014

What contact lens do I wear?

One of the most frequently asked questions on my blog, FB and Instagram is
What contact lens do you wear?
Firstly, I do not wear poor quality lens.
I'm introducing to you, the first cosmetic lens, Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb
 which is now available in Malaysia.

I've been wearing Bausch+Lomb for a long time now.
I used to wear Bausch+Lomb clear lens to school and to work ;
Cosmetic lens for hangouts, dates and parties.
I like Bausch+Lomb for the high water content and good quality that never give me dry eyes.

Anyway, more introduction on Lacelle lens...
Their unique lace patterns help enhancing our eyes beautifully.
Their marathon like comfort is the most impressive to me.
They are also FDA authenticated pigment standard.
They are monthly disposable.
Lacelle comes in two different ranges :
Limbal series, comes in modest brown and tender brown.
Color series, available in jubilee violet, sparkling brown and frozen grey.

My favourite colours for Lacelle lenses are
Sparkling Brown and Jubilee Violet

I used to wear poor quality lenses, like the ones you can easily get online.
It's not certified and it's poor in quality.
The Chinese have a saying : The eyes are the windows to human souls.
It's lucky to be able to see this beautiful world with a pair of God given eyes.
Eyes are important to us and we should really take care of them.
Guess I was a bad-behaved child who always stayed close to the TV.
I'm seriously short-sighted.

Comfortable contact lenses are very important to me.
42% of water content, that's what I'm talking about.
Wearing Sparkling Brown in these pictures.

Look better with cosmetic lens and feel good without dry eyes all day (:

Was also just wearing Jubilee Violet the other day.
Make up smudged after a long day spent in the studio, but eyes were still moisturized!

As I always share good things with you all, here's another one.
Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb is looking for the "Face of Lacelle" and this is where you come in:

1. Go to Lacelle #wow truck at these locations.
Please find your nearest locations here.

2. Join "Face of Lacelle" photo contest and win weekly prizes!
RM500 Fashion Fast Forward vouchers and RM150 Sephora vouchers.
 The grand prize winner will be the first Lacelle ambassador in Malaysia!
The winner will walk away with RM1000 cash, a 4D3N trip to Hong Kong and
a one-year supply of Lacelle cosmetic lens!

You're welcome :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

We're on each other's TEAM

Picture credit to Eric Ho, at Lorde's concert in Sydney July 2014.

Everyone has heard of the famous song "Royals" by Lorde.
I know it's overplayed on the radio.
Still, the message of this song hasn't really gotten out to people (Maybe it did).
People mostly listen to catchy tune nowadays than feeling and comprehending what the song is about.
People listen to songs radio stations are feeding them.
Sometimes I wish to be a radio DJ, so I get to play more good songs to people, lol.
I listen to love songs a lot, indie pop, indie rock, folk, acoustic...
Most musicians write about love nowadays.
It's reasonable, it's explainable, it's related to us, it's so close to heart.
We need musicians like these to spread love and to heal broken hearts.
We absolutely need more musicians like Lorde too.

Some listened to "Royals" and asked "wtf is she talking about?"
"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh, I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies."
It's deep, so deep that you don't understand, so deep that you need to study her words.
This is my comprehension on the first few lines of this song
"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh"
She grew up in a humble town that she has never experienced a luxurious lifestyle
where you see diamonds or even diamonds in the flesh.
"Cut your teeth" is an idiom meaning that you are being introduced to something new,
your first experience on something.
"I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies."
She only knew about wedding rings(diamonds) through watching movies.
"I'm not proud of my address, in a torn up town, no postcode envy."
As I said, she lives in a humble town, nothing fancy.

Go along with this direction that I gave you, read the lyrics and listen to the song.
You will get it.

People are chasing after luxurious lifestyle, being considered a "good life".
I really want to make a vlog explaining this song and talk about materialism.
I'm just not fit for this discussion, even if I don't chase after a luxurious lifestyle.
Being a social networker, blogger, I will not survive if my life is not "interesting".
It's contradicting, it's hypocritical.
No matter how low profile I want to be, I can't.
I make a living by flaunting whatever that's considered "cool" or "appealing" to people.
Yes, I feel lucky, being like this is good enough and I'm thankful for it.
I'm not famous to get too much hate.
I also get to influence a tiny group of people with my beliefs.
What I really want to do is to get good music out there.
Who knows I might get to produce great music in the future, that's my dream.

 Anyway, sorry for the overflowing inspiration.
I'm just very inspired by Lorde, she made me look myself in the mirror.
I also got the chance to meet her earlier this month, I'm still not over it.
Shout out to Universal Music Malaysia, you guys are awesome!
Lorde introduced me to her mum too, wowwwwwwwwww.
*mind blown*
She's so sincere, she's very sincere.
I treasure and appreciate sincerity, it's something so rare nowadays.

Again, I wasn't born with a good voice and my vocal just can't make it.
The pitch range is so wide, I don't have a deep voice and I can't reach a high pitch too.
Sorry for the disappointment but not sorry, lol.
I'm greedy, I want to share not just one but two songs.
My favourites are actually Glory and Gore, Team, 400 Lux though but
this is what we came up with under *circumstances*.
Kang Er makes a living teaching music, sometimes I just don't want to take up too much of his time.
I feel lucky to have him as a singing partner and I appreciate his passion for music too.
Poor thing, I "tortured" him to learn these two songs in a morning.
 Big thumbs up for my singing buddy here!
Well, at least we came up with something and we did it live again! (:
Hope you like the little verse arrangement we did in between.

Support good music, get Lorde's awesome tune on iTunes and Spotify:
 (selling point only $4.99 for limited time from 14 -31 July)

Friday, July 18, 2014

For world peace

How did I first find out about MH17?
Natalie sent a message to group chat breaking the news to us.
I was so hesitant and asked my girl friends to hang in there, let me check, let me check.
I turned on the TV, it was all over CNN and BBC.
My heart just sank.

It's confirmed with 298 people on board, not 295.

Then, I posted this status.
Is my Chinese that bad? Why can't people understand what I was saying?
I guess I should remove this as well for further misunderstanding =,=

I was really upset with Malaysian media and some Malaysians about the Kiki incident yesterday.
(Look back at it, how stupid, insane and ridiculous this Kiki incident is.)
Don't you think there's so many more important things to be cared about?
I thought this country is so sick that I want to give up on it.
Then, this TRAGEDY happened, not blaming MAS but (yeh, I blame the party
who is responsible for this "attack", still no clue if it was a terrorism act or.. a misfire, I don't know)
Listened to the sound clip aired on CNN about a phone call of someone reporting to their official
that they shot a plane down and realized that it was a civilian plane! My goodness.
All we can do now, is, wait.
I realized that I've always loved my country and will always love my country.
No matter what happens, Malaysia is still Malaysia.
To us, it's home, we can't give up on our country.
This tragedy will forever leave a mark for us Malaysians and make us stronger.
Does anybody get what I was trying to say?

This is my personal Facebook profile.
世事無常, look what can happen in just 4 hours of time.

One of my best friends from high school.
Her mum was on MH370 flight.
We used to go to the same church, a religious.
She hasn't found her mum, nothing, no answers, her mum just vanished.
I don't know how these families are holding on, I'm sorry.
I feel very sad, very very sad, it's hurting me, hurting everyone.
Why? Why is this happening?

I was also guilty of a tweet when I was eagerly waiting for Malaysian media to report about it.
CNN and BBC stopped their on going programmes and were reporting on it.
They were all in English, my mum was telling me to flip to Malaysian channels for Chinese news.
I kept flipping on TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, nothing was on until 12am.
I later deleted the tweet because I was guilty of spreading negativity. GUILTY.
I said "Nothing on Malaysian media yet. Same old trick. It's all over CNN and BBC."
(Malaysian media, I meant the TV.)
TV3 then talked about it for about 20 seconds and went back to Kiki incident
while CNN and BBC are showing us maps and routes.

Many always asked me why did I come back.
I always tell them that "I love Malaysia".
There's the "but", still, yes, I love my country.
There are times that I feel this country is hopeless, that I just want to give up.
However, Malaysia will always be home.
For those who b*tch about me coming back with an accent,
just so you know, at least I AM HOME, I AM HERE,
I will never forget my root, my mothertongue (which is Chinese).
My accent might have changed but my root, my culture, my belief will never be changed.

Quoting Prime minister Najib's speech/official statement
"This is a tragic day in what has already been a tragic year for Malaysia."
 "The flight's passengers and crew came from many different countries, but today,
regardless of nationality, we're all united in grief."

Keep spreading love, it's tough but we will and we must recover.

 It's not just a hard time for Malaysia or countries that are involved.
So many innocent lives were killed.
I always wanted to blog about the war between Gaza and Israel.
So many innocent lives were killed and are being killed.
I do not know how to help. All I can do is spreading love.
I've been reading articles about the war.
At first I thought that Israel is at fault.
Then, I read both sides of the stories.
I can't tell what is happening, what is the truth, what I know is what the media is feeding me.
I've always cared about national and international issues but I just don't share much.
Cause I don't even know what is right and what is wrong.
I'm a tiny media influencer in Malaysia and I need to be careful with what I say.
I just really hope that the war would stop.

We are all sinners, God.
Please save us all, God.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watch it before I remove it

I always wanted to make this video but I only had the courage to do it today.
I can't really deal with hate, as you all know that I really despise mean people.
As a blogger, social networker myself, hate is unavoidable.
Sometimes when I receive mean comment, I'll just leave it and ignore it.
Sometimes, I would reply in a sarcastic way, to let them know that it's not nice cyber bullying.
If I think it's too much of hate, I'll delete it.
Anyway, I still made this video today.
I use Mandarin because it's related to a Chinese website.
I'm good at Mandarin, I'm just bad at expressing my thoughts in Mandarin.
So, those smartarses who try to diss my Mandarin speaking.........

I will sure contradict myself in this video.
Cause my friends are famous and shit, they are on the lists all the time.
I tried to speak up for girls, but no, I only speak up for most of the girls.
It also got a lil personal at the back where I know that I would be misunderstood.
I'm sorry that it got personal, I know that guy PERSONALLY and I dislike him a lot.
Haha, I'm sorry but not sorry.

I really want to just share this social message.
As you all know that, I always encourage people to share love on my blog.
I have no intention for hate, making this video.
I also have no intention of being famous or whatsoever.
You know, the internet is scary, people will probably twist my words.
If I ever want to be famous, I hope it's for music, not for anything else.
So yeah, it's pretty surprising, this video is being shared.
Yes, I will also remove it if it gets out of hand.
My intention is not for it to go viral.
You all know me, man.
I always remove stuff that goes out of hand because I know I can't handle it.
I know some of you faithful readers are going to complain that
"I haven't watched it!", "I really want to watch it!"
Lol, so, that's why, people, follow my blog on iMotiv or whatever, hahaha!
Yeh, so watch it before I remove it.

This social message being delivered well is all that matters.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#DaphChuck is back

People bitch about my chin here, wth, it's the blardy scarf =,=

Despite all that 現實的恐懼症
在我身邊不離不棄 也在她身邊不離不棄的
(別擔心 我們absolutely喜歡男生的)
Many of you asked to revive our #DaphChuck channel.
It has been dead for a very long time.
We braved the cold in Sydney and made a video outdoor.
It's a BFF tag that we randomly saw on the internet.
It was not planned at all because we wanted to test each other as well.

I'm upset because I got the first question wrong!
Btw, by education, I meant, well-educated.
Not about a degree level or a master level.
I just dislike barbarians, I like educated people.
That's what I meant.
Enjoy the video!

The confident look we had though... haha!