Sunday, December 21, 2014

Camera review : Pentax Q-S1

Holding Pentax Q-S1 in yellow.

So many of you always ask me to recommend good camera.
Honestly, I'm a huge fan of Ricoh cameras.
I had 2 Ricoh cameras.
I sold one to upgrade to a better Ricoh, I got my second Ricoh in Hong Kong.
Then, my friend broke my Ricoh and it was too expensive for me to fix it =,=
It's really cool how Ricoh bought over Pentax years ago.
Pentax, it's another renowned Japanese camera maker.
Check out more about Pentax on

Thanks to Ricoh, I get to try the latest Pentax Q-S1.
Pentax Q-S1 is a lens-interchangeable digital camera.
(I encourage people to go for lens-interchangeable cameras)
Its 1/1.7-inch image sensor helps deliver high quality images.
It sports a classic design with striking colours.

Even the cameras look more stylish than me.
I can't choose!
40 attractive colour themes to match your style!

It's so compact, it's tiny and easy to be carried around.
I was shocked when I first saw the camera.
Packed goodness in such a small device.
When I pulled it out to show my girl friends.
They were like "awwwwwwww, so cute..."

Loving the aluminum touch on the camera.

Resolution as high as 12.4Megapixels, everyone!!!
Full HD movie recording, even during high sensitivity shooting.
I need HD movie recording as I always make singing videoes (:
Large, high resolution 3.0inch LCD monitor treated with
AR(Anti Reflection) coating to produce sharp and bright images even under bright sunshine.

Loving the colours, I match them with my OOTDs.


My sister almost went crazy when I showed her this colour.
Pastel pink.



I can't choose my favourite colour.
Black? Blue? Red? Yellow? White?
They are all too pretty! I like it striking and special.

Pentax Q-S1's unique Bokeh Control function allows users to make subjects stand out
by automatically assessing relative distance between the in-focus subject and
obtrusive objects in the field of view.
You can effortlessly capture high quality images with
beautifully defocused foregrounds and backgrounds.

Move on to the most important part...
I know you all want to see pictures taken by Pentax Q-S1.
Here are some pictures I took, stay tuned for my ZoukOut post soon.
They pictures were all taken by this camera.


Flashed selfie.

Flash photography.

Food picture.


I'm really impressed with the resolution.
12MP is great for printing, the quality remains sharp even if you print it as huge as A1 size.
If you love printing photos to add to your photobook collection,
Pentax Q-S1 is able to keep the picture quality at its best.
There are a few pictures that I took and zoomed in and picture quality is still really good.

I printed this to decorate my room and I love the quality!

For more information, please visit

Friday, December 19, 2014

I give you Maggi Royale. FOR REAL.

They asked me what does Maggi mean to me.
Wow, I can't tell you how important Maggi is to me.
Maggi is my saviour at hard times.
No matter where I am, there will be Maggi in the pantry.
(Fyi, if you're interested to know, Maggi curry is my favourite, lol.)
Even when I was in Aussie, I had Maggi stocked up in the pantry.
I made trips to the oriental mart just to get Maggi.
I have to have Maggi at home. Why?
Whenever I have no appetite to eat, I will always have appetite for Maggi.
For example, going through fights with your lover, break-up or something bad?
You just want to be home and what do you eat?
I answer for you. Maggi.
Or even... when your mum is not home. Lol.
Ok, when my mum is not home to cook, I eat Maggi, most of the time, haha.

So lucky to be invited to this Maggi event last week.
Maggi just launched Maggi Royale with Korean Spicy flavour and Penang Seafood Curry flavour.
We got a chef to cook us Maggi, yes, a professional chef.
We enjoyed the ultimate noodle adventure.

Started with Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry noodles first.
I'm a huge fan of curry, I love curry, curry loves me too.
Maggi always encourages consumers to add fresh ingredients.
These fresh ingredients are mouth watering enough.
(FYI again, I love prawns.)

Let me introduce to you, chef Muluk.
He cooks well and he's funny.
Cook your Maggi Royale the right way.

Add the paste first.

Got tips from Chef Muluk.
1. To blanch the prawns first.
2. Add the paste while cooking, only add the mixes(creamer) lastly.
3. Cook the noodles for 3 minutes.

Why am I blogging about this at midnight?
It looks super delicious, I tasted it, very very very tasty.
I like the soup thick, it was creamy and rich.
Loved it, I tried it.

Moving on to Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef flavour noodles.
The noodle used for this flavour is thicker.
It takes longer to cook, it takes 5 minutes and slightly more water.
It comes with garnishes, carrot, spring onion and chilli!

Just look at the beef and the springy thick noodles!

I finished both of them.
I even finished the soup of the Penang Seafood Curry, love it!
Korean Spicy was a little too spicy for me, I like mine less spicy.
I'm so going to stock some Maggi Royale up and cook myself.
I want to add my own ingredients, especially cheese!
Cheese with curry!!! Haven't tried it? Try it!
What? Don't know where to buy? Come, I give you. FOR REAL.
Just drop me a comment telling me how much you like Maggi.
(Don't forget to leave your email, the team will contact you!)

Thanks Maggi Royale for an eventful afternoon (:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diary : 洗澡感想多得很

但是 洗澡的時候想了很多
還真多感想 lol

天啊 肚子的皮膚能干嗎?
我才發覺我真的很少保養 真覺得有點不夠愛自己

我不擦防曬 不擦乳液
不知道是真的很隨性的一個女孩 還是懶惰
護膚品 也沒甚麼用
有時候 我洗了臉 我甚麼都不擦

乳液買了一大堆 沒甚麼用 (好 我現在就開始用 *狂擦當中*)

好笑的是 我23快到了 沒用過scrub
lol 我知道甚麼是scrub 但是之前沒用過
上個星期 到jane的家過夜
不是開玩笑 還真的有滑滴 *驚訝 驚訝 驚訝
然後說我要買 還沒買 哈哈哈 明天去買
有時候不知道要說我自己很natural 還是懶
80%應該是懶 你們說呢?

越說下去 覺得自己好噁心 lol

別擔心 雖然我不保養 但我有潔癖 我覺得乾淨就好
我很常洗澡 喜歡乾淨的感覺
用的shower gel全是detol
(為甚麼detol沒找我打廣告 我是忠實粉絲!!! lol)
頭髮每一天一定要洗 不然會不自在

還有 剛好前天下大雨
我就覺得沒必要拿雨傘 就拿著包包往目的地沖去
“你神經病嗎? 雨下那麼大 你不拿雨傘?”
哦 只是一段距離嘛
 “你全身都濕了 有沒有紙巾?”
(說著說著好像浪漫電影情節 lol 不是 令你失望了)
不是. lol.

以為說 愛我的人 應該不會介意這些吧
應該愛我是我 接受隨性的我 自然的我
沒錯 有時他們會說不介意
但是其實當個女生 就要像個女生
男生口口聲聲說不介意 但是其實都喜歡比較女性的女生 (我覺得)
不喜歡女性的女生 不如喜歡男生對吧?

不是說對自己沒有自信 但是別高估自己
好灰哦 總之要一直追求更好就對了

不保養 就輸了
這世界變得很恐怖 我好害怕 我想回去火星
我不會阻止你看美女 外面的美女多得是 誘惑肯定是會有 只是看你經得起誘惑嗎
果真經不起 哈哈哈 (在笑自己 lol)

還有 好不喜歡人家笑我健身
"那麼瘦 還健身?"
好吵哦 別吵可以嗎
我健身 為了要健康 不是為了減肥甚麼的
我很想要有線條 看起來比較健康

總之真心對我好的人 我會雙倍對他們好
朋友常嘮叨我 說我應該把我自己放第一  要自私一些
說真的我還蠻喜歡名牌的 但是沒有很需要
買給愛的人的時候 看到他們開心我真的真的很開心
要保養 要照顧自己 才照顧另一半
給自己多多的愛 也給另一半多多的愛 (:
I wish I knew how to do better
現在很pumped了 開始認真workout 好好保養了


Monday, December 15, 2014


Hi, back to blogging.
You should know that I went to Zoukout if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.
It was a last minute plan again.
Superrrrrrrrrrr impromptu, I don't know why we always do this shiet.
I wasn't supposed to be away because I had a lot of work in hand.
I felt so bad for leaving.
Everyone is telling me that I deserve a break.
They said I deserve more than a break.
Well, that did make me feel better.

Got home around 9pm.
Had dinner, showered, unpacked, did laundry, domestic huh, lol.
Finished a draft, my eyes are shutting.
Looked at work emails but didn't reply.
I hate dimensions and calculations, hurt my head.

I had so much fun at Zoukout and I really want to blog about it right now.
I'm so knackered now because we only had 2 hours of sleep.
We raved til 8 in the morning, it was crazy.
Can't wait to blog about it.

I'm tired and I have no time for nonsense.
But my head is thinking shiet.
Hate it.
Gonna sleep it off.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas shopping

Christmas is around the corner, Christmas sales are everywhere.
The malls are packed, the shopping items are out of stock, the sizes are limited.
I do not like shopping like this but the Christmas sales are too attractive.
I came up with my solution, that is online shopping, it is definitely the best option.
You don't have to be at crowded places, you get to think wisely before purchasing.

Anyway, pretty sure you all heard of Rakuten.
It is ranked the no.1 online shopping platform in Japan.
I actually learnt about Rakuten because Jane recommended to me.
Rakuten Malaysia has more than 100,000 of products ranging from electronics, fashion,
health and beauty, toys and the list goes on.
Rakuten provides awesome deals with easy buying experience
that creates a fun shopping spree.
Shopping is an exercise, shopping is entertainment, lol.

SuperSale event is Rakuten's biggest event, biggest sales.
It features discount up to 87% off.
It will span across 7days from 9th to 15th December 2014.
Some of the key highlight deals will feature best sellers ranging from
smartphones, fashion, health beauty and home living products.
Rakuten is also offering attractive products to fuel your Christmas gift ideas.

What's even better, Rakuten gave me my own shopping coupon for their SuperSale event.
This is my coupon code : 
USE IT when you check out, you get RM20 OFF with extra Rakuten Super Points rebate.

You ready to see my Christmas buy on Rakuten?
I have really dry skin and I have to start using lotion!
To encourage myself to do so, I got some cute stuff! (:
I'm a sucker for cute packaging.
Friends recommended this brand or lotion - Cath Kidston.
Oh my, beautiful packaging and they all smell so good.
Original price is RM53 but I got them for only RM32 on Rakuten.
This is the link to Christmas Special category.

Packaging is too pretty and I really love rose!

I travel a lot and I really like travel kits.
It's hard to find or hard to buy at market.
They normally only give you travel kits after you spend big money, gah.
This is my favourite buy, I'm bringing them to Singapore this weekend!

 My best buy will be this Babyliss Pro Chrome Dial-A-Heat Tong.
Market price is RM175 and above.
It's selling at RM130+ on Rakuten and I used my own code to get RM20 off.
I only spent RM110 for this new Babyliss Tong.

Some of my advices here.
It comes in 4 different sizes, if you want waves like mine, go for 38mm.
I got the 38mm one and have always been using a 32mm or a 38mm curler.
 I'll also recommend  you to get the Chrome ones.
My friends have the white one, I don't know if it's the paint.
When it gets longer, the white paint starts coming off, gahhh...

I like volumic wavy hair, not the curly type.
So, I only curl the ends of my hair and I only do it in one direction.

Just look at the Christmas Specials!
So many choices at discounted price.
I'm getting all my Christmas gift for my family members on Rakuten.

Have fun shopping for Christmas!
Don't forget to use the code RAKUCHARICE20 to get RM20 off!
 * Total coupon value is RM20 with minimum purchase of RM120 (Does not include shipping fees)
 The validity of the coupon is from 9th December 2014 until 15th December 2014 (00:00 – 23:59)